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I cant into BIOS

By Gary @garyjuang
    2021-06-22 09:41:10.838Z

    After reboot see the screen, i press virtual keyboard [del] many time, I cant into BIOS to change boot order.
    my verison is tinypilot pro 1.5.1 , thanks for answer.

    link is my video

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    1. It looks like the keys aren't registering with your remote machine when you hit Ctrl+Alt+Del. What is the OS and hardware of the target system?

      1. GGary @garyjuang
          2021-06-24 01:40:29.567Z

          OS:FreeBSD 10.3 Stable
          Target system is this FWA-3305U 1u rack server
 - Datasheet/FWA-3305U_DS(05.25.15)20150525142915.pdf


          1. I'm not familiar with that server. If you check BIOS, are there any settings related to keyboard input that you can change?

            If not, it might not be compatible with TinyPilot. If that's the case and TinyPilot doesn't match the scenario you need, I can offer you a return for a full refund.

            1. GGary @garyjuang
                2021-06-25 03:46:18.209Z

                I try to find way in bios ...but try and error still cant active virtual keyboard in bios...
                event virtual media cant boot...
                But I try almost servers is OK .like dell server.
                just this case will be known issue...
                and I think this FWA-3305 spec is too old to be eliminated....
                so it's OK for tinypilot