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Remotely Turn on the device?

By a7673 @a7673
    2024-01-14 22:15:15.185Zassigned to
    • @cghague

    I just got my device. I tried shutting down my TP via GUI remotely. Is there a way to turn on the TP device back remotely? All cables(ethernet, HDMI, Power, USB C to USB A) are intact to TP.

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      Hi a7673, thanks for your question about remotely turning on a TinyPilot device.

      Unfortunately, it isn't possible to directly turn a powered-off TinyPilot device back on remotely as it won't have any network connectivity when shut down. You would need to disconnect and reconnect the power supply.

      I appreciate this is a hassle, so one option that might work if you power your TinyPilot device using PoE would be to remotely access the PoE switch's management interface and cycle the power to the relevant switch port.

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        In reply toa7673:
        a7673 @a7673
          2024-01-15 06:02:44.397Z

          Thank you for your response. @cghague I bought a PoE device, and connected my ethernet cable from the router end to TP. Are you saying I should be able to power off and power on remotely? Is there an article where I can refer to for detailed steps kindly?
          Also, a separate issue:

          • I did not see my TP turn on just with the ethernet cable, I had to also connect the USB C power adapter that came with it, and then the TP turned on.
          1. Thanks for getting back to me! It sounds like you might not have a PoE-enabled network switch, so your TinyPilot device is drawing power over USB-C instead.

            As only some network switches support PoE, you'd need to check the specifications of the network switch you are using to determine if it does support PoE. It's also worth noting that some PoE network switches only provide power on certain ports.

            If your network switch does support PoE, then the user manual should explain how to toggle the power supply to a port, assuming that feature is supported.

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