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Disable password complexity requirements
Hi there, We're using several TinyPilots on internal networks in my company and would like the option of very short and simple passwords. Is there any configuration file I can edit to disable password complexity requirements? I.e. allow shorter than ...
    Technical SupportA/12023-12-29 12:21:40.961Z
    Update from 2.5.0 to 2.5.4, failed and broken the tinypilot service
    Hi, somehow I was using 2.5.0 and was trying to do a quick update after quite sometime. However, upgrade from 2.5.0 to 2.5.4 seems having some known bugs, and wasn't aware of it until I experienced it, and checked over here. Tried to import the key, ...
      Technical SupportN/32023-12-28 15:04:28.407Z
      TinyPilotKVM - Setup - New Purchase Help
      Hi, I am planning to purchase TinyPilotKVM device and I want to ensure it works with my setup(Please see attached image) and I want to make sure I have answers forehand to the following questions as well. If anyone has same setup and has gone through...
        Technical SupportA2C/C32023-12-28 03:27:36.903Z
        Tinypilot opens on one pc but not other
        So the Tinypilot url accessibility is very random and it won’t connect forever on a system that it used to work fine yesterday. Sometimes, I would be able to access the url on one machine and not on another one. How do I have the url access issues so...
          Technical SupportG142023-12-27 17:57:48.223Z
          HDMI video gets disconnected after some time
          Hi - I need some help urgently because of impending travel and I am trying to setup my computer with my tinypilot (Voyager 2) device. It works for a bit and then, when computer sleeps (I think), I don't get video anymore. It works again only after re...
            Technical SupportA/22023-12-27 11:37:34.327Z
            Unable to update from 2.6.0 to 2.6.2
            I am getting the log error below:
              Technical SupportMC/C12023-12-22 23:19:58.397Z
              TinyPilot Voyager 2a Specifications
              Can someone share the detailed Specifications for the TinyPilot Voyager 2a? I cant seem to find on the product page.
                GeneralA2/12023-12-22 12:25:10.424Z
                Reduced TinyPilot support over the holidays
                Happy holidays from the TinyPilot team! Over the next few days, the TinyPilot team will be taking some well-earned time off - including the support team here on the forum. You're more than welcome to continue posting and asking questions, but respons...
                  General02023-12-22 12:21:03.043Z
                  TinyPilot is not detectable on network any more
                  My Tinypilot suddenly stopped responding. I can no longer ping it on the network. I restarted it and then did the entire process to reset it using instructions from with tiny pilot-voyager-2.6.2-2023-11-09T1...
                    Technical SupportJC/C42023-12-21 20:28:16.205Z
                    Voyager 2a changing TLS/SSL listen port via SSH
                    I'm trying to reach multiple TinyPilot Voyager2a through my firewall from the internet, so need to change the listen port on each device. I found an article that provides the script to set through SSH, however, the "update" command isn't found. "sett...
                      Technical SupportC2/82023-12-18 12:51:03.431Z
                      Explain icons...
                      Tiny Pilot performance and certificate issue
                      Some browsers work fine with https://tinypilot/ and others refuse to connect unless I add .local to the end (https://tinypilot.local/) The problem is if I connect with tinypilot.local, I get this connection is not secure. How can I correct it so the ...
                        GeneralG/12023-12-18 12:35:42.041Z
                        Remote customer service - lag?
                        Hello! My wife works works remotely and has a company laptop. She wants to leave her computer at home. Thinking about whether something like this TinyPilot could work as a way for her to access her computer (mouse/keyboard/monitor) to work from anoth...
                          GeneralBG/22023-12-15 15:19:53.025Z
                          Tinypilot to Raspberry PI 4 USB not working
                          I've connected my Tinypilot to the Raspberry PI and the USB input doesn't seem to be working. It works fine when connected to PC/NUC and several other devices so far. I've looked at: No USB input Hello, I setup TinyPilot for the first time. I'm using...
                            Technical SupportJC/C42023-12-12 02:01:29.137Z
                            Technical SupportCXC/C22023-12-08 17:43:16.391Z
                            TinyPilot Voyager 2a stuck in DHCP loop
                            Hello, I have a TinyPilot which currently seems to be stuck in a DHCP loop. Here is my logs from ISC DHCPD (redacted slightly): Dec 07 13:29:08 DHCPD_SERVER_NAME_REDACTED dhcpd[17375]: DHCPDISCOVER from d8:3a:de:ad:be:ef (tinypilot) via Dec...
                              Technical SupportSCS/C42023-12-08 17:42:02.397Z
                              Technical SupportCYC/C22023-12-08 17:41:53.468Z
                              No Signal
                     can you please help on the issue i am facing
                                Technical SupportYC/C32023-12-08 13:46:18.947Z
                                Intel Mac boot menu - Hold down option
                                On this mac, holding down the 'option' key during boot brings up the startup disk selection menu. I cannot duplicate this behavior with my physical keyboard in full screen mode, or with the on screen keyboard. I see this issue, but it implies that it...
                                  Technical SupportCC/C52023-12-07 22:26:42.304Z
                                  Linux host, EDID preferring 640x480
                                  Attached my tinypilot (v2.6.1) to a ubuntu host (22.04 LTS), boots to 640x480 - persists across reboot of host and tinypilot. $ sudo get-edid | sudo parse-edid This is read-edid version 3.0.2. Prepare for some fun. Attempting to use i2c interface No ...
                                    Technical SupportC/72023-12-07 11:24:54.334Z
                                    how to start add feature to tinypilot
                                    Hi ... I have some knowledge on Python Flask, and Arduino. I want to to try to add feature to tinypilot so that tinypilot able to do remote ATX controll to managed node. It'll consist of: a. A python script that extend existing flask script b. A pyth...
