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This is a place for TinyPilot users to;
    GeneralKR42024-02-16 19:43:49.346Z
    8-port HDMI KVM Choices
    (Note: Due to limits on URLs in the post, I intentionally broke the last URL...) Hi, As my first post to the forum, I thought I'd contribute a list I compiled... (Why did I do this? could...
      GeneralBCB/C22024-02-26 22:18:41.761Z
      USB C Adapter Macbook Audio problem
      I'm using USB C Hub Adapter for MacBook to connect tinypilot to MacBook. Everything works so smoothly but I'm unable to hear the sound in H264 mode. I tried many ways but can't do that.
        Technical SupportTCT/C42024-02-26 20:30:00.614Z
        Restricted Viewing of remote users
        Is it possible to add accounts for viewing only to the TinyPilot web session? We have people we want to be able to view the current session, but can't interact with it.
          Technical SupportDC/C12024-02-26 19:42:32.568Z
          Video streaming issue
          Suddenly I am getting MJpeg from today onwards Here is the logs
            Technical SupportVV/42024-02-26 17:07:31.866Z
            Keyboard and Mouse input getting disconnected when tinypilot reboots
            When I reboot the tinypilot the keyboard and mouse stop working. Video still works so I can see that the USB device not recognized notification pop up on the remote computer. If I go to the remote computer and disconnect the usb cable and plug it bac...
              Technical SupportR/52024-02-22 11:56:57.937Z
              After upgrade tinypiloit is not showing the video
              I am unable to see the screen post the upgrade. Find the link which has available logs -
                Technical SupportG32024-02-21 19:09:28.876Z
                The cooling fan on my TinyPilot has started making a lot of noise. I can unplug it and let it cool down to room temperature, it is quiet when it starts again but then gets noisy after an hour or so. Is there a fix?
                  Technical SupportDTT72024-02-21 19:02:08.096Z
                  Fan constantly loud
                  Persists across reboots, does not go down after it's been up a while, even if I'm not connecting to it. Running off provided USB C power supply. Only thing customized is adding tailscale. I popped the case to see if it was just some obstruction in th...
                    Technical SupportCCT/C22024-02-21 17:50:54.327Z
                    Can't install from GitHub under Bookworm
                    EDIT: I see that Bookworm isn't supported yet. Should I add these issues to GitHub? I did a search for "Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages", but didn't find anything. Let me know if you want a Bookworm install for testing, othe...
                      Technical SupportR32024-02-21 12:13:09.024Z
                      Explain icons...
                      Refreshing a 2020 TinyPilot "All in One"
                      I have an old 2020 Era, RPi4 w/ 2GB RAM, TinyPilot "All in One" with a GeekWorm C779 HDMI->RPI Camera board, running Buster. If I wanted to "refresh" it, could I just replace the SD card with a new BookWorm-based RPiOS and install the latest TinyPilo...
                        Technical SupportR52024-02-21 12:07:18.438Z
                        Which TinyPilot do I have?
                        I bought a TinyPilot "all in one" in 2020, but the pandemic threw a monkey wrench into the plans and I'm just now restarting the project it was going to be used for. Is there an easy way to determine which model it is? It's a 3D printed case, w/ a fa...
                          Technical SupportRR32024-02-21 01:00:17.804Z
                          RESOLVED No Signal after upgrade to 2.6.2
                          Running TinyPilot Voyager (original) with pro license software. Prior to recent upgrade to 2.6.2, video from my target machine (Microsoft Surface Laptop 4) worked in both MJPEG and H.264 modes. I only boot the laptop once every few weeks so I upgrade...
                            Technical SupportFG/52024-02-20 18:36:58.648Z
                            Hiding the TinyPilot Pro from Windows
                            When my TinyPilot is attached to my Windows 10 computer, the only place where I see "TinyPilot" is under the Audio Inputs and Outputs section. "TinyPilot Intel(R) Display Audio" also appears under the audio outputs selectable on the taskbar. When I r...
