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    GeneralK22021-03-11 19:48:27.827Z
    HDMI not detected at BIOS level or in OS
    I have created a video to make things more clear. I get no video detection via HDMI using Voyager. Works fine on next computer. 2nd monitor not seen in device manager (Windows). Computer displays fine to 'real' monitor though. Any ideas? View on YouTube
      General12021-10-25 20:01:11.202Z
      4G/Remote viewing
      A bit in the realm of niche ideas but... I'm currently in a role where we frequently end up in a situation where the "hands" we have onsite aren't IT minded. If we could ship them a TinyPilot with a builtin 4G connection and some sort of remote conne...
        IdeasRC32021-10-25 19:52:51.820Z
        No Signal since update to 2.5.5
        I have set my unit up with a KVM physical switch like the youtube video by DB Tech. It was working as expected. I just did the update to 2.5.5 and now I'm getting no signal from either video source (input 1 or 2 on the KVM) I have physically cold boo...
          Technical SupportG112021-10-25 13:10:50.992Z
          TinyPilot Voyager and KVM
          I read on reddit and on this page ( that the AIMOS 4 port HDMI KVM would work with the TinyPilot. I purchased the one from Amazon using the wiki link (
            GeneralCGE132021-10-21 13:01:15.513Z
            TinyPilot Voyager, VGA Adapter and snow/no-signal
            Hi Folks, Just received my TinyPilot Voyager and have been trying to set it up using the VGA adapter which I purchased with it. I'm having problem getting video signal to come in, the only clean view I've seen is the Windows loading screen. Thought I...
              GeneralP72021-10-20 22:34:33.204Z
              TinyPilot network doesn't seem to want to initialize
              Just got my TinyPilot and connected it up to a server to try to test it out, but the network on the TinyPilot never seems to get going. I tested the port with a laptop and was able to get DHCP and everything just fine. When I plug the network back in...
                GeneralD52021-10-20 22:17:39.552Z
                Firewall ? Does it have one and if so - what
                Hello, Does TinyPilot come with an active firewall. I want to setup access from the Internet via a port forward but need to make sure it's not getting blocked internally. What sayeth the group? Jay / CompuMatter
                  Technical Support22021-10-20 20:25:43.220Z
                  Voyager Display Audio/3.5mm port
                  I know that TinyPilot does not stream audio to the browser. However I noticed it creates a display audio output (presumably the HDMI port?) and there is also a 3.5mm jack on the device. Do these do anything at this time? It would be perfect if I coul...
                    GeneralA22021-10-19 16:16:02.760Z
                    Storage is full
                    Is there reason why the storage would keep getting full? This is the second time the space is full on this device. Last time it happened, I had to reinstall the tinypilot in order for it to work.
                      GeneralN32021-10-19 15:51:26.648Z
                      Explain icons...
                      Windows.iso boot problem
                      Hello, Is there any way how to boot Windows.iso? Linux works, but Windows doesn't. Mount mode is flash drive. CD-ROM mode not working either.
                        GeneralK12021-10-15 21:09:01.066Z
                        TinyPilot Cloud Feedback
                        We're currently designing TinyPilot Cloud, a service that gives you secure, remote access to your TinyPilot device from anywhere in the world. We'd love to hear your feedback! What features do you want to see in TinyPilot Cloud? What questions do you...
                          GeneralM22021-10-13 19:11:33.884Z
                          Connector Types Used on the TinyPilot Power Connector?
                          I’m planning on buying and using the TinyPilot Power Connector with an Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter (which supports 5V ⎓ 3A output as required by the Raspberry Pi 4B). Looking at the product page for the TinyPilot Power Connector, it seems to have: ...
                            Technical SupportT12021-10-12 22:04:42.898Z
                            32 servers and 1 TinyPilot
                            Hello, Can 32 servers be connected to 1 TinyPilot? For example via 4
                              GeneralAD52021-10-12 21:06:47.420Z
                              The target computer does not have a usb port
                              The target computer does not have a usb port , There is no way to use Tinypilot Is there any solution?
                                GeneralJD42021-10-12 21:04:29.755Z
                                Mouse movement? Simultaneous keys?
