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Trying to factory reset - getting disk image corrupt error
All of sudden tinypilot hanged, after restart I am getting 502 Bad Gateway error. Now as recommended I am trying to factory reset but getting downloaded image file is corrupt. Image Downloaded from Flashing...
    Technical SupportSC/C22023-07-28 08:42:49.135Z
    Download Tinypilot Image
    I'm trying to update my tinypilot to version 2.6 but i need to do it manually. When I go to the image download page, it wants my order number. I can't find it. How do i download an image without the order number?
      GeneralGC/C32023-07-27 22:57:37.795Z
      How can you revert device's display name from "TinyPilot" back to "Toshiba-H2C"?
      In your "Update to the new EDID" release notes, you show that "TinyPilot" is now set as the device's display name. How can I return the previous device name back to "Toshiba-H2C" on a TinyPilot Voyager 2a?
        Technical SupportAMC/C92023-07-26 19:31:18.770Z
        Tinypilot not working
        All of a sudden I couldn't access my Tinypilot via the web interface. Looking at my switch I'm seeing its not pulling an IP address either. When I looked a the device, the green light is flashing 7 times, stops, then repeats that 7 flashes over and o...
          Technical SupportJ62023-07-26 17:38:38.755Z
          TinyPilot Hobbyist HDMI upgrade
          I have the TinyPilot Hobbyist, which I dearly adore and use regularly. However, video quality (red, in particular, which I know is an HDMI encoding thing) and audio are issues, which I see the new CSI HDMI adapters support now, and your software now ...
            GeneralW122023-07-26 11:55:59.924Z
            How to remove latest update. I want 2.5 instead of 2.6 for tinypilot voyager
            I've recently updated tiny pilot and soon after that its getting alot of connectivity issues, how can I revert recent updates
              Technical SupportT/52023-07-26 11:45:42.609Z
              Flask issue when updating using the Webui
              Update returned with a failure, then got the nginx gateway error. Logged in via ssh, verified what services were involved, tinypilot failed with flask error. Is there a method to re install from a script when in this state??
                Technical SupportR/52023-07-26 11:13:10.203Z
                Colors are swapped over HDMI/CSI all of a sudden
                Hi! I have a C790 CSI card (Geekworm) to add to my TinyPilot Hobbyist. It worked great initially, but now the colors are all wrong -- specifically, it appears that blue and red are reversed. I've tried unplugging the HDMI cable from my laptop (the so...
                  Technical SupportWC/C12023-07-25 21:35:45.252Z
                  Mouse doesn't work with Mac OS 9.2
                  Hello, My keyboard works great but my mouse doesn't work through the web browser connected to a Mac Mini G4 running OS 9.2. The same mouse does work if I hook it up directly to the Mac Mini. Any ideas that might be able to help? Thank you, Chuck
                    Technical SupportCC/C12023-07-25 21:35:42.574Z
                    Dell UEFI Bios - Mouse not working
                    Is this a known issue with the newer Dell bios and TinyPilot where the mouse isn't usable? The keyboard works fine, but mouse doesn't.
                      Technical SupportJADC/C212023-07-25 21:35:37.020Z
                      Explain icons...
                      I need to order the 15.0 cord
                      I I'm not having a problem I just ordered the tiny pilot and I love it but I do need the $15 cord that is advertised I'm trying to order it by itself but it won't allow me to it's adding the another tiny pilot to it I just need to $15 cord how do I g...
                        GeneralG/42023-07-25 14:17:42.681Z
                        missing flask
                        This topic exists and there is no solution? Dec 10 16:30:46 tinypilot1 systemd[1]: Started TinyPilot - RPi-based virtual KVM. Dec 10 16:30:47 tinypilot1 python[976]: [2021-12-10 16:30:47,453] INFO in main: Starting app Dec 10 16:30:47 tinypilot1 pyth...
                          Technical SupportD82023-07-24 20:39:13.076Z
                          TinyPilot Voyager 2a: Can The Next Iteration Be Sized To Fit in 1RU?
                          Be nice to tuck this thing on an accessory shelf.
