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A few questions for new user
Trying to run wireless keyboard/mouse off usb dongle that's plugged into tiny pilot? Am I missing something here, I thought in normal hardwired KVM's you plug the USB dongle into the kvm switch and you're done. I'm not getting any output from these t...
    Technical SupportM42023-01-03 17:24:34.987Z
    How to install Tinypilot Voyager 2 - from Personal Laptop to J1 Work Laptop?
    Hi all, here’s my situation: J1 requires me to work hybrid, at least 2 days in the office so I’m planning to bring my personal laptop so that I can do both J1 and J2 work on the same machine bought a tinypilot voyager 2 based on my research. So here ...
      Technical SupportF12023-01-03 13:28:25.156Z
      Is Direct VGA to USB Capture Possible?
      I'm about to embark on my first TinyPilot installation. I have several systems that I'm wanting to manage, and I'm going the DIY route initially. As I was looking through the instructions for VGA capture, I see that the typical solution is a VGA to H...
        IdeasB32023-01-03 12:32:33.085Z
        how to set a static IP on 2.5.0 without Internet access
        I just reflashed my TinyPilot Pro to 2.5.0 after I could not get it to work I wanted to set a static IP but I did not want to have to put this TinyPilot on the Internet just to download a script to apply the static IP address as shown in this post: h...
          Technical SupportJC22023-01-02 15:48:56.162Z
          Local vs. remote cursor horizontal skew
          Hi, Got a voyager pro connected to an industrial windows 7 computer with a Quadro K620 that has DVI and Displayport output. Local display is using DVI and duplicate display is output using a couple of adapters through displayport->DVI->HDMI->TinyPilo...
            Technical SupportAC62022-12-28 18:46:27.251Z
            Tinypilot Voyager 2 Cannot Use POE
            Hello, I am unable to use POE on my voyager 2. I hooked it up with internet and it looked like theres no power unless theres the USBC power
              Technical SupportL12022-12-27 14:25:47.765Z
              Reduced TinyPilot support over the holidays
              Happy holidays from the TinyPilot team! Over the next few days, the TinyPilot team will be taking some well-earned time off - including the support team here on the forum. You're more than welcome to continue posting and asking questions, but respons...
                General02022-12-23 21:35:14.463Z
                Renaming the device, Device shows under Mass storage device -
                How to rename the device ? Currently it shows as tinypilot USB device It currently shows under mass storage devices under Device Manager Is it possible to have it show up as something more generic?
                  GeneralTAM82022-12-23 18:58:40.190Z
                  Can TinyPilot use HDMI camera as video feed.
                  Hello, I have a specific use case in mind, one of our contractors needs remote access to an HMI panel with only USB and Ethernet ports. The USB is for the Mouse and Keyboard and since the panel has no video in/out I would like to use an HDMI camera a...
                    Technical SupportP12022-12-23 13:24:11.609Z
                    Cannot upgrade pro from 2.4.0 to 2.5.0
                    I am using the GUI to try and upgrade. This issue I am having is that the upgrade says it is successful, but even after a reboot of the Voyager, it says it is on 2.4.0 and that upgrade to 2.5.0 is available. I have run through the upgrade process 3 t...
                      Technical SupportM72022-12-21 12:10:18.045Z
                      Explain icons...
                      No Signal on DVI-Con KVM from Guntermann and Drunck
                      Hello, we have a KVM-Matrix-Switch here in our Company. In our Office we are eight people with only one KVM and Monitor. So we decided to buy a tinypilot, to put the system into browser. The Guntermann and Drunck DVI-CON is the end of the KVM-Matrix,...
                        Technical SupportTT22022-12-21 05:00:12.219Z
                        Low Resolution/Bad Text Quality
                        ( Using tinypilot voyager 2 with and without Tailscale). JPEG settings to max. Having rly big issue with reading text and poor resolution. Laptop with TinyPilot voyager 2 1080p over Ethernet. Can HDMI cable affect this? Tested on local network and th...
                          Technical SupportT12022-12-20 13:02:49.076Z
                          Bad Quality/Low resolution
                          Hello, I just setup my Tiny Pilot, I see the quality is really bad. My internet speed is 260/300 mb. The laptop resolution is 1920x1080. The text is especially bad. Its readable but horrible quality.
