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Is there a way to use the USB-A ports to send keyboard+mouse inputs to the target computer?

By @bottledbirb
    2021-02-24 13:34:53.519Z

    I've set up TinyPilot on a Raspberry Pi 4, video capture is working fine but I don't have the USB-C splitter mentioned on the wiki and git, mostly because I live in Europe and getting it shipped would probably take a while. I do have a USB-A male-to-male cable, could that be used to connect to the target PC and send the inputs through it?

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    1. No, unfortunately TinyPilot requires a USB OTG port to emulate keyboard and mouse functionality, and the USB-C port is the only with USB OTG. You can use a USB-C to USB-A cable and connect to the target computer that way. It's technically underpowered, but the Pi will generally run fine with just your computer's USB power. The only problem is that when the computer shuts off, the Pi shuts off too.

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        Belal Salas @Belal
          2021-07-10 07:43:04.124Z2021-07-11 05:50:08.751Z

          Hi @michael ,
          Thanks for this great product, I have the raspberrypi connected to a server using USB-C to USB-A without OTG cable, I know OTG cable is important to keep the raspberrypi running if the server shutdown and to supply it with the needed power (3 AMP), but to my understanding mouse and keyboard forwarding should work even without OTG cable, is that right? I have my raspberrypi running and I can access tiny pilot from my personal computer and I can see the server but keyboard and mouse forwarding is not working, please advise why they are not working and how to fix it.


          Update 24 hours later:
          Looks like keyboard forwarding is working fine, pretty good actually and I didn't do anything additionally to make it work, but still mouse forwarding is not working, I see that tinypilot supports mouse integration starting Oct 2020 (
          I would appreciate if you advise how to get the mouse working .

          1. What kind of server are you connected to? And can you share your logs from System > Logs?

            1. BBelal Salas @Belal
                2021-07-13 06:17:12.220Z

                Hi @michael , I am connected to a laptop (Lenovo ThinkPad).
                Something funny just happend, I wanted to grap the logs for you and the mouse suddenly worked, so now both keyboard and mouse are working fine, is there any explanation for that?
                you can find the loges here:

                1. Hmm, no I can't think of a reason why that would happen. It shouldn't take extra time to recognize the mouse. Sometimes restarting the target computer can fix issues if it was in an odd state. Was there a restart in between?