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Mouse and Keybord does not move over wan

By Jagdeep Singh @njny05
    2021-07-28 01:29:40.938Z

    I have a single laptop that i would like to access from internet time to time. All settings are good with the firewall but I can not click or move mouse when I am trying to connect over wan. When I am within my home network (thats where tinypilot is located), I have no problem moving the mouse or tying anything. I have try to adjust the video setting to lower FPS and JPEG quality but no change.
    here are the logs:

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    1. Sorry you're running into this! Thanks for reporting it.

      It looks like a problem with the websockets connection. Does it show a "Disconnected" icon in the lower right?

      Can you check your JavaScript console and share any errors you see there?

      You can find this in most browsers by right clicking the screen, clicking the "Inspect" item, and then selecting the "Console" tab: