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DVI to HDMI no longer works after upgrade.
DVI to HDMI displays colored screen after tinypilot upgrade.
    Technical SupportD12022-08-11 22:21:23.829Z
    Falls off network ("Destination host unreachable")
    Hi, my tinypilot (connected via WIFI, not ethernet) become unreachable via SSH every 72hrs and i found out that it is actually quite a common issue for rasp pi
      Technical SupportO202022-08-10 23:07:52.777Z
      Keyboard Mouyse not working, HDMI ok, tested on 2 computers, changed USB cables,
      Hi, Just like the title says, I can't get any keystrokes or mouse pointer changes to work. I tried on a computer that was working just fine with TinyPilot (windows 10); restarted computer and raspberry pi many times, changed all usb cables and secure...
        Technical SupportDD32022-08-05 00:54:41.126Z
        Balena fails to create image
        I downloaded the image to do a factory reset, but when I try to cut the image to a SD Balena fails. I've tried on two different chips. I also put a request into Balena support but thought I would see if this problem was encountered by other Tinypilot...
          Technical SupportJ32022-08-04 20:39:13.989Z
          Mouse and Keyboard are not working
          Hello I found the mouse and Keyboard are not working, please help me asap ??? it is give me error message -? USB is not recognize
            Technical SupportS32022-08-04 00:44:12.960Z
            keyboard lag
            Hi - I'm so glad I bought a TinyPilot. I have a highly locked down corporate Windows laptop that I'm now able to integrate very nicely into my dual-monitor Mac world. My only struggle is that keyboard input is pretty slow. Keystrokes buffer up and ap...
              Technical SupportP72022-08-04 00:01:29.571Z
              Order number request
              Can't seem to find my order number? How do I retrieve it. I need to do a reset on the Tinypilot.
                Technical SupportJ12022-08-02 20:40:45.445Z
                How to fsck the root filesystem on a tinypilot bought from the website?
                I noticed the root filesystem on our tinypilot has errors, and it seems it's not been fixed at reboot. I had a look using dump2fs, and this is the result: root@tinypilot:~# dumpe2fs -h /dev/mmcblk0p2 dumpe2fs 1.44.5 (15-Dec-2018) Filesystem volume n...
                  Technical SupportR32022-08-02 20:34:01.725Z
                  Windows 98??
                  I'm trying to setup TinyPilot on a Window 98 (no, that's not a typo!!) machine. I've got functional video and keyboard support working, but I cannot get the mouse to work. I suspect it may not like the mouse and the keyboard coming in on the same USB...
                    Technical SupportDA82022-08-02 20:21:05.443Z
                    Access browser within from tinypilot
                    I have a hunch the answer to this is no but I'll ask anyway. Is there a way to allow a user to access the browser on the network that the Tinypilot is on at the remote location. I know the first response is why not just access the browser from the PC...
                      Technical SupportJ42022-08-01 21:54:20.913Z
                      Explain icons...
                      Virtual desktop distortion with larger 4:3 resolutions on host machine using VGA to HDMI adapter.
                      Hello. I am testing various 4:3 desktop resolutions from older machines running Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. I am using the VGA to HDMI adapter sold with the Voyager 2. 640x480 and 800x600 display correctly and operate very well. Some lar...
                        Technical SupportAA32022-08-01 21:42:17.975Z
                        How can I create multiple user for General Web access and different security roghts
                        From the basic start up screen I was able to access the web interface that the TinyPilot voyager2 was connected to. I would prefer to lock down the web interface by creating 1 additional login that (for the web interface) does not have the ability to...
                          GeneralS12022-08-01 19:25:52.146Z
                          Broken image no remote desktop
                          Hi I just get a broken image and no remote desktop coming through, checked all the cables, updated the software, works fine out to a monitor. Any ideas? Screenshot below
                            Technical SupportAR82022-08-01 18:40:54.533Z
                            Odroid C4 working great :) but...
                            Hi, Thanks for sharing this project, great work!! I installed tinypilot on an Odroid C4. (I had to comment out the 64-bit version of Raspberry Pi OS check in quick-install). Running Armbian 22.05.3 with Linux 5.10.133. Keyboard, mouse, and video (HDM...
