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Extension of Power Cable
If the power cable is not long enough, can it be extended using a USB-C extension cable?
    GeneralJ22022-02-09 03:15:54.390Z
    TinyPilot Power Connector not working anymore
    Hello, I have bought TinyPilot Power Connector last May, it stopped working. I've been using it with good quality micro usb cables and a 3A charger. It was OK for the first few months, then it started pikvm started showing "yellow voltage sign" but i...
      GeneralK12022-02-07 20:15:42.730Z
      problem with mouse and keyboard
      Hi, Today I received the package of TinyPilot 2 and i also tried to connect this with motherboard BTC-S37, screen is showing correctly but mouse and keyboard isn't working, i have also double checked the installation and everything looks fine but the...
        GeneralM72022-02-04 22:08:21.673Z
        I connected to my iPhone via TinyPilot, but I found an error in mouse operation.
        I connected to my iPhone via TinyPilot. I displayed the screen with a video capture, but I can't operate it with the mouse. The mouse seems to move a little, but for example, it seems that the accelerator and the brake are applied at the same time. I...
          GeneralK12022-02-03 18:40:10.244Z
          TinyPilot Voyager and KVM
          I read on reddit and on this page ( that the AIMOS 4 port HDMI KVM would work with the TinyPilot. I purchased the one from Amazon using the wiki link (
            GeneralCSGE252022-02-02 13:16:41.491Z
            The latency is too long
            Hello, I am trying to use TinyPilot via, but the latency is neraly 10-20 seconds with low image quality and low FPS. What can be a solution?
              GeneralKA22022-01-31 19:17:25.935Z
              Can't Connect Via Hostname
              Hey all, We have 8 tiny pilots in use across our multiple locations, all the locations are connected via an internal network. The issue I am having is I am having is I can only connect to one of the 8 via the hostname. I have changed each one from th...
                GeneralZAZ22022-01-31 06:37:34.178Z
                Installation fails with git clone error
                I'm installing TinyPilot on a new RPi 4 running the latest updated version of Raspian OS Lite. The installation script is falling over on the command: /usr/bin/git clone --origin origin /opt/tinypilot givin...
                  GeneralPP52022-01-26 20:27:22.942Z
                  Voyager 2 POE?
                  Does the Voyager 2 support POE? I thought it did when I ordered it earlier this month but now I realize it may not… yet?
                    GeneralR12022-01-24 19:39:58.947Z
                    USB Devices not created
                    I have just installed TinyPilot on a RPi Zero W, having made a clean (and updated) install of Raspian Lite. The USB gadgets are not being created. init-usb-gadget fails on boot. *sudo journalctl -u usb-gadget *provides the following: Jan 18 22:05:51 ...
                      Technical SupportPP32022-01-19 23:21:25.990Z
                      Explain icons...
                      How to best schedule a weekly or nightly reboot for performance?
                      Hi there. I noticed that after about a week being connected and up and running to an always-on system that tiny pilot needs to be power cycled in order to maintain its snappy and responsive performance. Otherwise, things slow to a crawl when trying t...
                        GeneralAA32022-01-19 21:33:54.667Z
                        Blank screen on old mac mini
                        I've got my tinypilot (hobbyist kit) up and running great. Confirmed by connecting it to my laptop dock and it mirrored my mac pro screen great. the problems begin when i connect to an old mac mini [mid 2011 - A1347 (EMC 2442)] i just get a blank scr...
                          Technical SupportK12022-01-18 17:33:24.642Z
                          tinypilot can't handle resolution changes and frequently hangs
                          My tinypilot is connected to an "AIMOS" hdmi/usb kvm. Connected devices use various display mode/resolutions. When switching between devices, the display often becomes garbled, usually like this: After a few seconds, the tinypilot hangs and has to be...
                            Technical SupportW42022-01-17 21:26:07.855Z
                            List of Items That Work with TinyPilot
                            Just as an FYI, here are some items I use that work with TinyPilot: Greathtek 4-port KVM switch: Port 1: Optiplex 9020; port 2: Optiplex 9020; port 3: PowerEdge T30; port 4: Monoprice 4x1 HDMI switch (s...