                            IdeasB12023-07-24 19:35:30.660Z
                            Mouse/Keyboard not working
                            I can see the screen of the target computer, but I can't interact with the keyboard or mouse, the only thing that responds is actions->keyboard shortcuts ->ctrl alt delete
                              Technical SupportB12023-07-24 05:20:15.069Z
                              32 servers and 1 TinyPilot
                              Hello, Can 32 servers be connected to 1 TinyPilot? For example via 4
                                GeneralA2D102023-07-22 16:45:06.484Z
                                Can't connect to tiny pilot
                                I have the Voyager 2a. None of the following addresses resolve. https://tinypilot/ https://tinypilot.local/ https://tinypilot.localdomain/ I don't see an ip address for the tinypilot when looking at the routers dhcp table. The status lights on the de...
                                  Technical SupportL12023-07-21 06:25:09.178Z
                                  Voyager 2 latest community install "no signal" error
                                  I just installed the latest "community" version via and it seems to work but I get no video signal. This exact setup was actually working perfectly fine just before this, but I switched to t...
                                    Technical SupportCCC/C42023-07-18 19:36:44.643Z
                                    Tinypilot dead after a failed update
                                    Hi, i tried to update my tinypilot today but it failed with some error( i forgot to take screenshot): tinypilot/privileged/script not found/updated later i tried to power restart the tinypilot, but it no longer working >>>> The disk activity LED will...
                                      Technical SupportO/52023-07-18 11:54:48.638Z
                                      Tiny Pilot Limitation
                                      Hi Support, I have one Pi-KVM which is working fine with every Intel Core i Series server. However, when it connects to some of the Intel Xeon E3/E5 servers, it will have display problems. For example, Intel Xeon E3-1220v5 and E5-2603v3. May I know w...
                                        Technical SupportLC/C12023-07-17 08:50:10.448Z
                                        Sometimes space key is not detected...
                                        Just a heads up, I was having issues with my space key not being detected every so often (the key registered in the bottom right corner of the tinypilot session but was colored in red). After checking if it was my keyboard, my browser, my USB cables,...
                                          Technical SupportD2C/C22023-07-17 08:37:28.211Z
                                          HTTPS not accessible
                                          Hi, I am not able to access my Voyager 2 (latest community version) via https, but I can access via http (without the s ). I have tried all the following but to no avail: https://tinypilot https://tinypilot.local https://tinypilot.localdomain However...
                                            Technical SupportRC/C12023-07-13 09:03:49.438Z
                                            Can't access tiny pilot interface
                                            I purchased the tinypilot voyager 2a, i did all the necessary setup and i can't access any of the 3 interfaces. Error states: This site can’t be reachedCheck if there is a typo in tinypilot.local. DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN How do i fix this?
                                              Technical SupportR32023-07-11 08:12:00.381Z
                                              What are the odds of file corruption?
                                              Hi there. So i own one tiny pilot with the pro licence, that i used to hold a chair in a company. I haven't been away for more than a week to do a hard test in it's strength; That said i have 2 questions, and please be frank haha; 1 - what are the od...
                                                Technical SupportXBC/C32023-07-10 23:00:09.870Z
                                                Samsung Phone
                                                Good Morning, Just received my TinyPilot and was excited to use it with my phone. I have a samsung S10 and using a USB C to HDMI Multiport Adapter ( Everything i...
                                                  Technical SupportMS112023-07-10 15:23:34.937Z
                                                  Tinypilot shows up as the audio device on windows for connected computer....
                                                  it is the output do I disable it? or at least put it as 'speakers' or something more generic sounding
                                                    Technical SupportM/12023-07-10 12:01:57.709Z
                                                    "Pre-boot" control of headless Mac
                                                    Hello. I am clueless and found this via Google. Desired use case: I have a headless Mac Mini that I'd like to be able to remotely control (KVM) even when (regular) OS is not working (recovery mode, pre-boot options, etc.). Assumptions: this product p...
                                                      Technical SupportCC/C12023-07-07 09:26:25.854Z
                                                      Questions before I buy it.
