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Flashing to 2.6

By @tinyuser2022
    2024-01-15 19:31:08.591Z

    How can you see that the insered SD-card is flashing the existing system? I flashed the SD-card based on your manual, insered the card, rebooted the device and waited for at least 20 minutes - but nothing happened. I would expect that i see a dhcp request to get an ip address but this did not happened.

    How can i check what is it doing?

    Booting up was:

    • green light was flickering - turned off then and the red light next to it is lightenting up - like the other devices i have.
    Solved in post #5, click to view
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    1. T
        2024-01-15 20:54:42.139Z

        Update was done successfully but without any indication that it is updating ... so it is just guessing when it will be ready?

        1. In reply totinyuser2022:
          David @david2024-01-16 11:58:40.188Z

          Hi @tinyuser2022, I'm sorry you're running into this issue updating your software to 2.6.0.

          From your other thread, it sounds like you've been able to update to 2.6.0. Is your updating issue now resolved?

          1. T
            In reply totinyuser2022:
              2024-01-16 12:01:34.526Z

              Yes the update was successfull - but as a reference - how can you see that it is really updating? Is there any Light or serial output?

              1. David @david2024-01-16 13:41:20.328Z

                If you're re-flashing your microSD card, the software you use to flash the image usually displays the flashing progress. Once you insert the SD card back into your TinyPilot device and power it on, there aren't any lights showing the boot progress, so we recommend that you wait a few minutes for the initial boot to complete. It is possible to view some system output by connecting a display using a micro HDMI cable to your TinyPilot (although this requires opening your TinyPilot's case, so we don't recommend this unless you really need to).

                If you're updating via your TinyPilot's web interface, you can see the update's progress in the UI. The UI will also show you when the update is complete.

                I hope that helps!

                1. T@tinyuser2022
                    2024-01-16 14:09:44.246Z

                    Thank you