                                      GeneralBB22023-12-06 03:07:50.792Z
                                      Tiny Pilot not getting an IP address
                                      It was working fine till june this year, i stoped using it till now that i need it again, it just wont take an ip address from my dhcp server
                                        Technical SupportAC/C12023-12-05 04:24:14.237Z
                                        TinyPilot occationally freezes, then audio is distorted after restarting TinyPilot
                                        I have been using the new H.264 with audio support on my TinyPilot Voyager 2a and it works well until TinyPilot freezes. When the remote screen freezes, I refresh my web browser (FireFox) and the video feed won't come back. Even MJPEG fails. The only...
                                          Technical SupportARPC/C272023-12-05 04:11:52.571Z
                                          password reset can't find /home/tinypilot/tinypilot.db
                                          I set username and password on my web browser but forgot my password. Unfortunately, ssh doesn't work for me because I lost my password either. So I tried to delete /home/tinypilot/tinypilot.db following instructions but I can't find the folder. I ba...
                                            Technical SupportT/12023-12-04 12:24:50.135Z
                                            No keyboard/mouse, undervoltage with Fresh Install
                                            Just did a fresh install. I see video but no response for keyboard and mouse. I'm also seeing an undervoltage even though I'm using the Tinypilot data splitter. In addition, the video disappears frequently. I assume that is due to the undervoltage as...
                                              Technical SupportC/112023-12-04 12:01:38.226Z
                                              "module 'yaml' has no attribute 'safe_load'"
                                              Hello, We got this error after rebooting our TinyPilot following a power failure: "module 'yaml' has no attribute 'safe_load'"?! What's the problem exactly? Thanks
                                                Technical SupportOO/22023-12-02 01:34:05.958Z
                                                Return Policy
                                                What is the Return Policy for the Voyager 2a? We sent an email to the TinyPilot Support email on April 17 but we haven't heard anything back. Thanks!
                                                  GeneralJS2/62023-12-01 12:26:19.329Z
                                                  TinyPilot not getting an IP address?
                                                  I purchased my TinyPilot hobbyist kit back in January and finally got around to setting it up today. I hooked everything up per the assembly instructions, however it doesn't seem to be getting an IP address via DHCP, as I can't access it via the tiny...
                                                    Technical Support32023-12-01 05:43:05.572Z
                                                    Can't update from 2.6.1 to 2.6.2 - No Space left on device
                                                    Hey all. I'm experiencing this error when trying to update: Error: [Errno 28] No space left on device. I've been using the device in a very basic mode and haven't installed or configured anything extra. It typically runs 100% of the time with no rebo...
                                                      Technical SupportICI/C22023-11-29 20:36:16.182Z
                                                      Technical SupportR22023-11-29 12:54:23.541Z
                                                      can't connect
                                                      I have just installed tinypilot. It i visible on the router, but I can't connect via https://tinypilot.local or https://tinypilot If there is no way to connect to it, then I can't begin to troubleshoot
                                                        GeneralSTR202023-11-29 04:54:06.005Z
                                                        Technical SupportJ/102023-11-24 12:21:23.139Z
                                                        Multiple PCs
                                                        Can I use multiple laptops with one Tinypilot?
                                                          Technical SupportGC/C12023-11-21 02:10:34.281Z
                                                          Cannot Update From 2.5.0 to 2.5.4
                                                          Getting this message when attempting to update from 2.5.0 to 2.5.4 The update failed: Command '['sudo', '/opt/tinypilot-privileged/update']' returned non-zero exit status 2. Seen the workaround but that involves things that are beyond my ability. Wil...
                                                            Technical SupportJ/32023-11-20 18:49:42.161Z
                                                            Error on Balena Etcher
                                                            Hello, I am not able to factory reset my tinypilot device. when i upload the image i get the message. Error something went wrong. if it is a compressed image, please check that the archive is not corrupted. User did not grant permission while transfe...
                                                              Technical SupportR/12023-11-17 12:24:14.861Z
                                                              Yubikey Redirect through Tailscale
                                                              i have a Yubikey that I need to use to bring up Citrix on my laptop. I have TinyPilot connected with tailscale installed. Is there a way to redirect the Yubikey on my personal laptop through tailscale/tiny pilot so that I can authenticate into Citrix...
                                                                Technical SupportF/12023-11-16 13:06:05.486Z
                                                                Technical SupportRR62023-11-16 01:25:07.421Z
                                                                Cannot start usb-gadget service
                                                                Hello, I am using a RP4 with RaspiOS Bullseye lite (32-bit). For some unknown reason I am not able to create a HID device anymore (see error log). Report URL: Any idea what could be the reason for that? I flashed...
                                                                  Technical SupportMCM/C32023-11-15 15:26:11.965Z
                                                                  Workstaion running two pikvms for 2 lcds with separate dedicated pi running USB over IP?
                                                                  Hello, I am thinking about using this software to control the mouse and keyboard: I want to use 2 pikvms on my desktop w/ two LCDs. I tried to disabl...
                                                                    Technical SupportDC/C12023-11-14 19:52:17.624Z
                                                                    Tiny pilot timing out and failing to connect https:/tinypilot and SSH (works on tinypilot.local)
                                                                    Hello, I have had on/off issues with my tinypilot, most recently addresed here: Restarted Tiny Pilot - status light amber and cannot connect Currently I am unable to connect to my tinypilot through 2/3 of the links, with https://tinypilot and https:/...
                                                                      Technical SupportR2/12023-11-14 13:18:31.263Z
                                                                      Mouse is very fast, and does now follow my on screen mouse movments.
                                                                      After moving my trackpad one 1/8" the mouse on the KVM moves across the whole screen making it unusable.
                                                                        Technical SupportM62023-11-14 12:23:09.447Z