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What Would Happen if power was plugged into the Data Port on the Device.
Thanks in Advance. We are planning on deploying The Tiny Pilot to several clients who may not be tech savvy. If they were to mistakenly plug the power into the data port of the device, would this ruin the device, or does the device have protection to...
    GeneralEF32022-06-13 19:25:25.146Z
    No Video out I've tried different USB to HDMI adapters as well as reducing the resolution on the desktop. I don't get Video Out. :/
      Technical SupportB32022-06-09 19:26:46.678Z
      How would the dns name tinypilot be resolved?
      I am just curious how that would work, given the instructions say: With your TinyPilot booted, you can now access the TinyPilot web interface from any device on your local network by visiting one of the following URLs: https://tinypilot/ https://tin...
        Technical SupportL12022-06-08 19:32:12.730Z
        Lag after some use
        Hi, for some reason my tinypilot ( latest version POE ) becomes very laggy after being in use for around 1h. In order to fix it I need to turn it off( removing AC and Network cable [I have both connected]. Initially I only had it connected to the POE...
          Technical SupportS42022-06-08 19:05:29.415Z
          Wake on Lan not working; can't wake target computer when it sleeps or shuts down
          I discovered the Wake on Lan feature after reading this thread: can't wake computer using mouse/keyboard I followed the instructions, but WoL isn't allowing me to wake or turn on my target computer. Also, when I physically push the power button to po...
            Technical SupportS12022-06-02 19:10:04.380Z
            Mouse and keyboard don't work, and No Signal when target computer sleeps
            I'm just setting up my TinyPilot. I can see my target MacBook's screen in the web interface. But I can't control it from the web interface. On my target computer, I made sure mirror mode was turned off, and that the TP was set as the Main Display in ...
              Technical SupportS32022-06-02 18:55:19.802Z
              Samsung Phone
              Good Morning, Just received my TinyPilot and was excited to use it with my phone. I have a samsung S10 and using a USB C to HDMI Multiport Adapter ( Everything i...
                Technical SupportM82022-06-02 17:11:42.883Z
                Error when updating from 2.4.0 to 2.4.1
                In the UI, it shows error: The update failed: Command '['sudo', '/opt/tinypilot-privileged/update']' returned non-zero exit status 128. In SSH, when I run this command, I get this error: pilot@tinypilot:~/ngrok $ sudo /opt/tinypilot-privileged/update...
                  Technical SupportTF72022-06-01 15:37:11.386Z
                  How can I get the MAC address of the TinyPilot?
                  Hello everyone I've just go the voyager 2 device and I'm trying to get to the web interface. IPs in our network are mac-based. devices do not get an IP unless DHCP knows their MAC address. How can I get the MAC address of the tinypilot? Thank you
                    Technical SupportG32022-06-01 14:34:59.023Z
                    Welcome to the TinyPilot Forum
                    This is a place for TinyPilot users to;
                      GeneralK22022-05-31 19:06:11.448Z
                      Explain icons...
                      Can't access TinyPilot web interface during first setup
                      It sounds like this might be the same issue mentioned in this thread, but I'm not sure: can't connect Here's what I've done so far: Plugged ethernet into TP. The ethernet port currently has a flashing green light on the left, and a solid orange light...
                        Technical SupportS72022-05-30 23:45:58.874Z
                        Fan is starting to fail
                        I've had the tiny pilot for several months. This morning I noticed a grinding noise which turned out to be the TinyPilot. Is this covered by warranty? if not, are there specs for the fan that I can order a replacement?
                          Technical SupportSJ32022-05-29 22:58:55.754Z
                          accessing my home desktop at work
                          hello. so i bought this kvm because it looked cool and i need to access my home desktop at work sometimes. but i have a problem, how can i access it at work without setting up a vpn? because my work computer is always on a diffrent vpn(maybe whitelis...
                            Technical SupportTT52022-05-28 03:47:24.544Z
                            Scrambled image on tinypilot voyager v2
                            Hello, I just received a tinypilot voyager v2 and am having difficulties. Followed the instructions, but can't get the video signal to work. See screenshot. I double-checked the cable and confirmed that it works properly using a regular monitor. Woul...
