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Forward kb & mouse input from remote desktop?

By Mike @micpom8460
    2021-07-25 03:49:25.962Z

    If I remotely connect to a Windows PC using M$ Remote Desktop, then access TinyPilots web-controls on that client PC to control a different PC, then will the KB+mouse movements be forwarded to the different PC the same as if I was physically providing KB+mouse input signals?
    (In other words...)
    I need to know if the TinyPilot requires physical KB+mouse input to forward it properly, OR if virtual KB+mouse input, such as that of a remote desktop protocol, would function identically.

    Thank you

    Solved in post #2, click to view
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    1. Thanks for reaching out!

      TinyPilot will work through remote desktop as well. Some clients use it that way because the TinyPilot device is on a secure network that they can't access directly, but they can RDP into a machine on the same network and then access TinyPilot that way.

      You can also use a solution like Tailscale or ZeroTier to connect directly to the TinyPilot if that's compatible with your network's policies.

      1. MMike @micpom8460
          2021-07-26 19:30:22.350Z

          Thanks for the quick reply. That's exactly what I needed to know and then some. You earned yourself a customer. Take care, Michael