                              Technical SupportD2D222022-07-29 00:12:16.265Z
                              Cursor lag
                              The cursor seems to lag about 5-10 secs behind the movement. Using remoteit to connect to Tinypilot. Also, just to add to the weirdness, on my laptop the cursor doesn't appear. On my desktop it appears but lags. Laptop is connected via wireless to th...
                                Technical SupportJ32022-07-28 22:43:20.659Z
                                Whiteware USB-C Splitter
                                Hello, we wanted to test TinyPilot and we have everything necessary at the company and got these splitters flying around can we use them for testing? Greetings Neo
                                  GeneralN42022-07-28 00:39:29.454Z
                                  Hi I recently bought the tiny pilot Voyager 2 KVM and after couple of days of use, i find that it gets disconnected and i am unable to continue my operations, i have tried restarting, shutting down but still the same . i am using an updated version o...
                                    Technical SupportM12022-07-25 23:08:10.874Z
                                    screen unable to show
                                    enclosed the screen capture.
                                      Technical SupportR12022-07-25 23:05:24.175Z
                                      I connect the Dell OptiPlex 9020M and I get video only in the bios once I boot linux or windows can't get any video to work
                                        Technical SupportM12022-07-25 23:02:48.988Z
                                        How do I know H264 is enabled besides seeing "Janus" in htop ?
                                        I am skeptical because I would assume that if H264 was enabled then "JPEG" quality settings shouldn't make any difference since that MJPEG controls specifically correct? But the slider does still change the quality, despite the command running succes...
                                          GeneralA262022-07-18 23:04:52.231Z
                                          tinyPilot - No longer responding after reboot - HTTPS connection timeout
                                          After a reboot the tinypilot will not come back online - its seem that the Flash memory is corrupted. The device responds to pings but no services seem to be running
                                            Technical SupportT32022-07-14 23:18:40.507Z
                                            Unable to access the keyboard
                                            I am trying to access keyboard from mac to another machine. Unable to access the keyboard of the target machine.
                                              Technical SupportR12022-07-13 22:54:38.050Z
                                              Multiple User access to TinyPilot web interface continuously?
                                              I'm thinking of using this device for my work to access our DVR over the local network. If I connect to the DVR's web interface over the DVR's IP, the amount of video streams being sent results in laggy video feeds. With "local" viewing via a TinyPil...
                                                Technical SupportJ32022-07-13 22:43:02.666Z
                                                unable to share the screen in between laptops
                                                I only got power adapter and tiny pilot device and a cable. I don’t know how to connect to share the other laptop screen. Do I have to buy any additional cables ?
                                                  Technical SupportR52022-07-13 21:42:10.375Z
                                                  VGA not working on reboot
                                                  When we use the tinypilot with the VGA adapter, we get "NO SIGNAL" when the computer power up or reboots. However, if we boot up with a normal monitor on the VGA port of the computer and then switch to tinypilot (with VGA adapter) we get a display. O...
                                                    Technical SupportD332022-07-13 01:32:18.147Z
                                                    Win 11 mini PC no keystrokes
                                                    I was able to get my TinyPilot setup and controlling a traditional midtower Win 10 PC but when I use a Beelink Win 11 minipc I can see video and control the mouse remotely but I am unable to use remote keyboard strokes or even the clickable keyboard ...
                                                      Technical SupportT32022-07-13 00:52:43.497Z
                                                      Shows video but cannot connect to tinypilot
                                                      Strange problem. I bring up tinypilot and it shows the initial screen but it seems like keyboard strokes are not passed to tinypilot. Video is working fine. There is a message that shows a red disconnected status but again, the video works fine and w...
                                                        Technical SupportJ72022-07-12 19:49:28.220Z
                                                        Touch support
                                                        Hello! I’ve tried using the tinypilot web UI on my iPad and iPhone and found out that I can’t seem to be able to click; tapping the screen video only moves the cursor. Is there a way to enable touch support? If not, is it a planned feature? Thank you!
