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Welcome to the TinyPilot Forum

By Michael Lynch @michael2021-02-10 20:05:40.906Z2021-02-10 20:14:56.957Z

This is a place for TinyPilot users to;

  • Ask questions
  • Suggest new features
  • Get technical support
  • Share neat things you've done with your TinyPilot

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  1. K
    In reply tomichael:
    Kevin Yue @kevinyue2021-03-11 03:50:49.026Z

    Hi Michael,
    I tried to back up the micro micro-SD card that came with the TinyPilot Voyager. But it did not work out and now the SD card could not boot up the Voyager.
    How can I restore the OS to the micro-SD card ?


    1. Michael Lynch @michael2021-03-11 19:48:27.827Z

      Sorry about that! I've just emailed you the latest microSD images.

    2. Progress
    3. @michaelpinned this topic 2021-02-10 20:20:11.934Z.