                            Technical SupportTT22022-12-20 11:07:57.692Z
                            Mouse not working
                            Hello, my remote mouse control has stopped working. I tried connect tinypilot to a different host USB port but no improvement. Also rebooted Tinypilot to no avail. Will appreicate any guidance. Thanks
                              Technical SupportSC12022-12-20 10:41:59.528Z
                              VNC Viewer Support?
                              I normally use VNC Viewer to connect to Raspberry PI at university because I can't configure firewall to connect any other way. Would it be possible to connect to the TinyPilot remotely using VNC Viewer (or some other internet connected option)?
                                Technical SupportLC12022-12-20 10:36:53.283Z
                                In stock KVM switch?
                                Hi folks, Checking I see the top recommendations are out of stock. Does anyone have a working, in stock KVM for 4+ servers that they can share? Thanks!
                                  GeneralIC42022-12-20 10:27:31.321Z
                                  KVM not working w/ TinyPilot
                                  first of all, Merry Christmas @michael and @cghague I know you're busy building a successful business and all the likes, and there are multiple use cases for a TinyPilot - one of them that seems most common is expanding the use of it to multiple devi...
                                    Technical SupportC12022-12-19 19:46:11.682Z
                                    Setting up on Hotspot
                                    How do I set up/connect to TinyPilot Voyager 2 on telephone hotspot. I am now in US Hotel and it has browser room login. I am out of country don't have my own router/isp. Any other cheap options to set it up need to check if it is suitable for my use.
                                      Technical SupportT52022-12-19 13:09:49.163Z
                                      TinyPilot Cloud Feedback
                                      We're currently designing TinyPilot Cloud, a service that gives you secure, remote access to your TinyPilot device from anywhere in the world. We'd love to hear your feedback! What features do you want to see in TinyPilot Cloud? What questions do you...
                                        GeneralRMRM112022-12-16 04:24:17.036Z
                                        Unable to update. SSL Error
                                        I tried to find the version on the Web GUI to include it on here but I could not find it.
                                          Technical SupportL72022-12-15 13:57:08.356Z
                                          Is there an Upload Limit for ISO's
                                          Hi All, I'm attempting to transfer an ISO to the Voyager2 for the first time and it keeps crashing at ~50%. Is there a limit or something. What I'm uploading is about 5.5 GiB in size. Thanks
                                            Technical SupportNC12022-12-15 01:38:58.773Z
                                            Screen in BIOS is duplicating and distorted on TinyPilot View
                                            Good Afternoon, Just started working with My Voyager2. I hooked it up to a laptop, ensured the laptop was displaying to an external monitor during POST. But when I entered BIOS it seemed to duplicate the image a bit on the left and right hand side. I...
                                              Technical SupportNC12022-12-15 01:24:19.850Z
                                              How do I change listen port of GUI for TinyPilot Pro?
                                              When I was using the non-pro version of TinyPilot, I could use tinypilot_external_port: in settings.yaml to specify the port. I tried that with TinyPilot Pro and it doesn't seem to work. I added that to my settings, then ran the install script again:...
                                                Technical SupportMC32022-12-12 23:05:32.531Z
                                                Update Failed // Not Working with AMOS KVM
                                                I've had a Tinypilot since March since I began my software consulting journey. As I settled into my roles, the use for an IP-KVM waned, but I liked how the TinyPilot worked out of the box. I let it collect dust since February. Recently, the need to c...
                                                  Technical SupportCC42022-12-12 15:15:32.516Z
                                                  Unable to control device with tiny pilot
                                                  Hello, When I connect to tiny pilot I am able to see the scree of the device and it mirrors the device properly. However at the bottom left of the screen it says Disconnected and I am not able to control the device. The same issue happens when I conn...
                                                    Technical SupportRR222022-12-12 12:16:17.566Z
                                                    Networking general questions.
                                                    Looking at this device… I’m assuming it is a basic rpi with your custom OS. And a few security upfits. Would I be correct in the following assumptions— It will use default gateway routing for remote routing say over a VPN. Ip chain functionality via ...
                                                      Technical SupportR2C12022-12-11 19:28:37.415Z
                                                      General technical questions about security and usage
                                                      Hello everybody, we're thinking of buying a TinyPilot, but we'd like to understand certain aspects of the device and the software before. 1. Security of the transmitted screen image stream We have understood that the TinyPilot offers a Web Interface ...
