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General02021-02-10 20:14:56.957Z
Does TinyPilot support dual or multi-monitor setups?

I often have to work on machines remotely that have dual or multiple monitors. Does TinyPilot support this function? Thanks.

GeneralM12021-03-02 19:43:04.595Z
TinyPilot not getting an IP address?

I purchased my TinyPilot hobbyist kit back in January and finally got around to setting it up today. I hooked everything up per the assembly instructions, however it doesn't seem to be getting an IP address via DHCP, as I can't access it via the tiny...

Technical Support32021-03-02 19:11:53.798Z
Two Preliminary Questions

Can TinyPilot be installed on a Raspberry Pi that contains minimal pre-existing software on the device? Currently I'm running a RPi 4 2GB with PiHole and a few minimal scripts. Can I install the TinyPilot alongside this software, or does TinyPilot ne...

GeneralCC22021-03-02 00:16:10.948Z
Virtual Media / ISO support

Hey guys, Does TinyPilot support Virtual Media / ISO (media located in my Ubuntu desktop) for remote OS installation? EDITED: Maybe it's coming soon? - and not supported today? Thanks!

GeneralT12021-03-01 23:05:40.454Z
Tiny Pilot Pro Http Server, Caddy Http Reverse Proxy, and Logging into TinyPilot within an iFrame

Wanted to share a discussion I had with Michael so that others with a similar environment can benefit. In my environment at home, I'm running Home Assistant ( Home Assistant is basically my portal to controlling everyt...

GeneralP12021-02-26 20:45:57.167Z

Hi there, awesome product and software - THANK YOU! Question: Is there any guidance on how to set up a VPN? Use case: I'm looking to have my virtual assistant interact directly with my computer and would need some way for them to access it outside of...

GeneralR12021-02-25 22:28:48.918Z
Blank screen on reboot

When I reboot my server tinypilot goes to a black screen and I have to reboot tinypilot to get video back. Any way to fix this?

GeneralJ12021-02-25 22:18:40.318Z
Possible to add a Mouse Jiggler?

Would like to be able to keep remote device awake that doesn't have typical "sleep" settings.

GeneralP12021-02-24 21:20:59.884Z
Is there a way to use the USB-A ports to send keyboard+mouse inputs to the target computer?

I've set up TinyPilot on a Raspberry Pi 4, video capture is working fine but I don't have the USB-C splitter mentioned on the wiki and git, mostly because I live in Europe and getting it shipped would probably take a while. I do have a USB-A male-to-...

GeneralB12021-02-24 20:56:24.574Z
Explain icons...
Enter on Num Pad - TinyPilot Voyager

When I am using the old TinyPilot I had, enter on the num pad worked fine, but now when I push the enter on the num pad it looks like below. This is where I pushed the normal enter key, then the num pad enter key 4 times then the normal enter key. Fo...

Technical SupportA32021-02-19 19:41:12.261Z
Possible to remap the ESC key?

The escape key takes me out of full screen. Is it possible to remap this to another set of keystrokes?

GeneralS12021-02-18 20:54:18.719Z
Can't insert a period?

Hello all. I just received my pilot today, and it was a very painless setup. However, I'm unable to insert a period. This is in firefox (chrome won't allow me to bypass the SSL error). If I hit the period key on my keyboard or on the soft keyboard, i...

Technical SupportDD62021-02-17 10:58:23.268Z
10 sec+ Latency w/ Full Raspbian OS

I installed Raspbian OS, used USB HDMI capture device and was experiencing over 10 seconds of latency on the video feed. I reached out to you via e-mail and you suggested maybe trying the CSI bridge. Ordered and installed today. I was thinking that w...

Technical SupportDD72021-02-12 23:12:17.376Z
Videogame console controller USB passthrough?

I came across your Tinypilot KVM while looking for a remote control solution for videogame consoles (PS4, Xbox, Switch, etc). I've tried several KVMs and while they're all capable of streaming the video, most fall short when trying to control the con...

Technical SupportB12021-02-12 22:21:04.069Z