                              Technical SupportMM/42024-02-19 14:16:38.278Z
                              Bullseye / RealVNC / Desktop
                              Hi, Am I correct that all TinyPilot devices now ship on Bullseye? Bullseye supports adding RealVNC as a server/service. I recall other threads here saying VNC wasn't supported; is installing it via Bullseye (apt -y install realvnc-vnc-server" allowed...
                                Technical SupportBC/C12024-02-16 22:28:35.242Z
                                Screen not loading after initial set up
                                Edit: Resolved after changing video setting to H.264
                                  Technical SupportB12024-02-16 12:35:28.781Z
                                  Adding keyboard shortcuts to menu
                                  I see a menu option on the Voyager 2 for Keyboard shortcuts and all it has is CTRL-ALT-DEL. I want to add ALT-TAB to it, as well as others that I use. How can I do this?
                                    Technical SupportZT52024-02-16 12:33:10.155Z
                                    SSH error, cannot login, which I need to do to update my TailScale
                                    Hi, when I try to log in to tinypilot via SSH, I get this: @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @ WARNING: REMOTE HOST IDENTIFICATION HAS CHANGED! @ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ IT IS POSSIBLE THA...
                                      Technical SupportNC/C32024-02-09 00:07:16.804Z
                                      Tiny Pilot started to make a lot of noise
                                      I'm using two tinypilots and one of them started to make a lot of noise. It's coming from fan and not sure how to fix it.
                                        Technical SupportY/12024-02-08 12:14:40.420Z
                                        Can not access TinyPilot web
                                        This site can’t be reached Check if there is a typo in tinypilot. DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN This site can’t be reached Check if there is a typo in tinypilot.local. DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN This site can’t be reached Check if there is a typo in t...
                                          Technical SupportY112024-02-08 12:05:10.728Z
                                          2 For 1 Topic - Paste Enhancement Request And Microphone Solution Approach
                                          1: I love the new big text area for pasting text to my TinyPilot. That said, I sometimes paste secrets. I would like it if there was an option to mask the data being pasted similar to a password type input field. I don't believe a standard text area ...
                                            IdeasB/32024-02-07 19:22:26.636Z
                                            Mouse offset, misplaced
                                            Hello, We have trouble with our Tinypilot, connected to an LNC 2200 MW. Mouse on the computer and mouse in the browser are misplaced : if i go to the left, remote pointers is on the right. On the right of the screen they spread to the left. I cannot ...
                                              Technical SupportWC/C92024-02-05 18:18:56.703Z
                                              tinypiliot ssh access denied
                                              i installed tinypilot in my raspberry pi 4b , i runned its web interface in my laptop its working fine , but its not showing the security option in system menu and i can't ssh into my tinypilot , i tried with ip and used default password "flyingsopi"...
                                                Technical SupportDCD/C42024-02-02 07:16:10.835Z
                                                Keyboard and Mouse not working.
                                                I set up the TinyPilot KVM using my Raspberry Pi 4 8GB. I downloaded the recommended Raspberry Pi OS Lite Legacy file and created my micro SD card using the Raspberry Pi imaging tool with this downloaded img:
                                                  Technical SupportRC/C22024-02-02 05:34:18.684Z
                                                  Keyboard-Layout for Non-US users
                                                  Hi there, is there a way to change the keyboard-layout to german layout ? its really annoying while typing passwords best regards
                                                    Technical SupportW/32024-02-01 11:35:50.269Z
                                                    Audio issue in Tinypilot
                                                    Through target system speaker i am hearing my own voice and outside noise. Though the target system is connected with headphones i am hearing outside noise. check the above attached image, Is it because of this ? Check the logs here https://logs.tiny...
                                                      Technical SupportV/32024-01-31 12:18:52.618Z
                                                      Unable to set static IP
                                                      Hello! When I try setting a static IP, it never reboots; it just sits at a > cursor after I paste and hit Enter. Here is what I'm entering: /opt/tinypilot-privileged/scripts/set-static-ip --ip "${TINYPILOT_STATIC_IP="}" --router "${ROU...
                                                        Technical SupportJC/C32024-01-31 01:03:52.248Z
                                                        File transfer and Audio fix
                                                        Is there a way to transfer a .exe file to the target machine ? Gone through some video about USB Devices Over Network with Raspberry Pi Especially check this last...
