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Changing TinyPilot to Generic USB Keyboard only

By @x.82021-06-25 03:55:16.865Z2021-06-25 04:28:54.332Z

Hi, so my issue is as follows.

My laptop is using full disk encryption, when it boots it goes to a pre-Windows login screen to decrypt the drive. At this point of the boot routine, neither the mouse or keyboard work. A normal USB keyboard plugged into the laptop (through a docking station) works fine.

Reading around, the TinyPilot presents itself as a USB hub containing a mass storage device, a Generic USB Mouse and a Generic USB keyboard. This leads me to believe that the login screen for decryption doesn't support a USB multifunction device, hence why the keyboard isn't recognized.

So as the title suggests, is there a way to force the TinyPilot to present itself as ONLY a USB keyboard?

Solved in post #2, click to view
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  1. Michael Lynch @michael2021-06-28 18:49:39.880Z

    Unfortunately, this is not possible. TinyPilot always advertises itself to the target machine as a USB hub rather than an individual USB device.