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Build tiny pilot for iMX8M Mini.

By Sujay Bane @sujay
    2022-03-22 15:22:40.287Z2022-04-01 06:41:19.671Z


    I am trying to build a tiny pilot on iMX8M Mini. referring to the git repository of the tiny pilot and google it out but failed to get an appropriate link regarding for same. can anyone help me in this case?
    what changes should have to do from the given GitHub repository to build or from where I can try this to build it for iMX8M Mini?


    Solved in post #2, click to view
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    1. Diego @diego
        2022-03-22 18:52:54.020Z

        Hello Sujay! Unfortunately, we only offer technical support for TinyPilot on the Raspberry Pi 4B. There is a dedicated thread on the TinyPilot Github repo for users to discuss porting TinyPilot to non-Pi systems.

        1. SSujay Bane @sujay
            2022-03-28 08:31:16.965Z

            Thanks for your response.
            sure I will raise my question on the repository thread.