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    GeneralKR42024-02-16 19:43:49.346Z
    Are there any plans to introduce a version that supports higher resolutions, perhaps UHD (3840×2160)?
    Are there any plans to introduce a version that supports higher resolutions, perhaps UHD (3840×2160)?
      Technical SupportSP/22024-07-13 02:59:01.452Z
      Limiting system access
      I know the original use case of this product is very different, however, Is it possible to use this product to give a third party access to a computer...Without introducing any security vulnerabilities? (i.e. can downloads/restarting/etc be disabled?)
        Technical SupportJ/12024-07-11 11:16:47.742Z
        No Signal
        Hello, A few months ago, we purchased a TinyPilot Voyager 2a. We use this device to assist our customers with remote Windows reinstallation. Before reinstalling Windows, we need to access and modify the BIOS/UEFI settings of the customer's computer. ...
          Technical SupportTC/C32024-07-11 01:27:20.608Z
          Possibility to deliver to Poland
          Hello, i tried to order tinypilot to Poland but none of my adresses are valid for the system. Is there just no delivery to Poland? If so where i can by it?
            Technical SupportN/12024-07-10 12:18:27.743Z
            Network security issue
            Our IT folks do not want people installing devices on insecure networks. I had to plug the TinyPilot into a standalone switch to get the MAC. Why can't these be printed and shipped with the device? I want to recommend replacing our Lantronic Spider K...
              Technical SupportAPC/C32024-07-10 01:36:08.131Z
              Unable to update software, ssl certificate has not been verified.
              Hello support, I have recently purchased a TinyPilot and attempted to update, however, I keep getting this error: I'm not sure how to correct this issue. I did upload the certificate for the browser to function correctly, so that end is taken care of...
                Technical SupportPC/C52024-07-10 01:35:08.123Z
                Connect to TinyPilot via Ethernet directly from the Mac, without router
                Is there a way to do it? I'm trying to but I don't know much about networks and I'm struggling.
                  Technical SupportWC/C42024-07-08 22:56:45.451Z
                  Quick Action buttons in Bottom Status Bar
                  It would probably be very useful to have the following quick actions as button icons in the status bar next to connection and streaming protocol status, so we don't have to spend extra steps navigating to these commands, which I do all the time. Past...
                    IdeasHC/C12024-07-05 20:18:26.190Z
                    Remote work Internationally
                    i am planning to go back to my country for couple months, and trying to access my work laptop which is gonna be at my house in NY USA, is this device gonna be helpful if connecting from other country and do the work in USA without my company knowing ...
                      Technical SupportMMA2IL142024-07-04 15:16:41.680Z
                      Explain icons...
                      I have two new TinyPilots
                      Each is asking for a username and password after powering it up. What is the default username and password? Is there another way to login? Thanks, Wayne
                        Technical SupportWC/C32024-07-04 00:07:10.761Z
                        Issues after upgrade
                        Hello everyone, On my TinyPilot Voyager 2a I've got essentially the same issues after upgrading from 2.6.3 to 2.6.4 that were reported in TinyPilot returns 404 after update - after running the update, nginx shows me the "tinypilot isn't running" scre...
                          Technical SupportZC/C52024-07-04 00:06:22.223Z
                          No Signal...
                          Hello, I've installed the community/free version of TinyPilot. I noticed that I am unable to obtain video output from my Intel NUC that I have attached a HDMI cord from the Pi, and then with a dongle (usb > hdmi > to the Pi. Both do not present any v...
                            Technical Support?TC/C192024-07-02 05:15:03.464Z
                            Sudden bad lag starting Monday of this week, cannot figure out the issue
                            Some givens, the laptop is USA tethered to tinypilot and we are trying to connect from Asia. Suddenly experience extremely slow lag on the image this Monday. Completely unusable. From US, I am able to access tinypilot and it works completely normally...
