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user login log/notification

By B @Badarkace
    2024-01-17 18:44:06.093Zassigned to
    • @cghague

    is there a way to keep track of user log ins or trigger notification when a user logs in?

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    1. C

      Hi @Badarkace, thanks for your question about user logging.

      TinyPilot does indeed log authentication attempts. You can find these logs by going to System, then Logs. Please note that the logs are stored in memory and will be lost when the device shuts down.

      Unfortunately, we don't have a way to send a notification when a user logs in. However, our logs follow standard Linux practices, so if you're comfortable with Linux, you can SSH in and use tools like journalctl to interact with them. It may be that an existing tool or script could help here.