                              GeneralCC22022-01-12 02:57:16.348Z
                              Questions before I buy Tiny Pilot
                              Hello all, I'm a newbie regarding TinyPilot, so please bare with me, I have an office that has 6 servers that i want to manage without needing to go to the server room or my boss can remotely(VIA VPN) manage from his home(different state).Would this ...
                                GeneralV52022-01-11 22:42:28.695Z
                                Hi there, awesome product and software - THANK YOU! Question: Is there any guidance on how to set up a VPN? Use case: I'm looking to have my virtual assistant interact directly with my computer and would need some way for them to access it outside of...
                                  GeneralRSALC132022-01-11 02:05:00.438Z
                                  TinyPilot Voyager 2 Keyboard does not work in Bios or Windows boot menu
                                  Just got an TinyPilot Voyager 2. Setup with no issues. Easy to reach via browser. Left lower corner of browser window, when at the Windows login prompt, shows green and "connected" However...Keyboard and Mouse work well in Windows even at the pre log...
                                    GeneralSS92022-01-08 01:11:25.658Z
                                    No USB input
                                    Hello, I setup TinyPilot for the first time. I'm using a Raspberry Pi 4 along with the TinyPilot Power Connector. The video works fine, but I have no USB input - keyboard (real or virtual) / mouse. I don't see a generic USB keyboard or mouse detected...
                                      GeneralAC162022-01-06 03:50:56.176Z
                                      Just got Voyager2, red power light comes on but no ethernet link light.
                                      I have verified the network cable and hub are all working but I can't get the Ethernet lights to come on the Pi, nor does it show link on the switch. Any troubleshooting I can do or is it a bad Ethernet on the RPi?
                                        Technical SupportEFM52022-01-05 00:59:55.118Z
                                        Bug: Noticable (& annoying) physical mouse input lag when the HDMI is connected (slave PC)
                                        Hello there. Just received my new TinyPilot 2 today. However I am disappointed because I am noticing a significant mouse performance decrease on the slave PC (with physical mouse and keyboard usage plugged into the slave, which TinyPilot may think is...
                                          GeneralAF102022-01-03 21:41:49.339Z
                                          Any impact to making TinyPilot Voyager 2 non-headless (ex: LXDE shell)?
                                          Unscrewing the base, I noticed some hidden display ports within, which are the RPI4's microHDMI which Voyager 2 doesn't expose (curious why now obstructed?). In any case, I cut my own hole (CAREFULLY!) and now have a less-headless device. I installed...
                                            GeneralAA22021-12-30 20:47:05.367Z
                                            Idea - enable adding keyboard shortcuts
                                            Today Actions > Keyboard Shortcuts includes just one item (Ctrl+Alt+Del). I would welcome the ability to create my own keyboard shortcuts to be passed through to the remote system. For me, I want Win+Tab (or Alt+Tab) for switching active windows on t...
                                              IdeasF12021-12-30 18:49:58.822Z
                                              Video Signal Blank - M1
                                              When using the HKS0801A1U KVM mentioned in the KVM Compatability list, I get a black screen on my M1. The aspect ratio appears to be correctly and I can send mouse and keyboard commands. I can see the mouse and keyboard working from another screen sh...
                                                GeneralTT22021-12-29 19:31:07.162Z
                                                Pass trough USB from 'host to target server
                                                Hi Guys! Just out of curiousity - lets say i have a USB headset that i would like to use with my server without directly plugging it in - is it possible with TinyPilot Voyager ?
                                                  GeneralY12021-12-29 19:06:24.455Z
                                                  Disable Internet Access & Other Questions
                                                  I want to make sure my tinypilot cannot talk to the internet in any way and can only work on my LAN. How do I go about this? I understand this means that updates will also be disabled, that is okay. Assume Voyager 2 If I have the ability to VPN to th...
                                                    GeneralUF32021-12-29 16:56:16.551Z
                                                    No mouse, no keyboard
                                                    Thanks for a great product. I'm trying it out for the first time. November release Hobbyist kit (minus the prebuild sd card) 16GB sd card built with BalenaEtcher Chromebook either mirrored or extended screens Firefox on Windows used to access https:/...
