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Unable to connect to https://tinypilot
Hi, I have connected Tinypilot to my Lenovo laptop which has 2 wireless cards. I made sure one of the wireless card is on the same wifi as my working laptop and I am unable to connect to https://tinypilot. Followed the instructions at https://tinypil...
    GeneralB62021-12-03 22:42:31.129Z
    Mouse Cursor offset after update
    Hello, after updating today, the cursor no longer lines up across host and remote computer. Is this a bug? Can I revert versions?
      Technical SupportS42021-12-02 19:59:46.421Z
      No video capture working, unable to update TinyPilot
      When updating from the UI. Clicking settings>update does tell me an update is available, clicking the green Update button returns this error in a red box: Failed to start update Error: 500 Internal Server Error Internal Server Error The server encoun...
        Technical SupportTT32021-12-02 02:07:38.409Z
        Newbie Problems / Questions
        Hey all new user here. I have two issues: I can't get to https://tinypilot but I can get to https://tinypilot.local however on latest Chrome it will NOT let me pass the mismatch cert problem while Safari will let me get by. Not the end of the world j...
          GeneralH142021-12-01 23:06:41.830Z
          32 servers and 1 TinyPilot
          Hello, Can 32 servers be connected to 1 TinyPilot? For example via 4
            GeneralADJ92021-12-01 13:29:52.861Z
            Alt-Tab leaves remote system as if Alt is still pressed
            First I love being able to work on my 2nd machine within a window on my primary desktop. Thank you. [edit: I am running in Chrome's "create shortcut" app mode, if that matters.] But when I use Alt-Tab (yes, I am an long-time keyboard user) to switch ...
              Technical SupportFF22021-11-30 02:55:12.697Z
              Keyboard Typing using SSH
              Hi, I am trying to automate my initial boot process for several MacMinis and wondering if I can type using just SSH. This would be used for the initial password entry with a return. That possible?
                GeneralC12021-11-29 23:10:41.684Z
                keyboard and Mouse not working with Macbook pro USB-c
                I purchased tinypilot Voyager, I can see the screen using KVM but Keyboard and mouse not working Thanks Gurjinder Singh
                  GeneralGCA82021-11-29 23:07:48.238Z
                  I need some information on how does this KVM works on the work laptop.
                  My work laptop is located in my house and I would like to travel out of the state without carrying a work laptop. But my office networking guys always monitor my location by checking my IP address and I cant use Team viewers or RDP or VPN routers to ...
                    GeneralRFG62021-11-23 22:12:34.759Z
                    November 23, 2021 update is a winner!
                    Came online to post an issue, saw mention of release 2.3.1 (November 23, 2021 update) and performed the upgrade. I am seeing much improved video and mouse performance! Great update everyone. Thank you.
                      GeneralF12021-11-23 21:45:22.543Z
                      Explain icons...
                      Waking sleeping machine using keyboard or mouse, but without using WoL
                      Can anyone say if TinyPilot is able to wake up a remote machine if WakeOnLan is not available? I can wake the remote machine by moving or pressing a button on a logitech keyboard or mouse.
                        GeneralT12021-11-22 20:19:31.649Z
                        at bios, unresponsive
                        just got my tinypilot v2.3.1 [pro] played around with it and was intrigued with the virtual drive option. very handy. so i mounted a few ISOs and installed an ubuntu LTS. worked very good. now i wanted to update my bios. pc is a intel-nuc-kit-nuc6i7k...
                          Technical SupportY22021-11-22 15:41:57.122Z
                          TinyPilot Voyager with PoE splitter
                          Dear Sirs I'm going to install a TinyPilot Voyager and power it via a PoE splitter. Can I discard the Power Connector altogether and use a front USB port for keyboard and mouse traffic? Thanks and Regards Mauricio
                            GeneralMM32021-11-20 10:52:15.274Z
                            VGA-to-HDMI adapter power & splitting signal
                            What are the best methods for powering the VGA-to-HDMI adapter with the USB cable? Powered from Tiny Pilot? Powered from target? Powered from external power? For us, from target is easiest, but we had one adapter that was failing at the Ubuntu instal...