                                                          GeneralSA2WX92022-07-08 18:14:51.589Z
                                                          Connect local monitor and keyboard
                                                          Is it possible to have a local monitor and keyboard (via usb) on the Voyager 2? I want to be able to connect a monitor to the unit along with a keyboard while still being able to get to it via network for control?
                                                            Technical SupportAZ62022-07-07 21:30:14.190Z
                                                            How to send a keystroke from the community api
                                                            Hello, Has anyone successfully sent a keystroke using the community api? I want to write an ansible playbook on a cron job to call the api and send a keystroke to keep the end device from locking Currently I downloaded Burp and am seeing the http his...
                                                              Technical SupportD12022-07-07 18:16:45.367Z
                                                              Unable to access using Web Browser.
                                                              I have the TinyPilot Voyager 2 POE. Unable to access using Web Browser. Tried using: https://tinypilot/ https://tinypilot.local/ https://tinypilot.localdomain/ also the DHCP assigned IP
                                                                Technical SupportN52022-07-05 21:38:37.256Z
                                                                Keyboard + Mouse do not work
                                                                Hi, trying to use this in a non standard setup I would assume. I have my Raspberry Pi connected to a KVM switch I have. The video is being shown, but no keystrokes go through. I can take a picture of the connector if you want, but my assumption was t...
                                                                  GeneralMCL92022-07-05 00:40:58.586Z
                                                                  Voyager Display Audio/3.5mm port
                                                                  I know that TinyPilot does not stream audio to the browser. However I noticed it creates a display audio output (presumably the HDMI port?) and there is also a 3.5mm jack on the device. Do these do anything at this time? It would be perfect if I coul...
                                                                    GeneralAKJ82022-07-04 22:44:05.347Z
                                                                    Web Interface No Longer Working
                                                                    Hey, I have a Voyager 2 PoE, that I purchased a month ago (5/17/22). I have been using it, and its been working very well. I always use the web UI to shut down the unit before i unplug PoE and relocate the Voyager 2 to a new location. about 2 weeks a...
                                                                      Technical SupportJO102022-07-01 22:53:37.119Z
                                                                      Power splitter doesn't give power to raspberrypi
                                                                      Hello. I love your project to control my home mac. I bought your power splitter to give more power to pi, but raspberrypi doesn't boot completely. In raspberrypi there light only green but not red. I found that that light means there is not enought p...
                                                                        GeneralCCN122022-06-30 19:59:48.154Z
                                                                        No mouse when connecting TinyPilot via AIMOS KVM
                                                                        When my TinyPilot is connected directly to a PC it works fine, but if I try to connect it via an AIMOS KVM as described in the KVM compatibility list (i.e. combined with HDMI splitter) the keyboard works but the mouse does not, the pointer jiggles ra...
                                                                          Technical SupportD2142022-06-28 21:45:25.180Z
                                                                          Fresh install, no joy: Nginx error 502
                                                                          Log file here: Error 502 on new install tinypilot [error] 394#394: *1 connect() failed (111: Connection refused) while connecting to upstream ... File "/opt/tinypilot/venv/lib/python3.9/site-packages/dns/rdtypes...
                                                                            Technical SupportK2K242022-06-28 02:29:40.972Z
                                                                            TinyPilot mouse and keyboard lattency too slow
                                                                            I bought Tinypilot for more than 1 month now, I tried everything including enabling H264. I don't see any issue when the stream from the tiny pilot(remote computer ) to my computer, I played video on the remote computer, and I could compare 99% perfe...
                                                                              Technical SupportM92022-06-27 17:39:56.502Z
                                                                              TinyPilot w/ KVM Switch
                                                                              I have tried to connect a cheap KVM switch (brand: PWAY) with hotkeys with TinyPilot together. The TinyPilot could not start up if the KVM Switch with HDMI signal (PC running). Then, unplug the KVM switch and it will boot up immediately. After the ne...
                                                                                GeneralS12022-06-24 19:31:57.296Z
                                                                                I just ordered the Voyage 2!
                                                                                I'm curious what PoE HAT will be used in the Voyager 2 option coming in January? I know I won't likely be able to upgrade the one that i just ordered, but still very curious...
                                                                                  GeneralG32022-06-22 16:26:01.989Z