                              Technical SupportTC/C32024-07-01 13:03:08.066Z
                              Tiny Pilot Microphone
                              Should we now or in future expect the Microphone transfer like audio? In Voyager 2a we've audio transmission, are we expecting microphone transmission too for this in future? Thanks
                                Technical SupportT2RC/32024-07-01 13:02:19.746Z
                                Help with tagging TinyPilotPro with VLAN ID
                                Greetings, I have moved all HomeLab onto VLAN 101 on, and those (mainly Proxmox) are working but the TinyPilot plugged into the same switch with the same VLAN tagging configuration is not working. When I create an offline subn...
                                  Technical SupportBCB/C22024-06-29 18:16:41.630Z
                                  TinyPilot returns 404 after update
                                  I can still get into the device via SSH, but the web interface is only returning a 404 screen. I have tried restarting the tinypilot service vis SSH, which didn't help. Reboot doesn't help either. Checking the tinypilot service status via SSH several...
                                    Technical SupportHBC/C72024-06-28 23:38:00.090Z
                                    Im unable to move my cursor on Tiny Pilot on multiple devices
                                    Hi, I have been facing the cursor and keyboard issue on my tiny pilot devices and this took the whole day of mine as a waste, production is going down due to this. Im also attaching the logs and i have tried rebooting the device as well. provide a be...
                                      GeneralS/52024-06-27 11:17:56.520Z
                                      OSD is not opening
                                      Can someone help me with the setup. Please
                                        Technical SupportS/12024-06-27 11:05:42.386Z
                                        Can we use Tiny Pilot for IPAD Remote Control ?
                                        Hello, If i connect my Ipad with USB C Hub with HDMI, Keyboard & Mouse Output and connect same to Tiny Pilot it will work ? My main purpose is to remote control and monitor of IPAD Installed at remote location. Thankx in advance .. Regards, Vipul
                                          Technical SupportPBCB102024-06-27 05:19:35.336Z
                                          BIOS screen is fully corrupted
                                          BIOS screen is corrupted, changing between black, green and almost unreadable.
                                            Technical SupportA/52024-06-26 11:20:49.110Z
                                            tinypilot systemd unit will not start successfully after rebooting in USB Virtual Media mode
                                            Voyager 2a version 2.6.3 I just realized I cannot reboot successfully after enabling USB Virtual Media mode. I followed the steps, and everything "works". I can see the USB drive (/dev/sda1) mounted to /media/tinypilot-mass-storage. Here's some outpu...
                                              GeneralLH2C/C102024-06-25 02:16:42.889Z
                                              HID devices not working-mouse keybord not working
                                                Technical SupportZ2/52024-06-24 12:16:00.400Z
                                                Mouse and Keyboard Not working when connected to mouse
                                                Hey, I am connecting to mac using tiny pilot. I have used this belkin usb to type c adapter as my mac does not support usb port. The problem I am having is I can see the display but cannot seem to use my mouse or keyboard. I tried this with my other ...
                                                  Technical SupportR/12024-06-24 12:05:13.159Z
                                                  Audio Streaming Support
                                                  I just purchased the most recent TinyPilot Pro and updated to version 2.6.3 but I still can't stream audio I followed the troubleshooting guide, but I still can't get it to work in the latest Chrome browser with sound enabled How else can I troublesh...
                                                    Technical SupportP/52024-06-17 14:15:32.337Z
                                                    Building TinyPilot KVM from NanoPi NEO pLus 2
                                                    Hello, I have running piKVM on FriendlyARM NanoPi NEO Plus2 with USB to HDMI capture card 534d:2109 MacroSilicon USB Video OTG USB-A to USB-A cable running on Linux nanopineoplus2 6.1.77-legacy-sunxi64 #2 SMP Fri Feb 23 08:12:53 UTC 2024 aarch64 GN...
                                                      GeneralPC/C12024-06-17 01:41:49.714Z
                                                      What are the odds of file corruption?
                                                      Hi there. So i own one tiny pilot with the pro licence, that i used to hold a chair in a company. I haven't been away for more than a week to do a hard test in it's strength; That said i have 2 questions, and please be frank haha; 1 - what are the od...
                                                        Technical SupportXA2JBC/C72024-06-17 01:40:15.288Z
                                                        How did IT team know that I am out of California?
                                                        My job requires me to stay in California while I work from home. I connect the TinyPilot to my work laptop (which is the target PC) from June to Aug 10th, and accessed it using my personal laptop. My work laptop stayed at my home located in CA, and m...
