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Is there a way to use the USB-A ports to send keyboard+mouse inputs to the target computer?

By @bottledbirb2021-02-24 13:34:53.519Z

I've set up TinyPilot on a Raspberry Pi 4, video capture is working fine but I don't have the USB-C splitter mentioned on the wiki and git, mostly because I live in Europe and getting it shipped would probably take a while. I do have a USB-A male-to-male cable, could that be used to connect to the target PC and send the inputs through it?

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  1. Michael Lynch @michael2021-02-24 20:56:24.574Z

    No, unfortunately TinyPilot requires a USB OTG port to emulate keyboard and mouse functionality, and the USB-C port is the only with USB OTG. You can use a USB-C to USB-A cable and connect to the target computer that way. It's technically underpowered, but the Pi will generally run fine with just your computer's USB power. The only problem is that when the computer shuts off, the Pi shuts off too.