                                                        Technical SupportGG62022-12-10 11:59:36.285Z
                                                        Tinypilot pro on default RPI OS
                                                        Hi all. I recently purchased two Voyager 2s. I have been using TInypilot (non-pro) software with RPI4, self bought HDMI dongle and a USB-C data/power splitter from Tinypilot. Software-wise, I have my RPI4 set up exactly the way I want to. I want to r...
                                                          Technical SupportMCM62022-12-08 16:29:38.561Z
                                                          USB A to Serial Cable
                                                          Is there a possibility to add (From TinyPilot) USB A to USB (or RJ 45) console serial cable support? This way the TinyPilot could connect to serial-based devices and provide an out of band function? This could include a USB to RS232 FTDI chip support.
                                                            IdeasBJC32022-12-08 15:22:02.050Z
                                                            HDMI works fine, the HDMI to VGA adapter does not
                                                            I want to use this for servers that only have VGA outputs, and the HDMI works fine. I've tried powering the VGA adapter on the computer and with its own power supply. Please assist as soon as possible, this is useless to me without VGA.
                                                              Technical SupportR2C12022-12-05 22:50:54.990Z
                                                              VNC support is it coming?
                                                              Hi, Just wanted to check if VNC is something in the pipeline for Tinypilot. I have asked this before and it seems the answer is that it will take several months and may not be priority. Given all the enhancements, is it something doable now or can be...
                                                                Technical SupportD12022-12-05 19:30:34.486Z
                                                                Shipping damage, device not well packaged.
                                                                I got my Tiny Pilot today, but unfortunately it's not usable. The case and the Pi4 are pretty badly damaged. Frankly, it's only partially the shippers fault, the TP was only packaged in one layer of bubble wrap in a single layer cardboard box. I can ...
                                                                  Technical SupportBCB22022-12-02 00:14:15.438Z
                                                                  Right Alt not working in tinypilot's web interface
                                                                  I’m using your Tinypilot software and I came across one issue. I connect to the remote laptop using tinypilot's web interface. USB on the go forwards keystrokes to the laptop and almost everything works fine. I can use shift and control keys (except ...
                                                                    GeneralPGA2162022-12-01 18:24:13.927Z
                                                                    1040 G9 wont except Key bored
                                                                    I have a 1040 G9 that won't except keyboard until windows is booted and trying to get it booted to Bios, how can I solve this?
                                                                      Technical SupportS12022-12-01 12:49:25.186Z
                                                                      Display Screen
                                                                      I have a 800 hp G9 that boots to Bios but never displays bio screen/ menu
                                                                        Technical SupportS22022-12-01 12:28:55.298Z
                                                                        Remote Mouse cursor does not match position of remote mouse
                                                                        My local mouse pointer and the remote mouse pointer are not aligned. At first I thought, oh well I'll just watch the remote mouse pointer. However, because of this not aligning, I can't get to the right quarter of the screen nor to the bottom quarter...
                                                                          Technical SupportJ2C52022-11-30 21:12:48.602Z
                                                                          Tiny Pilot doesn't shows up in network
                                                                          Hey Team, Till yesterday it was working perfectly fine since today morning all of a sudden tiny pilot doesn't show up in the network. the URL is not reachable nor I can see it on the router map. I can see on the tiny red light on and the ethernet lig...
                                                                            Technical SupportMC62022-11-30 20:15:35.523Z
                                                                            Screen in webfrontend is not displayed in full with and hight
                                                                            Well, difficult to explain the problem. I bought two pilots. Two laptops, each of them is connected to one pilot. Both laptops are duplicating their screen into the hdmi signal. Laptop 1 has 1920 x 1080, Laptop 2 has 1920 x 1056. Laptop 1 is displaye...
                                                                              Technical SupportT242022-11-30 12:29:38.228Z
                                                                              NO screen shown - just keyboard
                                                                              I'm trying to get tinypilot to work with my MacBook Pro m1. I have it connected to an external screen it is mirrored there. When I connect the tinypilot and go to the URL, I get the keyboard but I don't see any screen. Here are my logs - hoping someo...
                                                                                Technical SupportM42022-11-29 16:19:10.226Z
                                                                                NO SIGNAL
                                                                                Hi, I think I may have one of the original tinypilots - I bought it 2 years ago. It worked when I got it and it's been in storage since. Today I took it out to use it but I am getting "NO SIGNAL" on the UI, but the keyboard and mouse work https://i.i...
                                                                                  Technical SupportKC12022-11-29 03:10:07.453Z