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Alt-Tab leaves remote system as if Alt is still pressed
First I love being able to work on my 2nd machine within a window on my primary desktop. Thank you. [edit: I am running in Chrome's "create shortcut" app mode, if that matters.] But when I use Alt-Tab (yes, I am an long-time keyboard user) to switch ...
    Technical SupportFAF72022-12-08 20:15:59.925Z
    Tinypilot pro on default RPI OS
    Hi all. I recently purchased two Voyager 2s. I have been using TInypilot (non-pro) software with RPI4, self bought HDMI dongle and a USB-C data/power splitter from Tinypilot. Software-wise, I have my RPI4 set up exactly the way I want to. I want to r...
      Technical SupportMCM62022-12-08 16:29:38.561Z
      USB A to Serial Cable
      Is there a possibility to add (From TinyPilot) USB A to USB (or RJ 45) console serial cable support? This way the TinyPilot could connect to serial-based devices and provide an out of band function? This could include a USB to RS232 FTDI chip support.
        IdeasBJC32022-12-08 15:22:02.050Z
        HDMI works fine, the HDMI to VGA adapter does not
        I want to use this for servers that only have VGA outputs, and the HDMI works fine. I've tried powering the VGA adapter on the computer and with its own power supply. Please assist as soon as possible, this is useless to me without VGA.
          Technical SupportRC12022-12-05 22:50:54.990Z
          VNC support is it coming?
          Hi, Just wanted to check if VNC is something in the pipeline for Tinypilot. I have asked this before and it seems the answer is that it will take several months and may not be priority. Given all the enhancements, is it something doable now or can be...
            Technical SupportD12022-12-05 19:30:34.486Z
            TinyPilot on normal computer hardware, Keyboard issues
            Hello I couldn't afford the TinyPilot gear but I did buy the HDMI USB capture card I've got TinyPilot software installed and I can see the KVM with target screen fine, that part works ok I couldn't get the keyboard working properly and I did some inv...
              GeneralJB32022-12-05 10:08:12.513Z
              Shipping damage, device not well packaged.
              I got my Tiny Pilot today, but unfortunately it's not usable. The case and the Pi4 are pretty badly damaged. Frankly, it's only partially the shippers fault, the TP was only packaged in one layer of bubble wrap in a single layer cardboard box. I can ...
                Technical SupportBCB22022-12-02 00:14:15.438Z
                Right Alt not working in tinypilot's web interface
                I’m using your Tinypilot software and I came across one issue. I connect to the remote laptop using tinypilot's web interface. USB on the go forwards keystrokes to the laptop and almost everything works fine. I can use shift and control keys (except ...
                  GeneralPGA2162022-12-01 18:24:13.927Z
                  Possible to add a Mouse Jiggler?
                  Would like to be able to keep remote device awake that doesn't have typical "sleep" settings.
                    GeneralPTTT92022-12-01 14:27:35.610Z
                    1040 G9 wont except Key bored
                    I have a 1040 G9 that won't except keyboard until windows is booted and trying to get it booted to Bios, how can I solve this?
                      Technical SupportS12022-12-01 12:49:25.186Z
                      Explain icons...
                      Display Screen
                      I have a 800 hp G9 that boots to Bios but never displays bio screen/ menu
                        Technical SupportS22022-12-01 12:28:55.298Z
                        Remote Mouse cursor does not match position of remote mouse
                        My local mouse pointer and the remote mouse pointer are not aligned. At first I thought, oh well I'll just watch the remote mouse pointer. However, because of this not aligning, I can't get to the right quarter of the screen nor to the bottom quarter...
                          Technical SupportJ2C52022-11-30 21:12:48.602Z
                          Tiny Pilot doesn't shows up in network
                          Hey Team, Till yesterday it was working perfectly fine since today morning all of a sudden tiny pilot doesn't show up in the network. the URL is not reachable nor I can see it on the router map. I can see on the tiny red light on and the ethernet lig...
                            Technical SupportMC62022-11-30 20:15:35.523Z
                            Screen in webfrontend is not displayed in full with and hight
                            Well, difficult to explain the problem. I bought two pilots. Two laptops, each of them is connected to one pilot. Both laptops are duplicating their screen into the hdmi signal. Laptop 1 has 1920 x 1080, Laptop 2 has 1920 x 1056. Laptop 1 is displaye...
