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By Neil H @heffneil
    2021-03-31 17:08:16.592Z

    Hey all new user here. I have two issues:

    1. I can't get to https://tinypilot but I can get to https://tinypilot.local however on latest Chrome it will NOT let me pass the mismatch cert problem while Safari will let me get by. Not the end of the world just a nuisance.

    2. I can't get any signal on HDMI with my KVM switch. Instead of the monitor plugged in to the switch I have the HDMI output of the switch connected to the tinypilot. I probably should test "normal" with one computer but I was too excited to get this working. This is the switch in question: I have the Tinypilot's USB for input connected to the keyboard IN port. Let me know if this could be causing problems?



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    1. H
      Neil H @heffneil
        2021-03-31 17:11:30.176Z

        Ok so I was able to connect the HDMI through the switch currently. I originally had it connected to the tinypilot direct and the display worked. I moved the HDMI to pass through the switch so that is working. Appears the issue is where the USB is connected. I have it currently plugged directly in the one computer - would like to connect it via the switch to have multiple computer options.



        1. HNeil H @heffneil
            2021-03-31 17:20:01.230Z

            Ok more good news, and bad. I connected it to the USB Data port and it appeared to be working. Thats the good news!

            Bad new is that I inadvertently rebooted the device and its not responsive again. Can't ping / find tinypilot.local.

            How can I figure out whats going on from here?



            1. Yeah, that AIMOS device is kind of tricky. It draws power through the HDMI port. It's not enough to affect the TinyPilot once it's already booted, but it draws too much power for TinyPilot to boot from an "off" position.

              You can fix it by putting a powered HDMI splitter between the TinyPilot and the AIMOS KVM like this:

              TinyPilot ---> HDMI splitter ----> AIMOS ---> Target computer 1
                                                    |-----> Target computer 2
                                                    |-----> Target computer 3
                                                    |-----> Target computer 4

              I've tested this splitter successfully with TinyPilot and the AIMOS KVM.

              I can't get to https://tinypilot but I can get to https://tinypilot.local however on latest Chrome it will NOT let me pass the mismatch cert problem while Safari will let me get by. Not the end of the world just a nuisance.

              This sounds like a router issue. Can you check with your router to see if you can configure it to not require the .local suffix? It will likely be under mDNS settings.

              1. HNeil H @heffneil
                  2021-04-02 13:08:12.943Z

                  I ordered the splitter - we will see if that works. In the meantime I think everything works for now. But Here is the chrome message:

                  Tinypilot.local normally uses encryption to protect your information. When Google Chrome tried to connect to tinypilot.local this time, the website sent back unusual and incorrect credentials. This may happen when an attacker is trying to pretend to be tinypilot.local, or a Wi-Fi sign-in screen has interrupted the connection. Your information is still secure because Google Chrome stopped the connection before any data was exchanged.

                  You cannot visit tinypilot.local right now because the website sent scrambled credentials that Google Chrome cannot process. Network errors and attacks are usually temporary, so this page will probably work later.

                  1. That's the message you see when you try to visit https://tinypilot or https://tinypilot.local?

                    Does it work if you visit https://tinypilot in browsers other than Chrome?

                    1. HNeil H @heffneil
                        2021-11-20 21:04:53.176Z

                        hello again. I had to breakdown my setup and I just started it back up. I get that warning when going to the IP address of the device. I need to type "thisisunsafe" in order to get past it in chrome on my mac.

                        My other problem is I can control everything but I get no picture. I have the kvm go to the splitter, go to my monitor on one port of the splitter, and the tinypilot on the other. Should work but does not. I have updated to the latest version of tinypilot from within the web interface. Also, I have rebooted a couple of times to no avail. Not that I think it will matter but I am going to try the other port on the KVM splitter. I do have two lights showing "link" on each port of the HDMI from the splitter just as an FYI.



                        1. Thanks for reporting this, Neil! Sorry to hear that it's not working.

                          Am I understanding that everything worked correctly before you took it apart and rebuilt it?

                          Can you verify that a simple connection between TinyPilot and one of the target computers is able to capture video. In other words, can you temporarily take the other KVM and splitter out of the equation just so we can verify that the simple setup works?

                          1. HNeil H @heffneil
                              2021-11-22 20:23:44.809Z

                              Yes I want to say at some point I feel like I had the splitter working with the monitor and the tiny pilot working. If I plug the tiny pilot directly in to the kvm it works. I just can't get display on the monitor and the tinypilot. Could this be an HDMI EID issue?

                              1. It could be an EDID issue. I'm not sure which EDID the HDMI splitter presents to the target computer: the monitor's or the TinyPilot's. If it's presenting the wrong EDID, then that could be causing the connection to fail.

                                Can you share your logs from System > Logs?

                                Does any display show up on the monitor?

                                1. HNeil H @heffneil
                                    2021-11-23 00:15:51.118Z

                                    When I am using the splitter I get the display on the monitor without a problem but not with the tinypilot. I have to test with JUST the tiny pilot connected to the splitter and see if that works and then see if plugging in the monitor second gives both working. Is there a way to get the tinypilot to emulate the EDID from the monitor? I believe I bought the splitter you recommended (and had working). All I can guess is your monitor is different.

                                    Do they make an EDID blocker?

                                    1. I've used the splitter just to prevent power issues with the KVM, but I've never plugged a second output into the splitter.

                                      My guess is that the splitter is doing something tricky with the EDID because it advertises that it automatically negotiates the lowest common resolution, which implies that it's modifying the EDID. The only other thing I can think to try is swapping the ports because it's possible that the splitter treats one EDID as the "dominant" one.

                                      You wouldn't really want to "block" the EDID, as the EDIDs are how both ends of the HDMI cable communicate. The target computer is asking what video settings we support, and we send back the EDID which encodes all that information (e.g., resolution, frame rate).

                                      You could also try this alternate EDID on the TinyPilot, but it's a longshot at making a difference.

                                      1. HNeil H @heffneil
                                          2021-11-23 21:42:10.142Z

                                          I've tried both ports on the splitter and that didn't fix the problem. The resolution is definitely higher on the monitor than the tinypilot. maybe if I match them?

                                          1. HNeil H @heffneil
                                              2021-11-29 12:29:10.387Z

                                              i purchased another splitter and this one makes my computers display that of the tinypilot's resolution required. I guess the question is can the resolution for the tinypilot be changed to match a more useful resolution on the monitor since they must match?



                                              1. The resolution on the TinyPilot can go up to 1920x1080. What is the other monitor's resolution?