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Tiny Pilot Voyager keeps dying

By Sean Skinner @soskinner
    2021-12-09 14:14:22.215Z

    I have to power cycle the device multiple times a day. This is not sustainable! What can I send that would help diagnose the issue?

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      Don Eitner @FreihEitner
        2021-12-09 16:28:46.293Z

        I am not associated with TinyPilot, I am a user like yourself though my day job involves technical support.

        When you say it keeps dying and you must power cycle, is it literally shutting itself off? Or does it hang and stop responding which only gets corrected after you power cycle? Are you running the latest version of the TinyPilot software and also have you tried with using a different micro SD card?

        1. SSean Skinner @soskinner
            2021-12-09 17:37:49.275Z

            Looks like it just stops responding. Web wont load and SSH say no response...port 22: Host is down

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            Thanks for reporting this.

            I haven't heard of this behavior before. It's unusual for the Voyager to be crashing multiple times per day. Could you share the logs by going to Settings > Logs > Get shareable URL in the TinyPilot web dashboard?

            1. SSean Skinner @soskinner
                2021-12-09 22:23:10.543Z
                1. Hmm, nothing in the logs looks out of the ordinary.

                  It could be a faulty microSD card. Do you have another microSD on hand to flash the TinyPilot Pro image onto it? If not, we can mail you one if you email

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                In reply tososkinner:
                Eddie @edgoldbeck
                  2021-12-09 20:50:16.109Z

                  Morning all. Seeing similar but not the same behavior. Tiny Pilot will occasionally stop responding (Once a day maybe.) Normally I just power cycle it and it comes back, but as of today it doesn't seem to come back at all. I just keep getting "This site can't be reached" when I try to browse to it. I have a solid red light on the front of my tinypilot, then green blinking and amber solid on back where it plugs into the network port.

                  1. It could be a filesystem corruption preventing boot. Sorry about that! Can you try re-flashing an image from here:


                    You can reduce the likelihood of filesystem corruption by enabling the read-only filesystem, but you'll have to disable it any time you update or change settings on the device so that they persist.