                              Technical SupportT242022-11-30 12:29:38.228Z
                              NO screen shown - just keyboard
                              I'm trying to get tinypilot to work with my MacBook Pro m1. I have it connected to an external screen it is mirrored there. When I connect the tinypilot and go to the URL, I get the keyboard but I don't see any screen. Here are my logs - hoping someo...
                                Technical SupportM42022-11-29 16:19:10.226Z
                                NO SIGNAL
                                Hi, I think I may have one of the original tinypilots - I bought it 2 years ago. It worked when I got it and it's been in storage since. Today I took it out to use it but I am getting "NO SIGNAL" on the UI, but the keyboard and mouse work https://i.i...
                                  Technical SupportKC12022-11-29 03:10:07.453Z
                                  No signal --- how to troubleshoot?
                                  Purchased TinyPilot Pro via, version 2.5.0, with VGA adapter. I am getting a blank screen with "no Signal" message --- thinking it was a video issue I tried with 2 other different HDMI cable I regularly use, I powered the VGA adapter power s...
                                    Technical SupportDE122022-11-28 12:26:15.573Z
                                    Mouse cursor always reverts to a single display in a multi display setup
                                    I recently purchased a TinyPilot Voyager2 to remotely manage a client target system. The target system is a Dell Latitude 5490 connected to an external monitor. When I connect the TinyPilot V2 to the target system in the extended display setup, every...
                                      Technical SupportA12022-11-25 12:55:18.942Z
                                      Setting a static IP
                                      My network does not give out DHCP how do I get in and set the IP for the device?
                                        Technical SupportJE22022-11-23 15:03:16.516Z
                                        Problem with update/downloading from github
                                        Hello Im using these commands to update and download files for my raspberry: sudo apt update sudo apt full-upgrade curl -sS | bash - sudo reboot When i discovered that this link...
                                          Technical SupportR12022-11-23 12:11:45.523Z
                                          Media Requested with Windows 10 Install
                                          It is certain I am doing something wrong. I downloaded the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool. Created an ISO, uploaded and mounted it to install on a machine. The machine boots from the virtual mounted media (USB or CD-ROM do not seem to matter). Howeve...
                                            Technical SupportWRC82022-11-22 19:01:44.781Z
                                            Character sending via cronjob doesnt work
                                            Hi, i want to stop a remote laptop to fall into sleep mode. Thats why i plan to send every 5 minutes a character via /dev/hidg0. Via command line it works like a charm but via Cron it doesnt work at all. I also created a cronjob with sudo - same resu...
                                              Technical SupportTCT42022-11-22 17:17:59.440Z
                                              Brand new TinyPilot, but keyboard/mouse doesn't work
                                              Just received my TinyPilot Voyager 2 kit, already running 2.5.0. Connected it to my Minisforum TH50 Mini PC, and neither the mouse nor keyboard was detected. I noticed the following entries in the log file... Oct 30 02:54:42 tinypilot python[615]: Pr...
                                                Technical SupportAA112022-11-22 14:22:09.380Z
                                                New install of TinyPilot issue
                                                Hi, I am setting up a new install of TinyPilot on my raspberry Pi 4. I am having an issue with the install. The task that is failing is TASK [ansible-role-ustreamer : install Janus Debian package] ******************* fatal: [localhost]: FAILED! => {"...
                                                  Technical SupportAC12022-11-21 15:15:54.007Z
                                                  Usb 3.0
                                                  Hello, I have an desktop, with only usb 3.0 and no 2.0... it has an usb connector also, But i saw online that usb 3.0 could make some problems with the keyboard and i am having that issue.... Is keyboard supported with usb-c to usb-c? Or is there an ...
                                                    Technical SupportJ42022-11-18 20:33:20.225Z
                                                    Getting Disconnected After Adjusting the jpg Quality
                                                    The device was working very well. I decided to adjust the jpg quality to see if I could improve latency. After I did the device started to and has continued to disconnect my session after a few minutes. Refreshing the browser and going past the certi...
                                                      Technical SupportJ392022-11-18 20:26:36.195Z
                                                      Lost Mouse
                                                      Hello, I lost mouse functionality in one of my TinyPilot Voyager 2 PoE KVM's (I own 4 of the exact same model, I love'em). I try updating Windows thinking that may have been the culprit but after installing all optional updates and several reboots I ...
