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By OCS @ocs2021-07-21 11:27:12.160Z

I'm in Spain, I see you do international shipping with fedex, so I understand I will be able to by your product and get it, but Is it possible to get an invoice with my data (company name, adress ...)
thank you

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    Nicky Low @nickyzai2021-07-21 16:08:03.856Z

    I think it shouldn't be a big issue, as I just got my package today, and there is a small invoice with all the details in the box as well.

    The order form has the column for the Company for input as well.

    1. In reply toocs:
      Michael Lynch @michael2021-07-21 18:46:08.352Z

      Thanks for reaching out!

      Yes, we ship to Spain. And we include a commercial invoice in the package as well as in digital form with every order. Just enter your company's details at checkout.