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    GeneralKW22023-04-14 19:14:28.345Z
    Moving locations with tinypilot
    Right now, my tinypilot is in USA, and I am connecting my computer to it from another country. If someone moves the tinypilot to a different location for me in USA, will my computer still be able to connect?
      Technical SupportGC/C12023-09-28 19:57:59.847Z
      TinyPilot shows black screen after upgrading macOS to Ventura 13.3
      TinyPilot worked well when I am using macOS Ventura 13.1, but it shows black screen after upgrading to macOS Ventura 13.3. Keyboard and mouse works, but HDMI output is just a black screen. It was same whether or not I select MJPEG or H264 mode. I tri...
        Technical SupportSJMC/C342023-09-28 19:56:34.284Z
        Can't connect to tinypilot via web
        I have a tinypilot that has been working great for a few months but recently stopped. We're unable to connect to it via any of the 3 listed urls. I've read most of the other posts on here about what to try. Here's what I've found: We can see the tiny...
          Technical SupportL/12023-09-28 16:29:48.970Z
          Cursor offset
          TinyPilot is fantastic and we could use it for medical assistance in remote areas. But for a certain device which I want to take over, there is an horizontal offset of the mouse cursor. The screen is projected but with black vertical bars on the side...
            Technical SupportS/32023-09-28 11:14:27.083Z
            I can't control the device with tinypilot
            Hi team! I am able to see the screen, but can't control the device with tinypilot. Here's the tinypilot log: Please support me. Thank you
              Technical SupportJ2J2/172023-09-28 10:48:35.642Z
              Connecting TinyPilot to 4/5G network
              I am using the TinyPilot solution in remote areas without wifi/ethernet but with adequate 4/5G coverage. I create a wi-fi hotspot with my phone to connect the TinyPilot which I control remotely using Tailscale. Has anyone tried to directly insert a S...
                Technical SupportSCS/C22023-09-28 07:15:10.538Z
                2 Second latency no matter what I do
                So I have a tinypilot setup and I feel like the quality settings do nothing. Switching from Mjpeg to H264 doens't change anything, and both of them look the exact same even at the lowest possible quality setting. I get around 2 seconds latency. I did...
                  Technical SupportCC/C12023-09-28 00:04:52.273Z
                  Hiding the TinyPilot Pro from Windows
                  When my TinyPilot is attached to my Windows 10 computer, the only place where I see "TinyPilot" is under the Audio Inputs and Outputs section. "TinyPilot Intel(R) Display Audio" also appears under the audio outputs selectable on the taskbar. When I r...
                    Technical SupportM/32023-09-27 11:27:15.730Z
                    Remote work Internationally
                    i am planning to go back to my country for couple months, and trying to access my work laptop which is gonna be at my house in NY USA, is this device gonna be helpful if connecting from other country and do the work in USA without my company knowing ...
                      Technical SupportM2ZM262023-09-26 17:57:58.197Z
                      Explain icons...
                      How did IT team know that I am out of California?
                      My job requires me to stay in California while I work from home. I connect the TinyPilot to my work laptop (which is the target PC) from June to Aug 10th, and accessed it using my personal laptop. My work laptop stayed at my home located in CA, and m...
                        Technical SupportS2ZMS2142023-09-26 14:18:49.926Z
                        Screen size is small @2.6.1
                        I upgraded to tinypilot pro 2.6.1. The screen size is getting small when I switch to another PC ( I connected TinyPilot to HDMI 2-ports splitter with Mac-mini and NUC). When I use MJPEG, there is no problem in screen size. But If I use H.264, The scr...
                          Technical SupportCC/C32023-09-25 22:14:30.438Z
                          Latency & Mouse issues
                          When logging to Tiny Pilot the latency is disturbing. Also, it seems I can't use the mouse button to click on options while in BIOS mode.
                            Technical SupportPC/C12023-09-22 17:38:34.389Z
                            Screen isn't rendering since I updated video settings.
