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Can't connect with 2 TinyPilots
HI, Already i connect one Tiny Pilot with one target machine1. I try to connect new Tiny Pilot for new target machine 2. But in my 2nd computer showing only 1st target,not showing 2 nd target also giving error 404
    Technical SupportJ32022-10-27 11:25:52.927Z
    Can I access the KVM from a different network?
    Sorry for the noob question. I'm considering getting the Tinypilot Voyager 2. What I'm trying to do is be able to access a friends PC via KVM from a different country, so over the internet. Obviously if the whole thing only works within a LAN that's ...
      GeneralKCF102022-10-26 22:23:41.066Z
      Can't update to 2.5.0
      Here is the error message: 'The update failed: Command '['sudo', '/opt/tinypilot-privileged/update']' returned non-zero exit status 2.'
        Technical SupportM72022-10-26 17:54:59.034Z
        No video output before Windows boot
        We have purchased a TinyPilot Voyager 2 with the intention of connecting/controlling Dell Latitude laptops at a remote site. We have tested the setup we were planning locally, and we have found that when the laptop reboots, the TinyPilot web portal d...
          Technical SupportTC12022-10-25 22:20:37.188Z
          Mouse movement in Windows 98 SE at one-half of actual movement
          Mouse position is correct at the top-left corner of the virtual desktop. As I move the mouse to the bottom-right, the cursor on the host machine moves half the distance. By the time I have reached the bottom-right corner, the host cursor is thusly in...
            Technical SupportAJX112022-10-24 23:42:44.314Z
            502 Bad Gateway nginx/1.14.2
            Just got a new Voyager 2 new out of the box. When attempting to browse I get: 502 Bad Gateway nginx/1.14.2 What do I do here?
              Technical SupportJ2SD222022-10-24 11:23:26.396Z
              Update failed 2.4.1 -> 2.5.0
              First off love the software veryyyy convenient!! Previous web-gui updates have worked without issue, until now. The logs show "ERROR Update process timed out" --- After multiple reboots, I am at a loss. Is there a bash script to run the update throug...
                Technical SupportC52022-10-21 11:43:14.768Z
                Browser hot-keys
                I saw that chrome app enable cmd-t and cmd-w to work properly according to this: When I open a browser on the target device and press cmd-t, it correctly opens a new tab in the target device. However, a c...
                  Technical SupportJC12022-10-20 19:46:11.660Z
                  Use TinyPilot to remote my PC instead of software remote software while I'm away from the office
                  Can this be done? my thinking is I would need 3 things The TinyPilot an HDMI Splitter so I could see my screen while I'm in the office and the TinyPilot has the HDM as well to access while I'm away Possibly an LTE router for internet access to the Ti...
                    Technical SupportZ12022-10-20 15:28:05.136Z
                    New TinyPilot Voyager 2 Video distorted
                    Using the VGA to HDMI adapter, I'm getting terrible picture on a Dell PowerEdge R240 server (we have 4 of these servers and they all do the same thing). The screenshot below is of the Ubuntu Server install screen using the ISO image uploaded to the T...
                      Technical SupportTKA172022-10-20 15:16:57.966Z
                      Explain icons...
                      Technical SupportR52022-10-20 11:16:12.491Z
                      how to connect office laptop to personal laptop?
                      Hi, I need hardware setup for office laptop with my personal laptop.
                        Technical SupportJCCJ22022-10-19 18:29:50.851Z
                        how to connect 2 server
                        Hi, In my home network, how to connect 2 target machines? need a 2 tiny piolet? then,how can i identify target 1 to one laptop and target 2 in another laptop? I have only one internet connection in my home.
                          Technical SupportJCC22022-10-19 16:12:30.797Z
                          Audio device Toshiba-H2C
                          I connected TinyPilot to Windows and Mac, and I see Toshiba-H2C audio device on both laptops. Is it a way to disable the audio device so it is not recognized by laptops since TinyPilot doesn't support audio anyways. Or rename the audio device from To...
                            Technical SupportVT32022-10-19 12:01:29.450Z
                            Can sound be included over HDMI?
