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blurred image why ?

By @tinyblur
    2021-06-21 14:47:50.888Z

    bought a tinypilot, attached to my ubuntu server, set 1920x1080, load it on a display much bigger ( via firefox ) but the video stream is blurred that i cannot use it.

    Any idea why ?

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    1. Is this a Hobbyist Kit? If so, that's unfortunately expected behavior. The video capture on the hobbyist kit adds a small amount of blur. The Voyager doesn't introduce a blur, and the color fidelity tends to be a little better.

      1. T@tinyblur
          2021-06-21 20:07:37.858Z

          bummer for that... I purchased in order to view my desktop at 1920x1080 during holidays... I read that also the voyager grabs at 1280x720... so... I made a mistake.

          (for some reasons vncserver is not the right choice)

          Last thing.. is safe to keep it running 24/7 ?

          1. Yep, running it 24/7 is fine. You may want to enable the read-only filesystem to extend the lifetime of the microSD card if you're keeping it on 24/7.

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          In reply totinyblur:
          v @gdp123
            2021-06-22 15:25:32.201Z

            I have both Vonager and Hobbylist. If you customize the brightness to +30 the screen quality was good and I dont see much of a lag also.


            I know such customization was not available in Vonager. Is that going to be possible in the future or it is hardware dependent and wont happen.

            1. Unfortunately, the HDMI capture chip on the Voyager doesn't support brightness adjustment, so I don't plan to add UI support for brightness adjustments.

              Hobbyist users can add this line to their /home/tinypilot/settings.yml file:

              ustreamer_brightness: 30 # or another value

              And then re-run the install script to reconfigure for the new value:

              curl \
                --silent \
                --show-error \
       | \
                  bash - && \
                sudo reboot