                                Can mouse / cursor position input be mirrored to the target computer through the Tinypilot? Also can simultaneous key combos e.g. shift + something be sent easily? Also wondering what the device & drivers are displayed as on the target computer. I ha...
                                  GeneralRBD32021-10-12 15:34:27.440Z
                                  TinyPilot to control an Hikvision NVR
                                  Hello, I am considering buying TinyPilot to control an NVR that will be too difficult to reach for a lazy guy like me, and the pros of potentially being able to control it from any browser around the house (and beyond) makes me drool. TinyPilot is go...
                                    GeneralLD22021-10-12 14:55:55.341Z
                                    High latency
                                    Hi, new TinyPilot user here. I am seeing a rather high latency (5 - 30+ seconds between pressing key and it registering on screen) even when average latency is 10ms with 0% packet loss. I am connected through a gigabit ethernet switch. I see a lot of...
                                      Technical SupportR32021-10-07 20:29:12.907Z
                                      Audio streaming
                                      Hello, I installed the tinypilot and so far it's been great. I use it to remote control a work laptop at the office from home. I was wondering if there is a way to stream the audio/microphone so that I would be able to also take calls from the work l...
                                        GeneralFTD2R82021-10-05 19:55:38.820Z
                                        Hobbyist: no signal after aborted TC358743 experiment
                                        After setting up the hobbyist kit version of your device, I learned that TC358743 based capture cards reduce the blur of usb based ones. I thought I might order a compatible card and saw the instructions on enabling support. I though I might as well ...
                                          Technical SupportS22021-10-04 19:44:33.827Z
                                          Do I need a Voyager for each server I want to control?
                                          The product looks good, but I'm not clear how it should be installed. Can I use one Voyager to control many servers, or do I need one voyager on each server I wish to control, and use a browser to access each server?
                                            GeneralF12021-09-27 20:06:18.072Z
                                            Right Alt not working in tinypilot's web interface
                                            I’m using your Tinypilot software and I came across one issue. I connect to the remote laptop using tinypilot's web interface. USB on the go forwards keystrokes to the laptop and almost everything works fine. I can use shift and control keys (except ...
                                              GeneralP212021-09-23 22:15:02.435Z
                                              ATX reset for Surface Pro?
                                              Hi - KVM novice here. Watched Jeff Geerling's video on TinyPilot, and wondering if a remote hard-reset would be possible for a Surface Pro tablet (either stand-alone, or with a docking station setup). Thanks!
                                                GeneralDD22021-09-22 23:02:57.809Z
                                                Virtual Media not working
                                                #1 issue Size Cap? I read there is a TinyPilot Virtual Media size cap Each .ISO (or .IMG) can be no larger than 2.1 GB. Is there a cap? If yes, what is it? #2 Media mounted in running OS does not work HirenBootCD and any other disk I try simply does ...
                                                  Technical SupportD12021-09-22 22:23:06.118Z
                                                  BIOS not viewable
                                                  I have TP Pro. I have tried unit on 2 laptops and a desktop. Cannot see BIOS (during reboot). Post BIOS, I can seen normal Windows bootup.
                                                    Technical SupportD12021-09-22 22:18:13.418Z
                                                    Fix for TinyPilot update failure
                                                    In case this helps others. I tried to update TinyPilot software via Web UI and it failed. I logged in via SSH and ran /opt/tinypilot/scripts/upgrade. Output said file not valid yet and updates for this repository will not be applied. Google said to c...
                                                      GeneralC12021-09-22 19:39:09.588Z
                                                      TinyPilot Pro 2.3.0 released
                                                      This week, we published the September 2021 release of TinyPilot Pro. It adds several features including: Wake on LAN Streaming update logs Keyboard shortcuts for Ctrl + Alt + Del CD-ROM mode for virtual media For full details, see the announcement bl...
                                                        General02021-09-22 19:11:09.526Z
                                                        Way to split Keyboard and Mouse to 2 USB ports to connect to KVM
                                                        My KVM Switch usb ports only has separate ports for Keyboard and Mouse. Is there anyway to split or repeat the USB from the Pi so I can plug into Keyboard and Mouse? Just to note my Pi works in either Keyboard or Mouse plug it only controls either th...
