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USB Mag Card Reader

By Billy Eason @Beason
    2021-07-27 14:24:53.654Z

    I have a device that requires the use of a USB Card reader to access the application. Can Tiny Pilot pass the card swipe remotely to the device?
    Example is if I have the USB card reader installed on the remote PC with the tiny pilot browser open. Can it pass that to the device I have the Voyager connected to? The mag card reader is a HID-compliant device.

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    1. No, unfortunately TinyPilot doesn't support this.

      TinyPilot isn't directly passing the keyboard and mouse devices directly through the network. Instead, it's taking keyboard and mouse events in the browser and translating them to HID events on the remote machine. We'd need a way of reading the USB card reader from the browser and then replicating its communication to the TinyPilot device.

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        In reply toBeason:
        Billy Eason @Beason
          2021-07-27 22:43:01.016Z

          Ok thank you! That's all I needed for now. You can close this issue. This would be nice to have for my use case. We have many devices running a loyalty card program where the user needs to swipe their card to access the rest of the application.