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Video Signal Blank - M1

By @typkrft
    2021-12-27 20:50:43.431Z

    When using the HKS0801A1U KVM mentioned in the KVM Compatability list, I get a black screen on my M1. The aspect ratio appears to be correctly and I can send mouse and keyboard commands. I can see the mouse and keyboard working from another screen share. I just can't see the screen. Any ideas? I've tried a number of different Refresh rates, Resolutions, and Color Profiles, and generally will see the screen for about 5-10 seconds then no video everything else continues to work.. Using just the kvm or just the tiny pilot it works perfectly.

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    1. Thanks for reporting this!

      It's unfortunately a bit difficult to debug KVM issues, as they can often be finnicky with certain device combinations. I can't recall any other users running the HKS0801A1U with an M1, so I'm not sure if this is expected.

      It's a longshot, but you could try using a different EDID to see if that improves compatibility.

      1. T@typkrft
          2021-12-29 19:31:07.162Z

          Thanks for the response! Sadly no luck, but not a huge deal. I'll just grab a second unit for the Mac. I might play around with a couple of EDID emulators I've seen online. I'll report back if I make any progress.