                            I just received my TinyPilot today, and it works great! I am connecting to a MacBook Pro 13” M1, and everything works as expected. I had just one question. Is it possible to include sound over the HDMI link? Certainly sound can be transmitted via HDM...
                              IdeasLT32022-10-19 11:49:35.561Z
                              502 Bad Gateway after reboot
                              Issued a reboot to the system and after reboot, trying to connect to the web service results in a 502 bad gateway. ===================================================== Checking logs, see the following being repeated over and over. Oct 17 08:31:23 02...
                                Technical SupportC102022-10-18 22:08:50.226Z
                                Can TinyPilot work with phones and VPN?
                                Hi, I'm looking at the Voyager 2 and I want to know if it will work on a phone (Samsung model) and using tailscale to remote into it from another location? I'm not familiar with tech stuffs, but I tried to use RDP to remote into the phone and was blo...
                                  Technical SupportZ12022-10-17 11:26:48.507Z
                                  Default to fullscreen at connect or remove virtual keyboard
                                  Hello, We are using 3 of these units to allow access to operators from various setup benches around the shop and would be great if we could default to fullscreen at connect time? also would a good way to make them view only be to just remove the USB ...
                                    Technical SupportJC12022-10-14 15:07:12.212Z
                                    Failed to Complete Update 2.4.1 to 2.5.0
                                    Hi, trying to update from 2.4.1 to 2.5.0 I'm getting The update failed: Command '['sudo', '/opt/tinypilot-privileged/update']' returned non-zero exit status 1. Here's my log: Thanks.
                                      Technical SupportNC32022-10-12 21:02:34.196Z
                                      unable to change my TinyPilot voyager2 use at static IP
                                      Hi There I have followed your guide regarding change my unit from the default DHCP til static IP: But i keen getting an error every time. Here i my first try: pilot@tinypilot:~ $ export TINYPILOT_STATIC_IP="10.1...
                                        Technical SupportHC12022-10-12 14:26:55.579Z
                                        can't wake computer using mouse/keyboard
                                        after some time of not using the computer connected to tinypilot, it seems it went to sleep. normally its possible to wake the computer by pressing a key on the keyboard or on the mouse, however with tinypilot this seems not possible? please advice o...
                                          Technical SupportDA32022-10-11 20:22:23.520Z
                                          Can I access KVM from internet with VPN
                                          If I have a laptop in US on my VPN and another laptop in Europe on the same VPN , are they both considered to be on the local network and I can just access the US laptop in Europe using the tinypilot url? Or do I need to still use cloud solutions, re...
                                            Technical SupportN12022-10-11 09:16:00.652Z
                                            No Video (Multiple Computers)
                                            I am having an issue with no video with a brand new TinyPilot Voyager 2. Tried with both HDMI direct and HDMI to VGA adapter. (Tried this on 2 different laptops, same cables work fine with mutliple test monitors. Logs below: uStreamer logs Oct 06 22:...
                                              Technical SupportM32022-10-10 18:13:14.414Z
                                              Keyboard Not Working
                                              Hello, I am attempting to use tinypilot through an azure virtual desktop (AVD) connection, but the keyboard is not passing through to the tinypilot browser page. In my AVD setup the virtual machine that is serving the bowser that I am using, is conne...
                                                Technical SupportG52022-10-10 11:12:20.551Z
                                                Upgrade failed
                                                I tried to upgrade through the web GUI and can no longer access the tiny pilot from my browser. I am able to ssh in and rebooted the system from there, but it still doesn't work. The last message in the browser from the upgrade attempt was "Failed to...
                                                  Technical SupportSS72022-10-07 20:36:54.179Z
                                                  Does not work consistently from Intel NUC, works from macbook M1
                                                  Team, I have a tiny pilot that is a KVM for a locked down laptop. When i web into it, it works perfect from my macbook pro M1 Firefox, but does not work consistently from my windows 10 Intel NUC Firefox/Chrome/Edge. Nothing changed and this used to w...