                                                          Technical SupportV/32024-01-30 11:36:02.331Z
                                                          No Connection After Update No connection
                                                          I Bought it from Amazon I tried to reset it but image file can only be downloaded by order id how to reset my tinypilot voyager2a need some help man. Its not supporting sound.
                                                            Technical SupportG/32024-01-29 19:20:11.573Z
                                                            Using TinyPilot to Control a DSLR Camera, how to connect
                                                            Good day I saw this link I do get visuals on my pc , but how to trigger the shutter ? the only thing I saw seems to open the unit ? and connect the shutter cable to access the GPIO pins, no 5 and 6 . Is that correct...
                                                              Technical SupportP12024-01-29 13:40:49.143Z
                                                              No Signal after upgrading to Tinypilot 2.6.2
                                                              I have looked at the other tickets and tried swapping HDMI cables, rebooted (the pilot as well as the computer). I just can't figure out what is going on. It updated and when it was done there was no signal. I a...
                                                                Technical SupportAA/32024-01-26 19:36:05.600Z
                                                                Black (not no signal) or flashing screen
                                                                Hello Michael, I have built a tinypilot myself using the recommended hardware. I am experiencing sudden black screens akin to this issue Black screen However, for me, the black screen appears sporadically. restarting the host machine does not seem to...
                                                                  Technical SupportR2/72024-01-25 12:22:37.315Z
                                                                  Mouse issues with AIOMOS KVM
                                                                  I've seen a handful of similar posts regarding the same issue but wondered if a fix is found or if I should give it a go with another KVM.. I just received my Voyager 2a and am trying to get things working with the AIMOS 4 port HMDI switch listed on ...
                                                                    Technical SupportMC/C142024-01-25 03:25:36.740Z
                                                                    No signal after upgrading Tinypilot 2.6.2
                                                                    After updraging Tinypilot 2.6.2, screen is showing no signal. On laptop boot, it's showing but after laptop boot, no signal.
                                                                      Technical SupportTC/C42024-01-25 03:24:29.706Z
                                                                      Possibility to enable DynDNS service on TinyPilot
                                                                      Hi all, We want to connect remotely to a TinyPilot Voyager device using port forwarding on our router. We have a dynamic public IP address and we need to use a DynDNS service (No-IP for example) to connect, but we see that pur router doesn't have any...
                                                                        Technical SupportDC/C12024-01-25 03:23:09.834Z
                                                                        How can I create multiple user for General Web access and different security roghts
                                                                        From the basic start up screen I was able to access the web interface that the TinyPilot voyager2 was connected to. I would prefer to lock down the web interface by creating 1 additional login that (for the web interface) does not have the ability to...
                                                                          GeneralSAC52024-01-24 03:33:24.329Z
                                                                          Wifi setup
                                                                          How do I setup the hobbyist kit to use wifi instead of ethernet? Ran out of room on my switch.
                                                                            GeneralBJAC92024-01-24 03:31:48.319Z
                                                                            NO SIGNAL but keyboard and mouse are working
                                                                            Hi Michael. I purchased TinyPilot voyager and set it up for a laptop recently. It worked fine after my first setup. But once I detached the device from the laptop and did attach to the laptop, TinyPilot started to fail to catch the screen (NO SIGNAL ...
                                                                              Technical SupportB2OH242024-01-23 15:51:09.212Z
                                                                              Can't Hear Audio Streaming
                                                                              I have the Tiny Pilot Pro and I just updated everything to the latest, but the audio is not working The image I downloaded says Tiny Pilot Voyager 2a, but the help still says Tiny Pilot Pro Does that mean it's not supported? Since the help says it's ...
                                                                                Technical SupportP2/22024-01-23 12:44:14.191Z
                                                                                TinyPilot installation
                                                                                I've read through the FAQ documents but am still confused. I have three laptops, laptop A and B. Laptop A will have TinyPilot plugged in. Laptop B is on the same network as Laptop A. Laptop C will sit in a different network and access Laptop A. I und...
                                                                                  Technical SupportG2/12024-01-23 12:24:16.735Z