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Unable to connect to https://tinypilot

By Brandon Tan @brtan
    2021-12-01 00:29:39.644Z2021-12-01 07:24:44.625Z

    Hi, I have connected Tinypilot to my Lenovo laptop which has 2 wireless cards. I made sure one of the wireless card is on the same wifi as my working laptop and I am unable to connect to https://tinypilot. Followed the instructions at to the letter.


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    1. Thanks for reporting this! Sorry to hear you're running into issues getting connected.

      Can you clarify how your TinyPilot is connected to your network? You mentioned that it's connected to a Lenovo laptop, but do you mean that it's connected via HDMI+USB? Or is it connected via Ethernet?

      To diagnose what might be going wrong, I recommend starting with a basic setup where you connect TinyPilot and another computer to the same switch or router and verifying that you can access https://tinypilot from the computer that's connected to the same router/switch.

      1. BBrandon Tan @brtan
          2021-12-01 23:51:33.134Z

          Hi Micheal, it's connected via Ethernet , USB-A for Data and HDMI as well. It's not working.

          1. BBrandon Tan @brtan
              2021-12-02 00:08:11.373Z2021-12-02 00:43:49.441Z
              1. TinyPilot - Ethernet connected to router ; data-USB-A connected to computerA ; HDMI connected to computerA
              2. ComputerA is connected to same router

              Proof of setup:

              No change. Can I get a refund ? I don't have time to troubleshoot this. Thanks

              1. Thanks for the photo. The activity lights on the Voyager's Ethernet port are working, so it's a good sign that the hardware works.

                I'm having trouble understanding what you're trying to do. TinyPilot should connect via HDMI and USB to the computer that it's controlling. It looks like you have everything connected to the same computer, which wouldn't work then you'd be sending keystrokes back to yourself. In other words, you'd create an infinite loop where you type a keystroke on the Lenovo, the Lenovo forwards it to TinyPilot, TinyPilot forwards it to Lenovo, and on and on.

                If you're trying to control the Lenovo, the connection should look like:

                [client computer] <--(eth)---> [router ] <--(eth)---> [TinyPilot] -----(hdmi, udb)---> [Lenovo laptop]

                Where "client computer" is the computer from which you access TinyPilot in the browser.

                Does tinypilot show up in the router's DHCP table? If it doesn't appear in the router while the TinyPilot is powered on, it could be that the microSD got corrupted. We can send a replacement or you can re-flash the one you have in a few minutes with these steps.

                It's very unlikely for the problem to be defective hardware. That's only happened once out of 1000+ orders, and in that case, the activity lights on the Ethernet port didn't turn on.

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            Brandon Tan @brtan
              2021-12-02 23:52:38.769Z

              Hi Michael, the client computer is connected via the wifi and I connected TP to the router, which in turns connects , via HDMI and USB to Lenovo Laptop ( as you can see from the pic) . TP is not showing up in the router DHCP table. Frankly, I don't have space for the laptop near the router. I'd appreciate a refund if possible. I actually thought everything is self-contained within the laptop itself. Thanks

              1. Michael Lynch @michael2021-12-03 22:42:31.129Zreplies tobrtan:

                TinyPilot is self-contained, but it sounds like there may have been a misunderstanding about what our product does. You can contact about setting up a return.