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Enable HTTPS
Hi, I bought the hobbies kit and I was able to assemble it together and start testing it. Is there any documentation on how to enable https?
    Technical SupportNN22021-07-27 22:55:09.480Z
    USB Mag Card Reader
    I have a device that requires the use of a USB Card reader to access the application. Can Tiny Pilot pass the card swipe remotely to the device? Example is if I have the USB card reader installed on the remote PC with the tiny pilot browser open. Can...
      GeneralBB22021-07-27 22:43:01.016Z
      Forward kb & mouse input from remote desktop?
      If I remotely connect to a Windows PC using M$ Remote Desktop, then access TinyPilots web-controls on that client PC to control a different PC, then will the KB+mouse movements be forwarded to the different PC the same as if I was physically providin...
        Technical SupportMM22021-07-26 19:30:22.350Z
        Shipping to Europe
        Hi. I live in Europe (Sweden). My understanding is that you ship TinyPilot from the United States. Does the calculated price with shipping include the import taxes + VAT of the destination country?
          GeneralLL22021-07-26 18:48:33.850Z
          Possible bug? Upload ISO from local PC method.
          It seems to be some issue with the upload of ISO from the local PC to TinyPilot, which sometime it works, and sometime it doesn't. Tried to use different browser (switching between Chrome, Firefox and Edge), clearing the session, reboot and retry, ch...
            Technical SupportN52021-07-23 20:40:43.938Z
            Upgrade Issue
            Michael, Tried to update to the latest version from July 2021 got an error on the Web UI so went to command line and tried /opt/tinypilot/scripts/upgrade IT failed as well become: true become_method: sudo roles: - role: tinypilot.tinypilot-pro' ansib...
              GeneralG22021-07-21 19:10:41.983Z
              boot from remote without pro
              This device looks very promising! Congratulations. I have a couple of questions before buying it: Once the pro license expires. Is it possible to boot the target computer with something in the remote computer? Can I still use the images I had uploade...
                Technical SupportO12021-07-21 18:49:11.803Z
                I'm in Spain, I see you do international shipping with fedex, so I understand I will be able to by your product and get it, but Is it possible to get an invoice with my data (company name, adress ...) thank you
                  GeneralON22021-07-21 18:46:08.352Z
                  Blank screen logging into BIOS.
                  I hooked up my Hobbyist kit to my Intel NUC NUC8BEH and when I try to enter the UEFI / BIOS, I get a blank screen. Per this website, looks like there may be a resolution issue, Intel Help Page @
                    Technical SupportCN62021-07-21 16:43:03.261Z
                    Alternative to tinypower connector
                    Michael, I have one of the below. Can this be used instead of the tinypower connector?
                      GeneralG12021-07-14 17:51:22.229Z
                      Explain icons...
                      Mount virtual media RW?
                      I know it is not possible from web interface, but is there a file to manually edit to change a virtual disk image to RW when mounted? Would be a nice option in the web interface at some point as well.
                        GeneralS12021-07-14 17:49:25.552Z
                        Mouse movement erratic - keyboard has no response
                        The mouse is moving all over the screen on its own, and is very, very lagged (unusable). This is a camera NVR system that the TinyPilot is connected to. The log is here:
                          GeneralA92021-07-14 17:34:34.203Z
                          Is there a way to use the USB-A ports to send keyboard+mouse inputs to the target computer?
                          I've set up TinyPilot on a Raspberry Pi 4, video capture is working fine but I don't have the USB-C splitter mentioned on the wiki and git, mostly because I live in Europe and getting it shipped would probably take a while. I do have a USB-A male-to-...
                            GeneralBB52021-07-13 18:39:04.445Z
                            TinyPilot Hobbyist Kit minus Pi4 and case
                            Is there a TinyPilot Hobbyist Kit that does not contain the Pi4 and case. I already have my own Pi 4 and only need the remaining items. Thank you
                              GeneralP12021-07-02 22:34:51.107Z
                              Csi to hdmi
                              Will it work id is use csi to hdmi to connect the display
                                GeneralSSP212021-07-01 22:06:02.881Z
                                I planning to get one.