                                                      Is the device has ATX Control? I mean for turning on/off my PC by using this tinypilot device. If there is a power outage at my home and it is restored, will this device automatically startup? Thank you
                                                        Technical SupportA/82023-07-06 11:22:45.430Z
                                                        update issues
                                                        Hi, I'm trying to update my device using the GUI but it stucks at «retrieving update logs from TinyPilot device ». When I try to show logs on the menu it says «error retrieving debug logs». on ssh any command return /etc/sudoers: syntax error near li...
                                                          Technical SupportA3CA3/C32023-07-03 16:48:37.514Z
                                                          Possible to add a Mouse Jiggler?
                                                          Would like to be able to keep remote device awake that doesn't have typical "sleep" settings.
                                                            GeneralPGT2T112023-07-03 16:25:18.701Z
                                                            Technical SupportBA72023-07-01 01:29:51.394Z
                                                            Issue with mouse cursor offset
                                                            I have a tiny pilot voyager 2a device with one inch horizontal offset for mouse cursor. I have tried changing resolution of the target device, setting it to different resolutions didn't help. I have tried changing the EDID how it's mentioned in the s...
                                                              Technical Support1/72023-06-30 14:27:43.360Z
                                                              Audio issue with Macbook Pro (macOS Monterey)
                                                              Hi , I am trying set up TinyPilot with my Macbook Pro(macOS Monterey) but audio is not working via HDMI. screen and keyboard/mouse work well but no audio receiving it. I also tried select "Sound" output as HDMI but it says " The selected device has n...
                                                                Technical SupportR2/52023-06-28 14:23:22.990Z
                                                                unable to login after password update
                                                                unable to login after password update , tried to reset by mounting SSD card.. do not see file. On the microSD's root partition, delete the file /home/tinypilot/tinypilot.db.
                                                                  Technical SupportG2/12023-06-27 14:44:46.224Z
                                                                  Tiny Pilot Image for Reset
                                                                  Hi, TinyPilot is not booting up and I would like to reset it. Can you please send me the image that I can use to reset as my subscription ended last month? Thanks,
                                                                    Technical SupportA/12023-06-27 11:09:48.448Z
                                                                    Select box in web page not working
                                                                    Great product! A web page I developed has a select box that won't work via tinyPilot, but fine otherwise. Using svelte and If you like, I could build a minimal example with source code.
                                                                      Technical SupportDC/C162023-06-26 13:05:59.431Z
                                                                      TinyPilot on normal computer hardware, Keyboard issues
                                                                      Hello I couldn't afford the TinyPilot gear but I did buy the HDMI USB capture card I've got TinyPilot software installed and I can see the KVM with target screen fine, that part works ok I couldn't get the keyboard working properly and I did some inv...
                                                                        GeneralJD32023-06-22 12:44:35.745Z
                                                                        Question before I buy Tiny Pilot
                                                                        May I know that is there any solution from your company to make Tiny Pilot can "wirelessly" connect "more than one" server/device? Kindly advice even if there is any way to achieve one of the objective (wireless or connect more than one) Thank you.
                                                                          Technical SupportLC/C12023-06-21 14:43:01.124Z
                                                                          Updating Failing
                                                                          Hi, I'm trying to update and it keeps failing with the following message: The update failed: Command '['sudo', '/opt/tinypilot-privileged/update']' returned non-zero exit status 2. I first thought it was due to read-only mode, so I turned that off. U...
                                                                            Technical SupportR252023-06-21 11:02:38.308Z
                                                                            Best solution for work call with tinypilot
                                                                            Hi Team, I hope you are doing well. what is the best solution so far for doing teams calls remotely ? I'm traveling and I want to continue doing calls from my laptop. I know Tinypilot is not made for that, but I wonder if someone found a solution. th...
                                                                              Technical SupportHC/C52023-06-20 17:04:45.308Z
                                                                              How to avoid hot keys in the OS
                                                                              Similar to the question here. Browser hot-keys One problem of running tinypilot, even if in app mode, is the operation system hot keys are still in effect. This is a big problem, for example I might want to switch workspaces in the tinypilot connecte...
                                                                                Technical SupportC/12023-06-19 11:21:54.485Z