                            Hello Recently, I was trying to update video settings to improve the remote control speed. It worked initially and I tried multiple video settings update for almost 1 month But right now, the video isn't rendering anymore and couldn't touch video set...
                              Technical SupportMC/C12023-09-22 17:28:56.808Z
                              Tinypilot showing disconnected.
                              Hi, I was using tiny pilot from couple months but from today I am getting error on left side of the screen that it is disconnected, and I cannot click on any buttons with my computer. What is the solution of this problem.
                                Technical SupportM2/112023-09-22 11:11:25.896Z
                                Security Questions - cloud connectivity and logging
                                Hi, I couldn't find this in the docs, apologies if I missed something. TinyPilot looks great but can you please answer a few security questions: Is there any cloud connectivity or transfer initiated by the TinyPilot box? i.e. what is the back door ri...
                                  Technical SupportXC/C12023-09-21 16:34:16.386Z
                                  Mac/ IoS problems
                                  Touch events don't work on my Iphone mobile browser. Also audio output functionality is missing for Mac Pro models.
                                    Technical SupportD12023-09-21 05:26:27.611Z
                                    TinyPilot Voyager 2 PoE no lights on ethernet / network. Unreachable.
                                    Hi I have a TinyPilot Voyager 2 PoE puchased Oct 19, 2022 ORDER #4527. Starting today we have no lights on network and the unit is unreachable. We have checked cables, nettwork config and have isolated the issue down to the unit itself. Please advise...
                                      Technical SupportK/92023-09-19 14:17:32.274Z
                                      Idiots Guide to TinyPilot?
                                      Good Evening! I was originally brought here via the now deprecated project known as Key MIME Pi. USE CASE: I am using daisy chained USB Synchronizers where, at a hardware level, all they do is repeat my keyboard input. Generally speaking, I use these...
                                        GeneralRR/22023-09-19 11:44:06.811Z
                                        Ethernet Port Dead after less than 7 days
                                        Our Tinypilot KVM ethernet port died less than a week after receiving it. Tested on 4 switches and 3 different cables. What do we do?
                                          Technical SupportWC/C72023-09-18 19:27:11.615Z
                                          tinypilot unable to open database file error
                                          Hello as i was using Tinypilot normally i started receiving this error. I then went ahead and restarted my Tinypilot Multiple times but now it is not even gettung discovered in my Network.
                                            Technical SupportS3/22023-09-18 11:21:58.285Z
                                            Setting static IP address
                                            Hello, we have an environment where all of the IP addresses on our networks have to be static. I'm readying two Tiny Pilots to send to a remote location, and they need to have the IPs set for the network where they will live (no DNS). Everything is s...
                                              Technical SupportLJY82023-09-15 13:57:17.663Z
                                              Is there a way to connect to TinyPilot using VNC or similar?
                                              Hello! I bought a device recently and generally I'm happy, but there are some limitations which webview is having. Say, I cannot use Alt-Tab to switch apps. I cannot really open it in fullscreen (it says "to return press Esc" and of course while I'm ...
                                                Technical SupportLC/C12023-09-14 12:11:03.242Z
                                                Tinypilot audio problem on Mac
                                                I've recently updated my tinypilot with factory reset. But it's unable to transmit audio on mac. What should I do?
                                                  Technical SupportT62023-09-14 05:46:01.395Z
                                                  Native VNC client
                                                  Can I connect to the TP with some native VNC client like this , and if not - why?
                                                    General12023-09-13 16:18:20.081Z
                                                    Question about TinyPilot 2 vs 2a
                                                    Hello, I am not interested in audio capture but am interested in modifying the EDID. Can I do that with the older model? Also, besides audio capture and case differences what does the 2a have that the 2 doesn't ? Thanks,
                                                      Technical SupportM12023-09-12 05:04:57.036Z
                                                      video quality down
                                                      Hi, I am using HDMI to HDMI cable. My video quality is poor then target laptop to personal laptop. How can I improve high resolution video using via HDMI?
