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Integration with Splashtop Streamer

By Guy Smith @JerseyDevil
    2022-02-09 13:07:13.844Z

    Would love to see future integration with Splashtop Streamer. This would allow secure access to your device from anywhere, and access to the controlled computer - even if through a web browser on the device pointing to itself.

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    1. Thanks for the suggestion!

      Can you share more about what functionality Splashtop Streamer adds? If it's just cloud access, I'd expect a better experience from tools like Tailscale, ZeroTier, or

      1. JGuy Smith @JerseyDevil
          2022-02-09 21:24:19.180Z

          Splashtop is a utility like GoToMyPC. It's kind of a software remote management utility. Gives you total control over the downstream computer from anywhere. But to use it requires installation of the streamer client on the host machine, where as using a KVM does not. So installing the software on the KVM switch removes the need for installation on the host computer. I achieve the same thing now by installing it on a windows appliance and using that to access TinyPilot. I could do away with the windows appliance if the solution could run on the TinyPilot directly. Hope that all makes sense. :)