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Csi to hdmi

By Sarivin Ponnusamy @spvin
    2021-05-04 08:59:02.065Z

    Will it work id is use csi to hdmi to connect the display

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    1. Michael Lynch @michael2021-05-04 19:25:03.180Z2021-06-18 21:01:10.625Z

      Yes, TinyPilot works with an HDMI to CSI bridge.

      After running quick-install, you'll need to run the following commands to configure it correctly:

      echo "ustreamer_capture_device: tc358743" | sudo tee /home/tinypilot/settings.yml
      sudo /opt/tinypilot-privileged/update
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      1. SSarivin Ponnusamy @spvin
          2021-05-05 02:46:08.784Z

          Thank you Michael

          1. In reply tomichael:
            Ssizz0p m0dem @sizz0p
              2021-05-29 22:17:22.287Z

              Hi Michael, I ordered the hobbyist kit and therefore am using a pro license on that box, and I have an additional question along the line as the OP. (I also built another pi and am running the free version on that box, so I'm enjoying the product.)

              I have ordered the hdmi to csi bridge to use with the box running the pro license, will this command work on that instance? And will updates wipe this out, or will it persist? Thanks!

              1. Hi @sizz0p. If you're converting your hobbyist kit to HDMI to CSI, that's equivalent hardware to a Voyager. I'd recommend just using the Voyager microSD image (you can find it in the Pro download page that was emailed to you).

                1. P@ppxntwq
                    2021-06-17 18:14:41.442Z

                    I am also attempting to convert my hobbyist kit to a Voyager with an HDMI to CSI kit. Could this Voyager image be emailed to me as well?

                    1. Can you email with your order number? I'll send you the download URL that way so it doesn't get lost in a spam filter.

                      1. P@ppxntwq
                          2021-06-17 20:22:44.934Z

                          Thank you Michael, this solved my issue. I noticed on that page there were instructions to fix privacy errors, however the link to the required file does not seem to be working. Is there a new link?

                          1. The link should point here, which works for me:


                            Are you having issues accessing the URL above?

                            1. P@ppxntwq
                                2021-06-17 20:31:36.122Z

                                The link to the root certificate on that page is not working for me

                                1. It's the URL for your TinyPilot device, so it will be different if you've renamed your device.

                                  If you're accessing your TinyPilot web UI at https://mytinypilot, just add /ca.crt to the end of the URL to get the CA certificate.

                                  1. P@ppxntwq
                                      2021-06-17 20:51:43.999Z

                                      Ah I see, that did it

                          2. In reply tomichael:
                            Ssizz0p m0dem @sizz0p
                              2021-06-17 19:21:43.372Z

                              Hi, Michael. Thanks, I just saw this reply. I don't want to step on your toes as far as licensing goes, but I have ended up pretty heavily-customizing the hobbyist kit with a POE hat and whatnot. :)

                              I searched my email, and I didn't see anything about a Pro download page. Where would I see that? Thanks!

                              1. Can you email with your order number? I'll send you the download URL that way so it doesn't get lost in a spam filter.

                          3. In reply tomichael:
                            SSarivin Ponnusamy @spvin
                              2021-06-11 09:24:36.011Z

                              Hi michael, after running the command I still cant get display output. Any suggestions?

                              1. Can you share your logs from System > Logs?

                            • S
                              In reply tospvin:
                              Sarivin Ponnusamy @spvin
                                2021-06-17 03:22:04.134Z

                                Hi Michael,

                                The logs for the pi is given below:


                                1. Thanks! I see that there was a bug in my initial solution, so I've updated it. Can you try the new version?

                                  1. SSarivin Ponnusamy @spvin
                                      2021-06-25 02:37:36.079Z

                                      Thank you Michael,

                                      After trying the command it still shows "No Signal".