                                                    Technical SupportJ52022-10-07 17:38:43.530Z
                                                    Sending CTRL Sequence via on-screen keyboard
                                                    Dear Tinypilot, Thank you for a wonderful product. My problem involves using the TinyPilot and two identical IOGEAR 4-port KVMs, at the same time. Short version: I am having difficulty sending the sequence "CTRL","CTRL","2","ENTER" via TinyPilot on-s...
                                                      Technical SupportE112022-10-07 16:58:48.878Z
                                                      Can I use Multi TinyPilot to control Multi Laptop on the same lan ?
                                                      Can I use Multi TinyPilot to control Multi Laptop on the same lan ?
                                                        Technical SupportSLB72022-10-07 11:50:03.130Z
                                                        How many Device/ Workstation Connected or login with Voyager 2
                                                        How many Device/ Workstations Connected or login with Voyager 2
                                                          Technical SupportB12022-10-06 11:11:41.826Z
                                                          How to access KVM from different country
                                                          i have one KVM i need to access KVM from a different country
                                                            Technical SupportB12022-10-06 10:49:22.721Z
                                                            PC Off, Not working or Cables Unplugged
                                                            Is it possible to tell from the logs if the remote PC is off, not working, or if the cables are not plugged in? Scenario: We have a server that we are trying to upgrade the RAM in and using remote handles that aren't technical and we only have them f...
                                                              Technical SupportT212022-10-05 10:29:09.211Z
                                                              Failed to Complete Update
                                                              Coming from 2.4.1 Recent fresh install. Pro version. Voyager 2 The update failed: Command '['sudo', '/opt/tinypilot-privileged/update']' returned non-zero exit status 2.
                                                                Technical SupportN32022-10-04 19:08:32.620Z
                                                                New install of TinyPilot - USB failing
                                                                Hello, I have searched around the forums but haven't encountered this issue. I bought the items from the do-it-yourself page (including the USB data/power splitter) as I already had a Pi model 4 b lying around. Once I had all the items I formatted th...
                                                                  Technical SupportAA32022-10-03 23:41:01.598Z
                                                                  Device is not turning on
                                                                  My new tinypilot is not powering on . Please help .
                                                                    Technical SupportM252022-10-03 18:36:42.854Z
                                                                    Display not clear enough to be readable.
                                                                    hi first of all I want to thank you for such a wonderful project and product. I will come straight to the point. I have setup a POC of the tinypilot and using h264 configuration connecting it to my HP laptop. Display is not very clear/blurry on tinyp...
                                                                      Technical SupportAKA42022-10-01 03:25:21.079Z
                                                                      "No Signal" when connected to Xbox Series X
                                                                      No video is appearing when I hook a voyager 2 up to an Xbox Series X. I'm able to connect the voyager 2 to a PC without a problem and the Xbox works when connected to a TV. Is this an HDCP issue?
                                                                        Technical SupportA72022-09-30 11:11:07.061Z
                                                                        Access Tiny Pilot set static IP
                                                                        How can I set Static IP on TP
                                                                          Technical SupportR12022-09-27 16:40:55.023Z
                                                                          No LAN Connection on New Device
                                                                          Hi, Just received a TinyPliot KVM, plugged in, the device received an IP from DHCP but will not respond to anything. Tried the following: -Rebooted -checked cable -SSH'ed -All URLS no work -ping local IP no response I am no the same subnet so there i...
                                                                            Technical SupportMM22022-09-26 19:35:16.968Z
                                                                            Installing H264 issues
                                                                            Hello When I try to install the H264 video, I do get an error. Please see the error below TASK [ansible-role-janus-gateway : Clone janus-gateway] **************************************************************** fatal: [localhost]: FAILED! => {"change...
                                                                              Technical SupportJ2112022-09-26 14:30:03.758Z
                                                                              TinyPilot 2 w/ unusable, 60sec+ per mousemove / keystrokes
                                                                              I've installed a new TinyPilot Voyager 2 over wifi (not ideal, I know, but it worked well enough testing locally and there was no hardwire near the computer needing the KVM). It worked locally, and initial testing (at home) worked slower but acceptab...
                                                                                Technical SupportD22022-09-26 12:55:03.839Z