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keyboard and Mouse not working with Macbook pro USB-c

By Gurjinder @gurjinder12
    2021-08-05 21:49:18.859Z

    I purchased tinypilot Voyager, I can see the screen using KVM but Keyboard and mouse not working

    Gurjinder Singh

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    1. Is this with a booted system or during FileVault unlock?

      How are you connecting the Voyager to the MacBook? It connects via a USB-A cable, so are you using a different cable? Not all cables are compatible, so that may be the issue. Can you reproduce the issue using the cables that are included with the Voyager?

      1. CBrian Carlin @carlinbd
          2021-08-12 03:04:53.424Z

          Hi @michael - I am having the same issue on reboot with a Mac Mini with FileVault turned on. TinyPilot works fine after initial login with an external keyboard. I believe the issue is Mac only allows a keyboard at boot, not a hub. Is there a way to reduce the USB functionality in TinyPilot to just a Keyboard? Thanks and loving the product so far!

          1. Thanks for reporting this!

            Unfortunately, TinyPilot can only present as a hub. We're investigating ways to work around the issue with FileVault, but I sadly don't have a timeline.

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          In reply togurjinder12:
          Al Andre @al.andre
            2021-09-05 05:25:05.460Z

            Hi, instead of starting a new topic I continued on this thread because I believe that my problem is related to this unresolved topic. I purchased the Tinypilot Voyager and received it today. I tested it on Windows 10 and the Video, Keyboard, and Mouse work as expected. When I tested it on my 2014 MacBook Pro running Big Sur and my 2018 Mac Mini (Intel) running Mojave, I could see the video in the browser but could not get the keyboard or mouse working at any point. Both Macs have USB-A ports and am using all of the equipment that came in the kit. Either Mac can be controlled if I connect a Logitech wireless USB keyboard/mouse combo at any point (during boot, restart, or after the login screen is displayed EVEN WITH A USB HUB). I know that the user input data is being sent via the network and through the data/power splitter because I tested it successfully on windows 10 (no issue there). I think that there might be an incompatibility issue with the KVM keyboard/mouse USB driver between the Tinypilot and the Mac. Either from the power/data splitter or the data itself. I am not familiar with how the data is actually being sent from the browser through the USB-C port on the Pi4. I really need the TinyPilot to work on Mac because I am building a 12u Mac Mini rack for ios development/testing. Is there any workaround in order to get the keyboard and mouse working on Mac? Thanks in advance,

            Al Andre

            1. AAl Andre @al.andre
                2021-09-05 19:31:42.539Z

                Update: I was able to get the Tinypilot working on a Mac but only after logging in with the Logitech keyboard/mouse combo via USB. If I disable the login screen by not requiring a password and automatically logging in, then it works BUT I still can't control the Mac with the Tinypilot on boot (pressing alt to access Startup Manager). I disabled File Vault because I won't be saving any data saved on this workstation. Also as an FYI, if the computer sleeps, then I am unable to wake it up by pressing the spacebar as I would with a physical keyboard. I guess I have to prevent the Mac from sleeping automatically. Please keep me posted if any of this gets resolved.


                Al Andre

                1. This is a known issue with OS X that was fixed recently in the Linux kernel. TinyPilot runs on the Raspberry Pi OS Lite OS, which hasn't yet received that fix. The issue should go away once Raspberry Pi OS Lite updates to Linux kernel 5.14, but we're also looking into workarounds to fast-track the fix to TinyPilot systems.

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                In reply togurjinder12:
                Brian Carlin @carlinbd
                  2021-11-24 18:27:42.941Z

                  FYSA - After the 2.3.1 update, I am not able to type a password into a FileVault enabled MacMini on initial boot. Thanks!

                  1. Oh, thanks for letting me know. What model is the Mac Mini?