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Can't Connect Via Hostname

By Zachary @zclark6281
    2022-01-30 17:38:48.151Z

    Hey all,
    We have 8 tiny pilots in use across our multiple locations, all the locations are connected via an internal network.

    The issue I am having is I am having is I can only connect to one of the 8 via the hostname. I have changed each one from the default tinypilot. As it stands right now I can connect via the IP address, which I have configured to be Static.
    When I try to connect to a tinypilot, I get the "This site cannot be reached" error in chrome.

    I am open to ideas, I wanted to rule out issues on the Tinypilot side, before I have to get IT involved.

    Thanks all!!

    Solved in post #2, click to view
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    1. A
        2022-01-31 06:14:49.969Z

        Definitely sounds like something related to IT, as changing the hostname should work. Probably some firewall limiting NetBIOS information though some given switch, etc.

        Id check with 'pathping' [ip] in cmd.exe and see what that shows vs 'pathping' [hostname]

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        1. ZZachary @zclark6281
            2022-01-31 06:37:34.178Z

            I figured, wanted to rule out an issue on my end before I had the network boys come help