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Please add expected checksums to the image download page

By @JonChesterfield
    2024-01-16 19:57:46.222Zassigned to
    • @cghague

    Hi. My voyager 2a is failing to boot so I'm going to flash the card with tinypilot-voyager-2.6.2-2023-11-09T1727Z.img downloaded from your website.

    I'd like to be able to check the downloaded file has the expected contents. Please put the expected sha values somewhere and link that from the page with the images.


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    1. C

      Hi @JonChesterfield, thanks for your great suggestion to publish the checksums for our disk images. I can see how this would be useful for verifying that downloads aren't corrupt, so I've shared this idea with the rest of the team so we can look into it further.

      In the meantime, I can confirm that the SHA256 checksum for tinypilot-voyager-2.6.2-2023-11-09T1727Z.img is be6bb28884ed2dd88da0facba833cefeac29f6cca08541bbeaf803a84eddfbce.

      1. J@JonChesterfield
          2024-01-17 12:04:41.349Z

          Great, thanks. I can confirm that the file I downloaded does have that hash and also that reflashing the sd card brought my kvm back to life. Good times.

          1. Thanks for getting back to me and confirming; it's good to hear your TinyPilot device is back up and running! If you have any other questions, please let us know!