                              GeneralJ12021-11-19 15:48:55.988Z
                              virtual media upload failing
                              Is there a way to sftp the virtual images to the tinypilot? they keep failing to upload when i try to upload from my laptop via the web interface
                                GeneralB12021-11-18 19:30:29.361Z
                                Keyboard + Mouse do not work
                                Hi, trying to use this in a non standard setup I would assume. I have my Raspberry Pi connected to a KVM switch I have. The video is being shown, but no keystrokes go through. I can take a picture of the connector if you want, but my assumption was t...
                                  GeneralMC42021-11-16 04:05:09.757Z
                                  Update fail
                                  Hi. I'm new to the Pi. I thought I knew what I was doing and SSH'd to the tinypilot. I ran the apt update to update everything, rebooted, and now the Tinypilot doesn't respond to the tinypilot URL. I have a solid green and red light. I took out the S...
                                    GeneralS32021-11-11 22:23:40.412Z
                                    Reverse Proxy Settings?
                                    Hi Michael, I'm in awe of what you've built here. Reading your development journey and then building products and a company around what is an amazing solution is really inspiring! I hope it all goes well for you! Also thank you for keeping a free ver...
                                      Technical SupportJJ72021-11-10 20:33:12.961Z
                                      Windows 11 - missing USB Storage
                                      Hello, Windows 11 based installations can't see USB Storage, so installation from Virtual Media is not possible. Is there any workaround ? Thanks.
                                        Technical SupportV32021-11-08 22:49:43.685Z
                                        Just bought a TinyPilot and the keyboard doesn't work at Bios with an Asus P6X58D-E motherboard
                                        @Michael... We just bought a brand new TinyPilot at our studio for me to be able to do remote booting tests, change bios parameters, etc. Our studio is located in Madrid - Spain, and I'm in Vancouver - Canada, so I need a kvm over ip solution. After ...
                                          GeneralRR42021-11-05 02:00:25.598Z
                                          TinyPilot network doesn't seem to want to initialize
                                          Just got my TinyPilot and connected it up to a server to try to test it out, but the network on the TinyPilot never seems to get going. I tested the port with a laptop and was able to get DHCP and everything just fine. When I plug the network back in...
                                            GeneralD112021-11-04 19:53:31.818Z
                                            NumLock and ten key numbers issue
                                            With NumLock off on my keyboard, when I push the "left arrow/ 4" key on the right half of the keyboard, in the lower right of the browser it says "ArrowLeft", but on the remote PC it types a 4. If I turn "NumLock on" on my keyboard and push the "left...
                                              GeneralC12021-11-03 22:19:36.979Z
                                              Wifi setup
                                              How do I setup the hobbyist kit to use wifi instead of ethernet? Ran out of room on my switch.
                                                GeneralBJ52021-11-03 21:58:27.876Z
                                                Mouse movements not detected, but clicks works
                                                Hello, I have installed my tinypilot today, which works fine for video capture, keyboard input and mouse clicks. But it doesn’t work with mouse movements : I don’t see the cursor moving, either on the web page or on the remote PC. With the help of th...
                                                  Technical SupportK32021-11-02 21:29:39.038Z
                                                  No Signal since update to 2.5.5
                                                  I have set my unit up with a KVM physical switch like the youtube video by DB Tech. It was working as expected. I just did the update to 2.5.5 and now I'm getting no signal from either video source (input 1 or 2 on the KVM) I have physically cold boo...
                                                    Technical SupportGG142021-11-01 19:42:14.809Z
                                                    TinyPilot Voyager, VGA Adapter and snow/no-signal
                                                    Hi Folks, Just received my TinyPilot Voyager and have been trying to set it up using the VGA adapter which I purchased with it. I'm having problem getting video signal to come in, the only clean view I've seen is the Windows loading screen. Thought I...
                                                      GeneralP72021-10-20 22:34:33.204Z
                                                      Firewall ? Does it have one and if so - what
                                                      Hello, Does TinyPilot come with an active firewall. I want to setup access from the Internet via a port forward but need to make sure it's not getting blocked internally. What sayeth the group? Jay / CompuMatter
                                                        Technical Support22021-10-20 20:25:43.220Z
                                                        Storage is full
                                                        Is there reason why the storage would keep getting full? This is the second time the space is full on this device. Last time it happened, I had to reinstall the tinypilot in order for it to work.