                              Technical SupportC22022-05-27 19:12:57.383Z
                              "Log Out" does nothing on 2.4.1
                              I'm running 2.4.1 (with h.264 enabled) and have noticed since upgrading that selecting "Log Out" from the TinyPilot System Menu, it does nothing (ie doesn't log out). Is this isolated to me or is it happening to others?
                                Technical SupportS222022-05-25 23:11:31.349Z
                                2.4.1 H264
                                Hello there :) I see that experimental support was added for H264 streaming, but I don't see any way to enable it in the GUI. I'm guessing it's done over SSH and if so, how? Thanks!
                                  Technical SupportNLDS132022-05-23 13:16:06.019Z
                                  Problem in videobuf2-core ?
                                  I just made a dmesg to verify my undervoltage problem was gone (it is) and found this in the logs.. no clue what it means / if its a problem: [1399846.223492] ------------[ cut here ]------------ [1399846.223721] WARNING: CPU: 0 PID: 11 at drivers/me...
                                    Technical SupportD212022-05-20 18:23:57.708Z
                                    NO SIGNAL
                                    67 YEAR OLD "NEW GUY"..using all new components on a raspberry pi 4. tried two computers..swapped all compnents except for the short segment from the USBTO THE HDMI CABLE. NEW USB TO HDMI coming tomorrow, I have the dump file and don't know where to ...
                                      Technical SupportS212022-05-19 21:06:02.486Z
                                      azerty keyboard layout
                                      Hello I cannot find any documentation to update the keyboard layout to "azerty". Thank you for your help, Emeric
                                        Technical SupportE52022-05-17 16:03:23.241Z
                                        NGINX Server not starting
                                        Good morning @michael! I’ve had great success and a lot of use out of the Tiny Pilot for a few weeks now. Unfortunately, when I went to log on to my tiny pilot via the web URL (IP address or host name - ssh is fine) I couldn’t connect to the web serv...
                                          Technical SupportL142022-05-16 21:27:06.040Z
                                          Updating TinyPilot behind proxy
                                          Hi, we currently have a couple of TinyPilot Voyagers and are in a company network and sitting behind a proxy. We would like to update via WebGUI but there is no way to set a proxy via webGUI. I have enabled SSH and set the proxy via command for GIT, ...
                                            Technical SupportA42022-05-13 21:04:07.976Z
                                            Reason behind using web interface
                                            Just for knowledge, I am curious to know why tinypilot is using web interface for the remote pc access? If anyone can help me understand this.
                                              GeneralH12022-05-12 16:05:39.221Z
                                              Hard reset of voyager v2
                                              I need to hard reset voyager v2 because i forgot my password. Where can i find the iso for it? the ones available dont seem to work
                                                Technical SupportJ12022-05-10 21:18:36.014Z
                                                hardware endpoint instead of web browser? Protocol for that...
                                                I want to read out keyboard and mouse from a USB port on one raspberry pi and forward this to the TinyPilot switch in the other end. No need for video, audio etc, and also no need for the WEB ui of TinyPilot - just want another hardware end point. Is...
                                                  Technical SupportK12022-05-06 20:23:01.622Z
                                                  Tinypilot Pro keyboard not working in BIOS?
                                                  Hello, I have a Tinypilot Pro version 2.3.2 Everything works perfectly (video streaming and keyboard/mouse emulation) However, the keyboard and mouse does not respond during BIOS or boot menu. I am using a HP Z2 Tower G5 workstation with Intel Xeon P...
                                                    Technical SupportA32022-05-06 17:09:58.526Z
                                                    I've got my Tinypilot Voyager last december via In my logs I now get messages about Under-Voltage. How is this possible? I'm using exactly the components that where shipped.. [ 6.875685] Under-voltage detected! (0x00050005) [ 27.673651...
                                                      Technical SupportD2F82022-05-04 20:48:59.050Z
                                                      Intel NUC Extreme Kit BXNUC9i7QNX - No Signal at BIOS
                                                      Hi, Just received my TinyPilot Voyager 2 today. Hooked it up and Ubuntu when loaded is coming through fine. Awesome! Tried to restart and enter the BIOS (Intel Visual BIOS) and get a no signal - seems hitting F2 has gotten me into the BIOS but nothin...
                                                        Technical SupportS252022-04-29 17:37:26.109Z
                                                        After update to 2.4.0 - no WEB gui
                                                        Hello, we've ordered a TP Voyager 2 in February this year. I've just updated the TP to latest Version 2.4.0. Now i can't access the WEB-Gui anymore. I'm able to ping the device but there is no more Web-Gui. Already tried several reboots without luck....
                                                          Technical SupportH12022-04-26 17:52:28.044Z
                                                          Video Disappears in a blink of an eye
                                                          This is an issue that I've been experiencing for a while, since I started using TinyPilot actually, but I'm finally into wanting to work towards a solution. When I visit my TinyPilot, the video displays for what seems to be one frame and then disappe...
                                                            GeneralC92022-04-25 18:06:06.489Z
                                                            Tinypilot have installed on Ubuntu having issues starting the video?
                                                            Hello I have installed the tinypilot repo on my Ubuntu 20. I am able to access the web browser and see the hostname etc. I am not sure how to check the video and audio data or access the keyboard. Can anyone guide me through how to access the video?
                                                              Technical SupportS252022-04-20 11:15:01.886Z
                                                              TinyPilot Voyager - No Signal - Persistent device timeout (unplugged)
                                                              Hello, I am using the TinyPilot Voyager with the VGA to HDMI adapter provided. Based on the logs it seems that it never detects my device. I've tried two different VGA to HDMI adapters. The server is outputting to a splitter with one side going to a ...
                                                                Technical SupportH52022-04-19 16:37:11.346Z
                                                                Issue with Voyager 2
                                                                I just bought Voyager 2 and it works fine on any other laptop, with any other HDMI cable. But on this particular Lenovo laptop T495, it just doesn't work. It does show the screen for a second perfectly but then it goes black. These are the logs: http...
                                                                  Technical Support112022-04-18 14:05:20.618Z
                                                                  New TinyPilot Voyager v2, not coming online
                                                                  Hey folks, Thanks for the TinyPilot! I just received my first one. It looks really great. I connected it to my power/network/data/hdmi, but unfortunately I'm not seeing any network activity coming from it on the switch or router. DHCP hasn't talked t...
                                                                    Technical SupportG42022-04-15 20:29:39.869Z
                                                                    Black screen?
                                                                    Hi, I installed PinyPilot yesterday manually on this Raspberry 4: cat /etc/os-release PRETTY_NAME="Raspbian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye)" NAME="Raspbian GNU/Linux" VERSION_ID="11" VERSION="11 (bullseye)" VERSION_CODENAME=bullseye ID=raspbian ID_LIKE=debia...
                                                                      Technical SupportG132022-04-15 15:58:20.742Z
                                                                      Unable to update 64bit pi to 2.4.0
                                                                      Hi, I'm trying to update the TinyPilot pro software on my Pi 4 (8gb) running Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS (64 bit). However I get the following error message: 64-bit Raspberry Pi OS is not yet supported. Please use the 32-bit version of Raspberry Pi OS. ++ una...
                                                                        Technical SupportP92022-04-14 20:12:01.018Z
                                                                        Unable to update voyager 1 or ssh to it
                                                                          Technical SupportK12022-04-12 13:35:24.661Z
                                                                          Mouse wheel scrolling not completely captured
                                                                          I just recently updated Tiny Pilot to the latest version available, and after I did, it would appear that tiny pilot is not completely capturing mouse wheel scrolls. Before updating, if I used the mouse wheel scroll inside the remote window, the mous...
                                                                            Technical SupportW12022-04-11 19:39:04.434Z
                                                                            Remote pointer only moves if I hold down spacebar
                                                                            Connected tinypilot to a Reolink NVR - pointer only seems to move ( belatedly ) if I hold down spacebar. Trouble shooting steps: Rebooted tinypilot, rebooted NVR, upgraded tinypilot to latest version Logs:
                                                                              Technical SupportU22022-04-11 19:13:10.426Z
                                                                              Tiny Pilot SD Image
                                                                              I bought Tiny Pilot from on 25.10.2021 with order number 1060, but with this data i cannot download. please submit a download link
                                                                                Technical SupportA12022-04-11 18:49:43.468Z
                                                                                Image loses sync after mode changes
                                                                                I'm using a TinyPilot pro via the VGA-Adapter on a Precision R7910 that I have to admin remotely. Unfortunately, the server does several graphic mode changes while transitioning through BIOS, before landing on a text console. The mode changes appear ...
                                                                                  Technical SupportD92022-04-04 18:39:23.531Z