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Using Tinypilot stealthily

By Johnsquid @Lordgrim
    2021-12-22 00:32:20.284Z2021-12-29 21:39:49.460Z


    Solved in post #2, click to view
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    1. Sorry for the delay! I've been traveling for the holidays.

      1.) Can for example gambling sites detect that a laptop is using tinypilot? Is there any way to avoid this detection with tiny pilot and if not are there any other options that could be recommended?

      TinyPilot isn't designed to evade detection, so I can't say whether gambling site monitoring software would react to it. You can see this thread for some additional details about how TinyPilot presents itself to the target computer.

      2.) Can I for example restart a computer or boot a computer using this device? Lets say the host laptop gets shut down would I be able to boot it remotely. Thanks!

      TinyPilot can't directly control power at the physical level, but it can control power at the software level. You can restart a system the same way you would if you were sitting in front of it (using the power controls in your system's UI).

      To turn it on, you can use Wake on LAN if your hardware supports it. You can see an example in our recent blog post.

      This isn't as powerful as directly controlling power at the physical level. If the target system gets into a hung state where it's unresponsive, TinyPilot wouldn't be able to bring it out of that state.

      Some users have found clever ways of controlling power at the physical level by integrating TinyPilot with third-party WiFi power adaptors.