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Mouse movement erratic - keyboard has no response

By Edward Dybas @answerphone
    2021-07-13 17:30:17.238Z

    The mouse is moving all over the screen on its own, and is very, very lagged (unusable). This is a camera NVR system that the TinyPilot is connected to.

    The log is here:

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    1. Sorry you're running into issues connecting the TinyPilot to your NVR.

      What kind of NVR system is this connected to?

      On some systems, there are multiple USB inputs and some are compatible with TinyPilot and some are not. Can you try the other ports if they're available?

      Can you also try restarting both the TinyPilot and the NVR system?

      1. A
        In reply toanswerphone:
        Edward Dybas @answerphone
          2021-07-13 18:41:43.756Z

          The camera system is a Zmodo ZP-NC18-S. I tried the other USB port on the NVR and it didn't work at all. The USB port labelled "Mouse" works best. Rebooting did not help in either instance. What if we asked it to detect as mouse only instead of a combo? This unit I believe only supports a mouse.

          Edit/Update: It seems to work from the other USB port, but it's with a similar lag that makes it basically unusable. When I move the mouse pointer outside the Chrome browser window the mouse seems to catch up a bit better. Could it be an incompatibility with the browser viewer?

          1. TinyPilot presents itself as a USB hub with a keyboard and mouse attached. It's currently not possible to present itself as a mouse-only right now, but that's something I'm exploring for the future. It will likely require additional hardware.

            Are you accessing your TinyPilot over local wired LAN? Accessing it over certain cloud providers or WiFi could introduce lag.

            Is it possible to check the lag in another browser to see if it's anything specific to Chrome?

            1. AEdward Dybas @answerphone
                2021-07-13 19:55:39.254Z

                It's laggy in Edge also. It improves slightly if I set the FPS to 1. Very slight improvement. Since the unit doesn't seem to be compatible with my NVR, what is the return policy? Without it working for our camera unit, we have no other use for the kit.

                1. We can take it back if it's not working for your scenario, but I'd like to see if we can get it working.

                  What is the network connection between your web browser and the TinyPilot? Is this a local wired connection or are you accessing the TinyPilot over the Internet or WiFi?

                  1. AEdward Dybas @answerphone
                      2021-07-13 20:02:46.283Z

                      It is on a 200mbit business circuit with nothing else connected to it. I have 443 and 22 port forwarded. I'd be willing to give you access to SSH/web portal if you'd like to have a look for yourself. It is preferred for us as well to have it working instead of a return.

                      1. It is on a 200mbit business circuit with nothing else connected to it. I have 443 and 22 port forwarded.

                        Are you accessing it over the Internet with SSH port forwarding? What's the latency if you just ping it?

                        If you dial down the video settings (especially all the way down to 1 FPS), it uses very little bandwidth, so I'm trying to figure out why you're experiencing so much latency.

                        1. AEdward Dybas @answerphone
                            2021-07-13 20:18:33.471Z2021-07-13 20:33:19.955Z

                            The ping response is around 37-42ms. I just tried from a PC on the same LAN and it still has the severe mouse lag.

                            Important Edit: The video is not lagged at all, even on max FPS. It's just the mouse. Also the keyboard doesn't detect at all, but we can live with that.

                            1. Sorry, I can't think of any other ideas of how to fix this. I've just emailed you a return label, and I can refund the full cost of your order.