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Upgrade Issue

By v @gdp123
    2021-07-21 18:58:04.133Z

    Tried to update to the latest version from July 2021 got an error on the Web UI so went to command line
    and tried
    /opt/tinypilot/scripts/upgrade IT failed as well

    become: true
    become_method: sudo
    - role: tinypilot.tinypilot-pro'

    • ansible-playbook -i localhost, install.yml --extra-vars @/var/tmp/tmp.6JEvanaStg.yml
      ERROR! We were unable to read either as JSON nor YAML, these are the errors we got from each:
      JSON: Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0)

    Syntax Error while loading YAML.
    could not find expected ':'

    The error appears to be in '/var/tmp/tmp.6JEvanaStg.yml': line 8, column 1, but may
    be elsewhere in the file depending on the exact syntax problem.

    (specified line no longer in file, maybe it changed?)

    Solved in post #3, click to view
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    1. G
      v @gdp123
        2021-07-21 19:00:36.680Z

        When done from the UI

        Error: while scanning a simple key
        in "/home/tinypilot/settings.yml", line 7, column 1
        could not find expected ':'
        in "/home/tinypilot/settings.yml", line 8, column 1

        1. G
          In reply togdp123:
          v @gdp123
            2021-07-21 19:10:41.983Z

            You can ignore it. I had an incorrect entry in the yaml file once I removed it I was able to update