                                Hello everyone, I would like to buy a tiny pilot voyager to test how well it works, but I have a few questions: Is the TinyP Pro version a different device or you get the voyager and the extra (pro version) features go on top of it? With the pro vers...
                                  GeneralG232021-06-29 21:04:13.555Z
                                  Tinypilot KVM - delay introduced on heavier applications
                                  So during the start of the session KVM is fast and all with almost all applications but when we start accesing heavier applications like Visual Studio with a big project loaded onto it, the original laptop switches to and from the Visual studio windo...
                                    Technical SupportT12021-06-28 19:25:03.620Z
                                    Changing TinyPilot to Generic USB Keyboard only
                                    Hi, so my issue is as follows. My laptop is using full disk encryption, when it boots it goes to a pre-Windows login screen to decrypt the drive. At this point of the boot routine, neither the mouse or keyboard work. A normal USB keyboard plugged int...
                                      Technical SupportX12021-06-28 18:49:39.880Z
                                      I cant into BIOS
                                      After reboot see the screen, i press virtual keyboard [del] many time, I cant into BIOS to change boot order. my verison is tinypilot pro 1.5.1 , thanks for answer. link is my video
                                        Technical SupportGG42021-06-25 03:46:18.209Z
                                        blurred image why ?
                                        bought a tinypilot, attached to my ubuntu server, set 1920x1080, load it on a display much bigger ( via firefox ) but the video stream is blurred that i cannot use it. Any idea why ?
                                          GeneralTG52021-06-23 20:08:08.657Z
                                          Video display problem (addendum to setting static IP address thread)
                                          Hey Michael, I'm not sure if you get a notice that an old thread has been updated, but I had a problem, that I updated this thread with: Setting static IP address
                                            GeneralL02021-06-23 13:10:32.492Z
                                            Pre-boot display output on laptops, how to trigger
                                            Most laptops don't automatically use the TinyPilot as an external mirrored display during startup. It has to be triggered manually via keyboard command or some other function. On our laptops, they key command is 'Fn'+F8. I could not find a way to tri...
                                              Technical SupportHH42021-06-21 21:05:23.333Z
                                              TRYING TO UNDERSTAND THE WHOLE THING
                                              Dear computer mind people: I am not sure this is what I need and want to ask all before to attempt of acquiring and test one system. I need to drive machines around the country and be able to see their monitors and to use my keyboard and mouse to mak...
                                                GeneralFJ22021-06-20 20:21:08.987Z
                                                Virtual Media / ISO support
                                                Hey guys, Does TinyPilot support Virtual Media / ISO (media located in my Ubuntu desktop) for remote OS installation? EDITED: Maybe it's coming soon? - and not supported today? Thanks!
                                                  GeneralTA2H42021-06-18 18:45:19.272Z
                                                  Change video input issue
                                                  I recently have been having video reliability issues using the USB HDMI device from the hobby kit, so I decided to buy the Toshiba T358743 HDMI capture chip used from the voyager. How to I get the pi to use this new device as even when it is plugged ...
                                                    GeneralP12021-06-17 00:31:06.340Z
                                                    TinyPilot 1.5.1 Released
                                                    The latest release of TinyPilot came out this week. It's a minor release with stability improvements and enhancements to existing features. For full details, see the blog post below: What's New in TinyPilot 1.5.1 If you have questions, feedback, or r...
                                                      General02021-06-15 13:17:10.848Z
                                                      TinyPilot Voayger current version?
                                                      It seems that TinyPilot Voyager we received had version 2.2.2-beta1 Update installed a downgrade? to 2.2.1. Which version is recommended?
                                                        GeneralC32021-06-11 16:05:47.231Z
                                                        How to disable Virtual Media in TinyPilot Pro?
                                                        Hi! Been using the community edition for a while now and decided to take the plunge to the Pro version for some added security for upcoming travel. The device I am using this on has some strict limitations on USB drives in terms of "Don't ever plug o...
                                                          GeneralB42021-06-09 20:57:18.068Z
                                                          Tinypilot not responding
                                                          Michael, Few times in the past week. Tinypilot stopped responding. I couldnt login through ssh either. I have done hard reboot with the power down and up on it. Here is the log link. Can you please let me know the possible reasons for this hiccup. An...
                                                            GeneralG12021-06-08 19:05:13.728Z
                                                            Having problems with KVM Switch and TinyPilot
                                                            Hi. I am trying to get the Voyager to work with a KVM Switch. I have 5 Dell PowerEdge servers I am trying to use the Voyager with. I originally tried with the IOGear 1808. I saw this thread Keyboard + Mouse do not work and was hoping I could get the ...
                                                              GeneralJ2J282021-06-07 12:24:36.378Z
                                                              How does the target laptop identify the TinyPilot(connected to Host laptop))
                                                              How does the target laptop identify the TinyPilot(connected to Host laptop) as ? Does it identify tiny pilot as a normal KVM? or as a device trying to access its data Are any (abnormal device connected ) logs(event log) created on connecting through ...
                                                                GeneralTRBT92021-06-04 16:40:03.175Z
                                                                Power Connector
                                                                Hello, i have bought the power connector just to find out now that it requires USB A and micro usb connectors. I wish it was USB-C as micro usb is decades old now. :( My question is, what cables would you recommend as it is hard to find good cables t...
                                                                  GeneralK32021-06-04 13:47:53.508Z
                                                                  How do i setup teamviewer on the Raspberry pi
                                                                  I am exposing my laptop 1 connected to tinypilot-voyager(Did i mention it is wonderful?), through laptop2 accessing the tinepilot through browser. Effectively to expose one laptop to outer world - i am using 2 laptops + 1 raspberry pi 1 -Solved) How ...
                                                                    Technical SupportT22021-06-02 19:48:32.394Z
                                                                    No Mouse/KB
                                                                    Hi - Brilliant device! Unfortunately, I can't seem to get KB/mouse activity. I have the "Hobbyist" kit. I'm using this to connect to a security-camera NVR system (a ReoLink RLN16-410. The video capture is perfect, but no KB/Mouse - any ideas / sugges...
                                                                      Technical SupportG122021-06-01 22:02:58.600Z
                                                                      Issue Trying to Update
                                                                      I tried to update my TinyPilot Pro using... /opt/tinypilot/scripts/upgrade && sudo reboot and I received the following error (additional lines provided for context)... TASK [tinypilot.tinypilot-pro : copy admin scripts] *****************************...
                                                                        Technical SupportP12021-06-01 21:58:39.231Z
                                                                        TinyPilot trying to ssh in password is failing
                                                                        I am trying to ssh into the TinyPilot but the password is failing. Is this still the password? flyingsopi
                                                                          Technical SupportSP212021-06-01 06:40:49.855Z
                                                                          No web interface on first boot
                                                                          Just got the TinyPilot Voyager, and on first boot, there's no web interface. I can SSH in, but nothing is listening on any external IP, except the SSH daemon. I can see that cycle-tls-keys.service failed: ● cycle-tls-keys.service - Cycle TLS keys Loa...
                                                                            GeneralJ32021-05-28 14:06:34.915Z
                                                                            Pre-buy doubts, non admin laptop
                                                                            Hello, I work from home and have a company laptop that I feel umconfortable with bringing with me around. While searching for solutions, I think that TinyPilot with the pro software and might be exactly what I'm looking for. I have a pair o...
                                                                              GeneralJJ22021-05-26 11:51:07.865Z
                                                                              How to know IP address (without looking into router)
                                                                              Looking into router is one way (But unfortunately, my landlord has the router credentials to look into the router) Is there anyway I can identify the IP that I would be hitting in the browser of my target laptop to access host laptop(the laptop conne...
                                                                                GeneralTT22021-05-25 04:13:56.578Z
                                                                                Send joystick input remotely to tinypilot?
                                                                                I will be using the tinypilot to remotely connect to an inspection machine which uses a joystick as input (via a DB9 connector). Is there any way to send joystick input from the remote PC (the one working through a web browser) to the host PC (the on...
                                                                                  GeneralP12021-05-24 19:58:52.571Z