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problem with mouse and keyboard

By @mirkoakram
    2022-02-02 18:36:46.511Z


    Today I received the package of TinyPilot 2 and i also tried to connect this with motherboard BTC-S37,  screen is showing correctly but mouse and keyboard isn't working,  i have also double checked the installation and everything looks fine but there is still problem with mouse and keyboard,

    How I can fix this?

    Solved in post #8, click to view
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    1. Thanks for reporting this.

      I've never heard of that motherboard before. Is it a bitcoin mining rig?

      Can you share your TinyPilot logs from System > Logs > Get shareable URL?

      Is there another computer you can try connecting the TinyPilot to instead of the BTC-S37? That will tell us if there's an issue with the Voyager and/or USB cable or if this is something specific to the BTC-S37.

      1. M@mirkoakram
          2022-02-02 22:42:09.559Z

          Yes it's a mining rig that i am trying to control it remotely , i believe all cables and connections are ok only the mouse and keyboard aren't sending signals to the motherboard, the log file is in txt and the doesn't allow me to upload here

          1. Do you have another computer you can try connecting TinyPilot to instead of the BTC-S37?

            1. M@mirkoakram
                2022-02-03 15:06:18.137Z

                Yes on Toshiba laptop it's seem working but i it working with my mining rig motherboard BTC-S37

                1. M@mirkoakram
                    2022-02-03 17:48:53.448Z
                    1. It doesn't look like the TinyPilot's keystroke messages are getting through to the BTC-S37, so I it's likely incompatible. It's tough to say whether it's a bug in the BTC-S37 firmware or in the Linux USB Gadget driver (which TinyPilot uses to emulate USB devices).

                      I realize this isn't the answer you're hoping for. If this means that you can't use your Voyager 2 for the scenario you had in mind, please email, and we'll work out a solution with you.

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            3. M
                2022-02-02 23:12:36.180Z