                                                          GeneralK212021-09-10 21:30:53.344Z
                                                          Reduce CSI to HDMI resolution to 800x600
                                                          How to reduce resolution to 800x600? I am using Tinypilot pro version. If possible pls share how to do that in Tinypilot community version also. Thanks
                                                            Technical SupportP12021-09-09 18:20:58.096Z
                                                            remote-screen-img size
                                                            I've managed to increase the ustreamer capture resolution to 4096x2160 using another usb capture card and editing ustreamer.service, but the image size on the webpage is still displaying at 1920x1080. Is it possible to increase the image size on the ...
                                                              Technical SupportP52021-09-07 18:55:38.339Z
                                                              keyboard and Mouse not working with Macbook pro USB-c
                                                              I purchased tinypilot Voyager, I can see the screen using KVM but Keyboard and mouse not working Thanks Gurjinder Singh
                                                                GeneralGCA262021-09-06 20:40:32.522Z
                                                                TinyPilot using remote desktop and ipad with magic keyboard
                                                                Hi, I am using this awesome tool and I am loving it. when I want to access tiny pilot from outside my home network and I use my iPad browser (chrome, firefox or Safari) I experiance unbearable slowness, so I decided to connect to a virtual machine in...
                                                                  GeneralBB62021-09-03 21:58:58.797Z
                                                                  Tinypilot Pro update fails
                                                                  Tried to update using web gui and via SSH error via SSH: E: Repository ' buster InRelease' changed its 'Suite' value from 'stable' to 'oldstable' N: This must be accepted explicitly before updates for this repo...
                                                                    GeneralKK2F272021-09-03 21:47:43.316Z
                                                                    Mouse HID gets interpreted as touch on Chromebook
                                                                    I'm controlling a Chromebook remotely from a Windows 10 computer through Chrome (holy inception, Batman!). The Chromebook seems to interpret the TinyPilot HID device (/dev/hidg1) as touch input. When I wave my mouse around on the Windows 10 computer,...
                                                                      Technical SupportVV52021-09-02 08:00:22.148Z
                                                                      Higher resolution
                                                                      The TinyPilot Voyager looks really tempting, but I would like a higher resolution, maybe even DisplayPort input instead of HDMI. Is there any chance of you doing something like that?
                                                                        GeneralUW22021-09-01 19:23:17.637Z
                                                                        New TinyPilot Pro - NO SIGNAL error
                                                                        I have just received the TinyPilot Pro and connected it to my SuperMicro server. However, video doesn't seem to work - it always shows NO SIGNAL. Connecting the TinyPilot Pro to my computer works. Connecting a monitor to the SuperMicro works.
                                                                          GeneralU12021-08-31 18:54:45.302Z
                                                                          Renaming the device, Device shows under Mass storage device -
                                                                          How to rename the device ? Currently it shows as tinypilot USB device It currently shows under mass storage devices under Device Manager Is it possible to have it show up as something more generic?
                                                                            GeneralT42021-08-31 18:50:12.455Z
                                                                            Trouble installing TIny Pilot
                                                                            I have a raspberry pi 4 with raspbian 10 installed. I tried downloading and installing tiny pilot on it from the instructions here: It appears to download and...
                                                                              Technical SupportP2P262021-08-30 00:10:15.371Z
                                                                              Issue with Tinypilot and AIMOS KVM - unable to activate hotkeys
                                                                              Hi, Just received my device and hooked it up to the AIMOS 4 port KVM I bought in anticipation of using it with the Tinypilot. So I've hooked it up, and added a powered HDMI splitter. I've booted and it's all looking good - but a couple of issues pres...
                                                                                Technical SupportJ282021-08-27 20:17:52.614Z
                                                                                TinyPilot on normal computer hardware, Keyboard issues
                                                                                Hello I couldn't afford the TinyPilot gear but I did buy the HDMI USB capture card I've got TinyPilot software installed and I can see the KVM with target screen fine, that part works ok I couldn't get the keyboard working properly and I did some inv...
                                                                                  GeneralJ32021-08-26 16:58:08.153Z
                                                                                  HTTPS Error
                                                                                  This is the error i get for https on my TinyPilot. Is there anyway to make this go away?
                                                                                    Technical SupportN12021-08-24 21:17:00.002Z