                                                          GeneralN32021-10-19 15:51:26.648Z
                                                          Windows.iso boot problem
                                                          Hello, Is there any way how to boot Windows.iso? Linux works, but Windows doesn't. Mount mode is flash drive. CD-ROM mode not working either.
                                                            GeneralK12021-10-15 21:09:01.066Z
                                                            TinyPilot Cloud Feedback
                                                            We're currently designing TinyPilot Cloud, a service that gives you secure, remote access to your TinyPilot device from anywhere in the world. We'd love to hear your feedback! What features do you want to see in TinyPilot Cloud? What questions do you...
                                                              GeneralM22021-10-13 19:11:33.884Z
                                                              Connector Types Used on the TinyPilot Power Connector?
                                                              I’m planning on buying and using the TinyPilot Power Connector with an Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter (which supports 5V ⎓ 3A output as required by the Raspberry Pi 4B). Looking at the product page for the TinyPilot Power Connector, it seems to have: ...
                                                                Technical SupportT12021-10-12 22:04:42.898Z
                                                                The target computer does not have a usb port
                                                                The target computer does not have a usb port , There is no way to use Tinypilot Is there any solution?
                                                                  GeneralJD42021-10-12 21:04:29.755Z
                                                                  Mouse movement? Simultaneous keys?
                                                                  Can mouse / cursor position input be mirrored to the target computer through the Tinypilot? Also can simultaneous key combos e.g. shift + something be sent easily? Also wondering what the device & drivers are displayed as on the target computer. I ha...
                                                                    GeneralRBD32021-10-12 15:34:27.440Z
                                                                    TinyPilot to control an Hikvision NVR
                                                                    Hello, I am considering buying TinyPilot to control an NVR that will be too difficult to reach for a lazy guy like me, and the pros of potentially being able to control it from any browser around the house (and beyond) makes me drool. TinyPilot is go...
                                                                      GeneralLD22021-10-12 14:55:55.341Z
                                                                      High latency
                                                                      Hi, new TinyPilot user here. I am seeing a rather high latency (5 - 30+ seconds between pressing key and it registering on screen) even when average latency is 10ms with 0% packet loss. I am connected through a gigabit ethernet switch. I see a lot of...
                                                                        Technical SupportR32021-10-07 20:29:12.907Z
                                                                        Hobbyist: no signal after aborted TC358743 experiment
                                                                        After setting up the hobbyist kit version of your device, I learned that TC358743 based capture cards reduce the blur of usb based ones. I thought I might order a compatible card and saw the instructions on enabling support. I though I might as well ...
                                                                          Technical SupportS22021-10-04 19:44:33.827Z
                                                                          Do I need a Voyager for each server I want to control?
                                                                          The product looks good, but I'm not clear how it should be installed. Can I use one Voyager to control many servers, or do I need one voyager on each server I wish to control, and use a browser to access each server?
                                                                            GeneralF12021-09-27 20:06:18.072Z
                                                                            ATX reset for Surface Pro?
                                                                            Hi - KVM novice here. Watched Jeff Geerling's video on TinyPilot, and wondering if a remote hard-reset would be possible for a Surface Pro tablet (either stand-alone, or with a docking station setup). Thanks!
                                                                              GeneralDD22021-09-22 23:02:57.809Z
                                                                              Virtual Media not working
                                                                              #1 issue Size Cap? I read there is a TinyPilot Virtual Media size cap Each .ISO (or .IMG) can be no larger than 2.1 GB. Is there a cap? If yes, what is it? #2 Media mounted in running OS does not work HirenBootCD and any other disk I try simply does ...
                                                                                Technical SupportD12021-09-22 22:23:06.118Z
                                                                                BIOS not viewable
                                                                                I have TP Pro. I have tried unit on 2 laptops and a desktop. Cannot see BIOS (during reboot). Post BIOS, I can seen normal Windows bootup.
                                                                                  Technical SupportD12021-09-22 22:18:13.418Z