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blurred image why ?

By @tinyblur2021-06-21 14:47:50.888Z

bought a tinypilot, attached to my ubuntu server, set 1920x1080, load it on a display much bigger ( via firefox ) but the video stream is blurred that i cannot use it.

Any idea why ?

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  1. Michael Lynch @michael2021-06-21 19:41:14.542Z

    Is this a Hobbyist Kit? If so, that's unfortunately expected behavior. The video capture on the hobbyist kit adds a small amount of blur. The Voyager doesn't introduce a blur, and the color fidelity tends to be a little better.

    1. T@tinyblur2021-06-21 20:07:37.858Z

      bummer for that... I purchased in order to view my desktop at 1920x1080 during holidays... I read that also the voyager grabs at 1280x720... so... I made a mistake.

      (for some reasons vncserver is not the right choice)

      Last thing.. is safe to keep it running 24/7 ?

      1. Michael Lynch @michael2021-06-21 20:10:01.834Z

        Yep, running it 24/7 is fine. You may want to enable the read-only filesystem to extend the lifetime of the microSD card if you're keeping it on 24/7.

    2. G
      In reply totinyblur:
      v @gdp1232021-06-22 15:25:32.201Z

      I have both Vonager and Hobbylist. If you customize the brightness to +30 the screen quality was good and I dont see much of a lag also.


      I know such customization was not available in Vonager. Is that going to be possible in the future or it is hardware dependent and wont happen.

      1. Michael Lynch @michael2021-06-23 20:08:08.657Z

        Unfortunately, the HDMI capture chip on the Voyager doesn't support brightness adjustment, so I don't plan to add UI support for brightness adjustments.

        Hobbyist users can add this line to their /home/tinypilot/settings.yml file:

        ustreamer_brightness: 30 # or another value

        And then re-run the install script to reconfigure for the new value:

        curl \
          --silent \
          --show-error \
 | \
            bash - && \
          sudo reboot