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Can't access to tinypilot page

By Loulou Angibeau @pro
    2023-08-10 03:54:58.971Z

    I upgraded tinypilot from version 2.5.3 to 2.5.4
    These are steps what I did:

    1. re-flashed sd card with image file
    2. inserted card to tinypilot device and power it on
    3. After 3 mins, connected tinypilot device to laptop

    The first time, I could see sold red light and a flashing green light. But after some time, the green light went off and I could see the sold red light only.
    Finally, I can't access to tinypilot page.
    Also, I am not able to find tinypilot from ip scanner.
    Please help me!

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    1. @fft2023-08-10 05:47:36.005Z

      Hi Loulou,
      puhh- Sorry to hear that.
      My assumption is, that it worked before the flashing, so that I would assume the hardware is not broken. So if it worked before, and after the flashing something went wrong, I would bet on "something" happened with the flashing. This also indicated the behaviour of the red/green led not flashing any more. It usually flashes IMHO during boot, and than the ethernet adapter should flash if network is connected. So what I would do (after checking if the network cable is fitting correct); I would flash it again, with a new micro SD card (32GB) and balena etcher. I than woudl really get my coffee for the first boot, read "some books" , ... as the first boot takes definitely way longer than the boots after the first.