                                                      GeneralJ2UJ242021-12-29 16:36:36.744Z
                                                      GeneralL212021-12-29 16:12:20.857Z
                                                      Pi Zero 2 W
                                                      I have the Hobbyist kit -- which comes with a Pi 4b, IIRC. I'm wondering, though, if I could swap that out for a much cheaper pi zero 2 w and thus avoid buying another Pi 4 b for a different project? Does the 2w have enough performance and good enoug...
                                                        GeneralW12021-12-27 22:31:33.639Z
                                                        Remote control of laptop
                                                        I am going to be working remotely on a permanent basis. Looking to set up a KVM over IP solution that I can have a user plug in a PC or a Macintosh, so I can remotely reboot, troubleshoot, wipe and reload, and re-image machines. Will this work?
                                                          GeneralC12021-12-27 22:27:04.563Z
                                                          Crash Cart KVM Use/Set Up
                                                          Is it possible to use TinyPilot as a crash cart kvm if need be? I am looking for an alternative for the poor crash cart KVMs on the market. Would I be able to connect the Ethernet cable straight to my laptop from the TinyPilot or does it always requi...
                                                            GeneralTA272021-12-17 22:14:50.354Z
                                                            Tiny Pilot Voyager keeps dying
                                                            I have to power cycle the device multiple times a day. This is not sustainable! What can I send that would help diagnose the issue?
                                                              Technical SupportSFE72021-12-10 18:58:10.208Z
                                                              Relative mouse support?
                                                              We have a system that is using a custom OS, I've seen it mentioned in a few threads that only absolute mouse input is currently supported. Left and right click works, but the mouse cursor is stubbornly stuck. I've seen emulators and remote desktop vi...
                                                                GeneralR12021-12-10 13:43:59.083Z
                                                                Full Screen Mode not working in Safari
                                                                Hey team -- fullscreen mode for Safari seems to be broken. Here is the console log...I believe it's because the requestFullScreen has to be prefixed with webkit for Safari -- ...
                                                                  Technical SupportS212021-12-09 21:22:01.992Z
                                                                  after bullseye upgrade ansible virtualenv job fails
                                                                  Has anyone upgraded to bullseye and been able to get everything running after the upgrade? I noticed that openipmi, ustreamer and a couple other services were not starting. Some services were fighting over opening ports, so I resolved those issues. I...
                                                                    Technical SupportSS182021-12-07 20:16:09.058Z
                                                                    Tiny Pilot KVM + voyager VGA adapter, no video, just snow
                                                                    I have a tinypilot kvm with voyager and I'm having no luck with connecting to anything with a VGA output/input. I get 'snow' and flashing of different screen sizes. This is confirmed to be the case on the three machines I've tried it on so far. The H...
                                                                      GeneralD12021-12-06 19:50:43.470Z
                                                                      Unable to connect to https://tinypilot
                                                                      Hi, I have connected Tinypilot to my Lenovo laptop which has 2 wireless cards. I made sure one of the wireless card is on the same wifi as my working laptop and I am unable to connect to https://tinypilot. Followed the instructions at https://tinypil...
                                                                        GeneralB62021-12-03 22:42:31.129Z
                                                                        Mouse Cursor offset after update
                                                                        Hello, after updating today, the cursor no longer lines up across host and remote computer. Is this a bug? Can I revert versions?
                                                                          Technical SupportS42021-12-02 19:59:46.421Z
                                                                          No video capture working, unable to update TinyPilot
                                                                          When updating from the UI. Clicking settings>update does tell me an update is available, clicking the green Update button returns this error in a red box: Failed to start update Error: 500 Internal Server Error Internal Server Error The server encoun...
                                                                            Technical SupportT2T232021-12-02 02:07:38.409Z
                                                                            Newbie Problems / Questions
                                                                            Hey all new user here. I have two issues: I can't get to https://tinypilot but I can get to https://tinypilot.local however on latest Chrome it will NOT let me pass the mismatch cert problem while Safari will let me get by. Not the end of the world j...
                                                                              GeneralH142021-12-01 23:06:41.830Z
                                                                              Keyboard Typing using SSH
                                                                              Hi, I am trying to automate my initial boot process for several MacMinis and wondering if I can type using just SSH. This would be used for the initial password entry with a return. That possible?
                                                                                GeneralC12021-11-29 23:10:41.684Z