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How does the target laptop identify the TinyPilot(connected to Host laptop))

By @test513607a2021-03-06 22:33:10.493Z

How does the target laptop identify the TinyPilot(connected to Host laptop) as ?
Does it identify tiny pilot as a normal KVM? or as a device trying to access its data
Are any (abnormal device connected ) logs(event log) created on connecting through tinypilot

Currently I am connected to a regular kvm i.e. target laptop( containing Cisco anyconnect - VPN) connected to regular KVM(4x1) kvm(not to another laptop) and is working good.

The normal kvm connected to is

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  1. Michael Lynch @michael2021-03-08 20:14:12.354Z

    Thanks for reaching out!

    The target device will see a few devices attach:

    I've never seen reports of software reporting TinyPilot as a suspicious device, though it doesn't do anything to hide its identity. It sets a manufacturer string to "TinyPilot."

    1. T
      In reply totest513607a:
      @test513607a2021-03-11 23:27:15.818Z

      Can i connect the wired network cable(output) to another laptop and access all features as is.
      If i use ethernet ot hdmi converter, will i be able to connect this setup to my laptop ?

      basically with this work ?
      ((Target laptop) - (tinypilot <=> output ethernet<=> ethernet to hdmi male converter <=> host laptop))
      ((Target laptop) - (tinypilot <=> output ethernet<=> host laptop's ethernet port))

      Please let me know

      1. Michael Lynch @michael2021-03-11 23:42:55.563Z

        I've never tried that, so I'm not sure.

        Is there a reason you want to do a direct Ethernet connection instead of connecting both to normal networking gear like a switch or router?

        1. T@test513607a2021-03-12 00:49:29.324Z

          Hardware constraints,
          Its just my router is away from me in another floor and have no ethernet through the walls

          looking for any other possible way to connect the two laptops well within my room. (I cannot use software, nor configure ethernet connectivity on either laptop )
          target laptop being a company laptop, with several restrictions.

          Startech NOTECONS02 (kvm to usb ) works just below fine, and has rendering issues, and is not satisfactory.
          KVM2USB3.0 doesnt even work

          1. R@rcdc2021-03-12 02:43:07.940Z

            I'm in the same situation.
            Using one laptop (my own where I'm admin) which can be physically connected to the target laptop (work laptop very restricted) and wanting to myself be totally remote physically away from both but have remote control

            Hadn't seen any clear solution until Tiny Pilot

            1. T@test513607a2021-03-12 02:56:36.372Z

              its requiring a wired connection to the wifi and through the browser.
              The idea on its own being novel, its just that i am falling under the 1% of cases unable to use that.

              1. In reply torcdc:
                BAkash Agarwal @Blueskies2021-06-04 15:57:46.087Z

                So does this work fine connecting to restricted work laptop. Any issues faced?

                1. Michael Lynch @michael2021-06-04 16:06:46.750Z

                  TinyPilot can generally connect to a laptop fine. There are some laptops that don't display to an external monitor during boot, so TinyPilot wouldn't work before the OS is loaded, but if all you want is to access a booted laptop without installing any software on it, TinyPilot should work fine.

                  1. In reply toBlueskies:
                    T@test513607a2021-06-04 16:40:03.175Z2021-06-04 21:07:56.294Z

                    I have tried 2 products from Amazon - one is Epiphan KVM2USB and another lantronics i guess

                    EpiphanKVM2USB did not display video, and the other one had a relative mouse movement wherein the mouse use to stick to borders , and even when its working the rendering was a torn image with the top portion loading slowly after 2 seconds or 3 seconds on every window change.
                    And yes i tried on restricted laptop. with Cisco security on it

                    Tinypilot in my opinion is the best one in the market, and was perfectly serving the purpose (the 200-300 ms delay is understandable and is not a concern, when you are working and not gaming)

                    -- Didnt i already mention that Tiny pilot is awesome :) @michael