                                                        Technical SupportJ2/32023-09-11 11:23:27.976Z
                                                        Technical SupportT262023-09-08 11:27:18.326Z
                                                        No Signal - New Build Rasbperry Pi 4
                                                        Let me start by saying that I've run through most of the previous forum entries on the No Signal issue. I've created a shareable link of logs. I'm also attaching build details. This is the TinyPilot Hobbyist ver...
                                                          Technical SupportG/42023-09-07 15:47:13.100Z
                                                          Can not access TinyPilot web
                                                          This site can’t be reached Check if there is a typo in tinypilot. DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN This site can’t be reached Check if there is a typo in tinypilot.local. DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN This site can’t be reached Check if there is a typo in t...
                                                            Technical SupportY72023-09-07 12:33:51.805Z
                                                            The database file is not compatible with the current version of the app.
                                                            My WebUI is was returning: "{"code":null,"message":"The database file is not compatible with the current version of the app."}" I did a re-install with: curl -L[redacted]/ | sh && sudo reboot `` Now the when tryin...
                                                              Technical Support8C/C52023-09-01 20:37:32.955Z
                                                              Remote control mac book pro.
                                                              Hello sir I am very new to the KVM space. Looking for suggestions. My requirement is below: I have a mac book pro and a HP windows laptop with a wireless mouse and keyboard in usa. HP windows laptop hosts a zoom call and share screen and grants contr...
                                                                Technical SupportGC/C92023-08-31 20:39:30.483Z
                                                                Technical SupportM22023-08-31 11:21:27.059Z
                                                                Audio streaming with H264 and VGA/HDMI adapter
                                                                I purchased a VGA to HDMI adapter along with my Tinypilot Voyager 2A. I am to get an HDMI machine to stream audio ok but if I use a machine with the VGA to HDMI adapter it doesn’t work most of the time. On a few occasions, it plays audio out of the b...
                                                                  Technical SupportR/72023-08-29 16:43:11.553Z
                                                                  Update - 8 Month Update
                                                                  Background: I use tinypilot to control 4 computers remotely. I have been doing this from my office, which is in a different room from the computers, as well as to use TailScale to remote in while away from home. I have been using this setup on my PC ...
                                                                    Technical SupportZ/12023-08-28 14:28:09.503Z
                                                                    Install wifi adapter driver on host through tinyp?
                                                                    I need to install a driver for a wifi adapter on the host computer that currently has no internet source. Is it possible to download the driver onto the tinyp and then get it to the host and installed through the tinyp? Or do I just need to connect t...
                                                                      Technical SupportSC/C72023-08-27 23:08:42.743Z
                                                                      Update SSL Error
                                                                      Hello, I just renewed my Tinypilot pro license so that I can reimage the raspberry pi but I am still getting this error when I try to update. "Error: Failed to request latest available version: <urlopen error [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certific...
                                                                        Technical SupportZC/C12023-08-27 22:43:34.784Z
                                                                        Lessons learned from my use case
                                                                        TinyPilot is awesome. We need it. But there are some shortcomings that will, I hope, be resolved eventually. Use case - I have 2 kids and I have to do things as a dad, yet I have to work. Tinypilot allows me to access my work computers from my Micros...
                                                                          Technical SupportZCZ42023-08-25 20:01:46.192Z
                                                                          TinyPilot v2 screen flickering on macos? how to fix this
                                                                          TinyPilot v2 screen flickering on macos? how to fix this. i have old of them v1 working fine
                                                                            Technical SupportAR52023-08-25 18:09:11.337Z
                                                                            Tiny pilot web UI not comming up.
                                                                            Was working properly untill yesterday, suddenly the UI went down. Please help
                                                                              Technical SupportG212023-08-25 06:09:07.818Z
                                                                              I've got my Tinypilot Voyager last december via In my logs I now get messages about Under-Voltage. How is this possible? I'm using exactly the components that where shipped.. [ 6.875685] Under-voltage detected! (0x00050005) [ 27.673651...
                                                                                Technical SupportD102023-08-23 18:35:04.068Z