                                      In the logs it shows that Unable to start capturing:

                                      Jun 25 03:28:21 raspberrypi ustreamer[870]: -- ERROR [267.336 stream] -- Unable to start capturing: Invalid argument

                                      This is the output when I run "sudo v4l2-ctl --all"

                                      pi@raspberrypi:~ $ sudo v4l2-ctl --all
                                      Driver Info:
                                      Driver name : unicam
                                      Card type : unicam
                                      Bus info : platform:fe801000.csi
                                      Driver version : 5.10.17
                                      Capabilities : 0x85a00001
                                      Video Capture
                                      Metadata Capture
                                      Extended Pix Format
                                      Device Capabilities
                                      Device Caps : 0x05200001
                                      Video Capture
                                      Extended Pix Format
                                      Media Driver Info:
                                      Driver name : unicam
                                      Model : unicam
                                      Serial :
                                      Bus info : platform:fe801000.csi
                                      Media version : 5.10.17
                                      Hardware revision: 0x00000000 (0)
                                      Driver version : 5.10.17
                                      Interface Info:
                                      ID : 0x03000005
                                      Type : V4L Video
                                      Entity Info:
                                      ID : 0x00000003 (3)
                                      Name : unicam-image
                                      Function : V4L2 I/O
                                      Flags : default
                                      Pad 0x01000004 : 0: Sink
                                      Link 0x02000007: from remote pad 0x1000002 of entity 'tc358743 10-000f': Data, Enabled, Immutable
                                      Priority: 2
                                      Video input : 0 (Camera 0: ok)
                                      DV timings:
                                      Active width: 1920
                                      Active height: 1080
                                      Total width: 2200
                                      Total height: 1125
                                      Frame format: progressive
                                      Polarities: -vsync -hsync
                                      Pixelclock: 148500000 Hz (60.00 frames per second)
                                      Horizontal frontporch: 0
                                      Horizontal sync: 280
                                      Horizontal backporch: 0
                                      Vertical frontporch: 0
                                      Vertical sync: 45
                                      Vertical backporch: 0
                                      DV timings capabilities:
                                      Minimum Width: 640
                                      Maximum Width: 1920
                                      Minimum Height: 350
                                      Maximum Height: 1200
                                      Minimum PClock: 13000000
                                      Maximum PClock: 165000000
                                      Standards: CTA-861, DMT, CVT, GTF
                                      Capabilities: Progressive, Reduced Blanking, Custom Formats
                                      Format Video Capture:
                                      Width/Height : 1920/1080
                                      Pixel Format : 'UYVY' (UYVY 4:2:2)
                                      Field : None
                                      Bytes per Line : 3840
                                      Size Image : 4147200
                                      Colorspace : SMPTE 170M
                                      Transfer Function : Default (maps to Rec. 709)
                                      YCbCr/HSV Encoding: Default (maps to ITU-R 601)
                                      Quantization : Default (maps to Limited Range)
                                      Flags :

                                      User Controls

                                              audio_sampling_rate 0x00981980 (int)    : min=0 max=768000 step=1 default=0 value=0 flags=read-only
                                                    audio_present 0x00981981 (bool)   : default=0 value=0 flags=read-only

                                      Digital Video Controls

                                                    power_present 0x00a00964 (bitmask): max=0x00000001 default=0x00000000 value=0x00000001 flags=read-only
                                      1. Can you share the logs for your current state? (System > Logs in the TinyPilot web interface)

                                        1. SSarivin Ponnusamy @spvin
                                            2021-07-01 04:15:06.923Z
                                            1. I'm not sure what's wrong. If v4l2-ctl can see your device, I'm not sure why uStreamer fails to start. From your logs:

                                              Jun 25 05:33:30 raspberrypi ustreamer[583]: -- INFO  [22.192      main] -- Listening HTTP on []:8001
                                              Jun 25 05:33:30 raspberrypi ustreamer[583]: -- INFO  [22.193    stream] -- Using V4L2 device: /dev/video0
                                              Jun 25 05:33:30 raspberrypi ustreamer[583]: -- INFO  [22.194    stream] -- Using desired FPS: 0
                                              Jun 25 05:33:30 raspberrypi ustreamer[583]: ================================================================================
                                              Jun 25 05:33:30 raspberrypi ustreamer[583]: -- ERROR [22.195    stream] -- Can't access device: No such file or directory

                                              Can you try running the uStreamer command manually with the --verbose flag?

                                              sudo service ustreamer stop && \
                                                sudo /opt/ustreamer/ustreamer \
                                                --port 8001 \
                                                --encoder omx \
                                                --format uyvy \
                                                --workers 3 \
                                                --drop-same-frames 30 \
                                                --persistent \
                                                --dv-timings \

                                              Have you tried rebooting your Pi? The device is undervoltage and CPU-throttled due to heat, but that's likely not why you're seeing this.