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By Jose Morillo @FUlldoubts
    2021-06-14 23:50:57.054Z

    Dear computer mind people:

    I am not sure this is what I need and want to ask all before to attempt of acquiring and test one system.

    I need to drive machines around the country and be able to see their monitors and to use my keyboard and mouse to make tests and read error log remotely

    These PCs are loaded with Linux (some versions) and control some medical scanners. I need not make any installation on remote pcs.

    my idea is to install the tiny pilot + and instruct technicians to turn on de Tiny pilot when I need to check something on the machine but the rest of the time they can drive their own machine without any problem. Even in the case of a malfunction of the Tinypilot}

    The best option includes using a router with a double chip to GSM. The idea is to access it directly without using the local network of the customer.

    Is it possible?

    BEst Regards

    I will really appreciate your comments


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    1. That should work, but my biggest concern would be about bandwidth. I think GSM has a max of 384 kbps, which doesn't leave much room for the video stream.

      You can reduce TinyPilot's bandwidth consumption by scaling down video settings. I think it would work if you turned video quality down to ~20% and reduced frame rate to 1-2 frames per second, but 384 kbps is tough to work with.

      I'd also recommend using Tailscale rather than as it tends to achieve better performance over low-bandwidth connections.

      1. JJose Morillo @JGMORILLO
          2021-06-20 20:21:08.987Z

          Hi Michael
          Thanks a lot for your answer. Images I need to send are just text on a screen . I can turn down resolution without problem.

          I will acquire system, read a lot and begin to ask to all....

          Best regards