                                                          Technical SupportS2ZM2A2232024-06-16 20:21:57.875Z
                                                          Mouse is really lagging
                                                          I have set up the TinyPilot and it is mostly fine (though I put the video output through a splitter and it doesn't seem powerful enough to appear on TinyPilot. However, It is ok if I eliminate the splitter, and hopefully an amplifier will fix this.) ...
                                                            Technical SupportF/52024-06-14 12:45:24.165Z
                                                            .local working but not over IP
                                                            I am able to log on via .local on network but over IP that is not the case it just comes up as disconnected. Any way to solve?
                                                              Technical SupportB/32024-06-14 12:38:18.699Z
                                                              Fan turning off and tinypilot "/opt/tinypilot/venv/bin/python: no such file or directory" error
                                                              On one of our new tinypilots we've had a few weird issues that may be unrelated, after setting it up and having it work for a few weeks, we stopped being able to connect to the tinypilot and received the attached errors. We attempted re-imaging the S...
                                                                Technical SupportA/82024-06-14 12:37:34.199Z
                                                                How do I remove the tiny pilot pro image from the browser?
                                                                is there a way to remove that banner, and any tinypilot identifying information, or not?
                                                                  Technical SupportMC/C32024-06-14 00:13:57.911Z
                                                                  Error installing
                                                                  I'm trying to install the software on a brand-new configured Raspberry Pi 4 with: curl \ --silent \ --show-error \ | \ bash - && \ sudo reboot ...but I get th...
                                                                    Technical SupportSC/C32024-06-14 00:12:26.951Z
                                                                    mouse wheel scrolling not completely captured
                                                                    Hello, I've submitted a support ticket regarding an issue with my TinyPilot setup. Here are the details: I'm utilizing TinyPilot to facilitate remote access for an individual located in India. TinyPilot Details: Location: USA Connected to MacBook Pro...
                                                                      Technical SupportV/122024-06-11 12:01:03.164Z
                                                                      Tinypilot - Not connecting and showing this error
                                                                      Hello, I am getting this even after multiple restart. Can you please help?
                                                                        Technical SupportA/12024-06-11 11:19:30.387Z
                                                                        Tinypilot host name change
                                                                        system->hostname option is missing from tinypilot web interface. I purchased recently on device to test and after upgrading to version 2.6.3 hostname option has disappeared. I need to put ~200 tinypilot devices in my datacenter without name change op...
                                                                          Technical SupportB/12024-06-11 11:09:08.055Z
                                                                          Passthrough Storage For Backups
                                                                          I use Veeam Windows/Linux Agent to backup my client machines. If I ever need to do a restore, step 1 is to boot from the VeeamRecovery.iso (which would be loaded via TinyPilot). Step 2 would be to tell Veeam Recovery to grab my backups from a network...
                                                                            IdeasPL/32024-06-10 11:55:59.619Z
                                                                            Strange display corruption
                                                                            I have an ancient server I am having issue with. Tinypilot boots at 640x480, but then once it boots into an OS the display gets corrupted. I tried the EDID fix, but to no avail. Trying to recover a system that is having issues but cannot get in. http...
                                                                              Technical SupportB/32024-06-10 11:13:52.736Z
                                                                              What to expect now that company has been sold?
                                                                              I read various posts and news announcements over the past week about it—in case anyone hasn't heard—here's the "main" post by the creator of TinyPilot about the sale. Just wondering what this means for us TinyPilot owners (I just bought mine a month ...
                                                                                GeneralLL22024-06-05 15:08:41.086Z
                                                                                Tinypilot is failing to stream h.264. Keeps disconnecting on MJPEG
                                                                                Tinypilot is failing to stream h.264. Keeps disconnecting on MJPEG It is stuck frozen on MJPEG
                                                                                  Technical SupportGC/C32024-06-03 20:32:27.807Z
                                                                                  500 Internal server error
                                                                                  Im trying to get connect to tinypilot.local I’m unable to get access. Please provide me some tips
                                                                                    Technical SupportRC/C42024-06-03 20:15:32.886Z