                                                        Technical SupportIC252022-11-16 22:01:02.352Z
                                                        Cabling the "Data" line?
                                                        Hey folks, I'd like to verify that conceptually a wiring plan I'm scheming will work before I spend the money. I'd like to run: TinyPilot USB-C's Data line -> a USB-C-to-USB-C cable -> a USB-C-to-USB-C keystone jack -> a USB-C-to-USB-A cable -> a Mac...
                                                          Technical SupportGCG22022-11-16 19:24:13.073Z
                                                          Possible to run TinyPilot without a fan?
                                                          I love my TinyPilot, which allowed me to shove my server into the basement where its noise would not disturb me. Then the dust in my basement killed the server, so I took the opportunity to moveit back to my office, along with the TinyPilot, and sadl...
                                                            IdeasA212022-11-16 12:19:49.110Z
                                                            No Video
                                                            We are having an issue with a TinyPilot we just deployed. Keyboard and mouse are working but we are not getting any video. Just get a message for No Signal. I saw the display pop up for 2 seconds and then went back to No Signal. Anything we can try? ...
                                                              Technical SupportE42022-11-15 17:03:29.739Z
                                                              The image only persist 7 seconds
                                                              Hi, I bought a tiny pilot voyager 2 everything looks fine except for the fact that the image in the streaming is only for 7 seconds. This are my log, I'm new in this :( Logs 2022/11/10 16:40:55 [error] 1268#1268: *53 upstream prematurely closed conne...
                                                                Technical SupportN32022-11-15 16:59:24.755Z
                                                                TinyPilot Power Connector stopped working
                                                                It seems something went wrong with my TinyPilot Power Connector. It has no LED and does not provide power to my Pi. Any idea would could have gone wrong?
                                                                  Technical SupportB32022-11-15 12:01:11.924Z
                                                                  Flickering distorted video signal
                                                                  Hi, our new TinyPilot shows a flickering image that show a different colorful distotion every second, with the original video signal showing in the background. I have video and image, but they are too large for upload. S/N 0001648005993072 We tested ...
                                                                    Technical SupportA3C112022-11-15 11:57:32.007Z
                                                                    Severe color distortion
                                                                    Hi, Trying to use TinyPilot to view the GUI presented by the Ubuntu live disk when you select "Try Ubuntu" but colors are so badly distorted its not usable. Is there a configuration to avoid this?
                                                                      Technical SupportA2CA272022-11-15 04:13:30.905Z
                                                                      TinyPilot has been perfect for months, suddenly USB input lag. Reboot doesn't help :(
                                                                      Hey guys, our TP has been perfect for months. Suddenly, I've got about a 1 second delay between each key (!) arriving at the host. I've rebooted through the UI and CLI, no change. I grabbed a shareable log, if t...
                                                                        Technical SupportKCK52022-11-11 00:40:27.816Z
                                                                        Technical SupportSC72022-11-09 20:48:10.112Z
                                                                        Traveling with Tiny Pilot, will this work?
                                                                        Hello, After setting up Tinypilot and Tailscale, would I be able to travel and connect it to any router and it work without any additional setup? Would it be accessible right away? If so, if I bought a wifi to ethernet adapter, could use that to conn...
                                                                          Technical SupportT2C42022-11-09 14:38:18.496Z
                                                                          Hello, Question, does there need an videocard to make the usb keyboard to work? I have an raspberry pi3b and i have an usb a to usb a cable, should this just work without an video caption card plugged in? I have an video caption card buyed but still ...
                                                                            Technical SupportJ12022-11-07 13:15:30.673Z
                                                                            Installation Fails at "build uStreamer"
                                                                            I'm trying to install Tinypilot on my new Pi4 running the latest version of Pi OS Lite using SSH with the simple installation command found on GitHub, but keep getting a "builduStreamer fail" error time and time again. TASK [ansible-role-ustreamer : ...
                                                                              Technical SupportF22022-11-07 12:14:28.700Z
                                                                              Wireless and Tailscale
                                                                              Hi, It seems like I setup wireless SSiD on my home wifi and it’s stuck to it but when I change it to hotspot it stays connected and only works to home wifi or is this a Tailscale issue?
                                                                                Technical SupportS12022-11-03 12:46:01.435Z