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Mouse issues with AIOMOS KVM

By @mikane
    2023-12-15 21:38:27.100Zassigned to
    • @cghague

    I've seen a handful of similar posts regarding the same issue but wondered if a fix is found or if I should give it a go with another KVM..

    I just received my Voyager 2a and am trying to get things working with the AIMOS 4 port HMDI switch listed on the limited compatibility list. I also bought the powered HDMI splitter as mentioned on the compatibility list though it does not seem to be needed here as the Voyager 2a has a dedicated power supply. I've tested it with an without the splitter and the Voyager seems to boot just fine.

    Hotswitching works when the Voyager is connected to the mouse or keyboard port on the KVM. However, the virtual mouse in nonfunctional - it registers movement but seems to jump around at random. I understand this is an issue as the KVM is looking for separate mouse and keyboard signals. When connected to the general usb 1 or 2 port on the KVM, the keyboard and mouse work as expected but hotswitching is not functional on these ports. I definitely would like both hotswitching and usability of the mouse. Is there a known fix for this? Do I need to revert to a different firmware or should I return this KVM and give another a go? I almost went with the AOOCOO switch but felt better that the AIOMOS switch was noted as "verified by TinyPilot" - though I imagine this might have been with a previous version. However, I'm not sure that it will be different with a different KVM. Any help is appreciated.


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    1. C

      Hi Mikane, thanks for your message. I'm sorry you're having issues using TinyPilot with your AIMOS KVM. I've been looking into this, and I can see some users have had success with this KVM, whereas others have had the same issue you are seeing.

      One plausible explanation is that multiple variants of the same KVM might be available under the same branding. Could you share the exact model of the KVM (ideally as printed on the KVM itself) so we can compare?

      We've also seen a few KVMs that don't work correctly when the virtual media feature is active, as they only expect a keyboard and mouse to be present. Can you please also confirm you're not using the virtual media feature?

      1. M
        In reply tomikane:
          2023-12-19 18:30:10.934Z

          Thanks for the Reply, Charles.

          The model is AM-KVM401.

          Also, can confirm that I'm not using the virtual media feature.

          1. Thanks for getting back to me! That matches a version reported as working by another customer in the past. It could be that the manufacturer has made changes that don't warrant a new model number, but there's no reliable way for us to tell.

            I believe that one of my colleagues may have this exact KVM. I've asked them if they can test it to see if it works with the latest version of TinyPilot Pro. I'll let you know once I have an update!

            In the meantime, could you please send me a link to your logs so I can check for anything unusual? You can do this by going to System, then Logs, then Get Shareable URL.

            1. M@mikane
                2023-12-20 03:09:10.299Z

                Thanks again for looking into this.

                Here are my logs:

                1. Thanks for getting back to me! I've checked with the team, and unfortunately, the theory that some of these KVMs have this issue while others don't appears to be correct. I appreciate it's a hassle, but I recommend returning the AIMOS KVM and trying a different option. I've updated our Wiki to clarify the situation; thank you for bringing this to our attention!

            2. M
              In reply tomikane:
                2023-12-22 04:00:31.593Z

                It's no problem. I'll go ahead and return it. I'm going to give the AOOCOOS on the compatibility list a go. I will let you know if this works.

                Once again, thanks so much for your digging into this for me and all your assistance. It's much appreciated! Happy Holidays!

                1. M
                  In reply tomikane:
                    2024-01-23 02:26:51.743Z

                    Here's the log as requested.


                    Let me know if you see anything.

                    Note, I've since added another switch to the network and am currently having some stability issues between switches so I kept having to refresh the page, I'm currently troubleshooting that on the side.

                    1. Thanks for getting back to me! I've reviewed the logs, and I can see that your TinyPilot device is detecting a suitable video signal, so I'm unsure why no actual picture is being received.

                      It's interesting that power cycling the switch fixes the issue, as that could be causing a display settings renegotiation. Could you please check if restarting the TinyPilot device by going to System, then Power, has the same effect?

                      1. M@mikane
                          2024-01-24 18:54:51.445Z

                          I just tested restarting the TinyPilot and it does not have the same effect as power cycling the hdmi switch. I have noticed that, sometimes, after some undetermined time the signal does come through. However, also sometimes, as I'm seeing now after a couple hours after showing the grey output, it does start to show "No Signal". I'm not sure if this gives any further hints.
                          At this point, the issue isn't terribly inconvenient as I see it as pretty seldom that I will need KVM access when I'm either not at home or when my wife isn't at home to power cycle the switch. Further, as I mentioned, in the near future I plan to upgrade the main server which will have an hdmi output. Hopefully, that will fix my issues. Thanks again for all of your help!

                          1. Thanks for getting back to me! It's good to hear that the issue isn't too inconvenient, and I appreciate you working with me on it so far! I'm happy to park this ticket for now if you'd like to wait until you can try the new HDMI-equipped server, but do let me know if you'd like me to start investigating again!

                      2. Progress
                        with handling this problem
                      3. M
                          2024-01-01 18:16:15.246Z

                          I've received the AOOCOOS hdmi switch and have it set up.Mouse and keyboard inputs work as expected and the hot keys work as well. One odd thing is that after changing inputs on the switch a few time, the screen goes grey on 3 out of the 4 inputs. A signal is recognized, but the input isn't translated. The only way I've found to fix this is to power cycle the switch. I've adjusted the dip switches on the hdmi switch, and adjust video setting on the pilot but have not seen different results. It does seem that it is an issue with the switch. One workaround is to get a smart plug for the switch so that I can power cycle remotely as needed. Is this anything that has been seen before?

                          Thanks, and happy new year!

                          1. C
                            Charles Hague @cghague2024-01-02 16:26:59.910Zreplies tomikane:

                            Thanks for sharing your progress! I'm pleased to hear that the hotkeys work with the replacement switch.

                            TinyPilot usually displays a "no signal" message if it can't handle the incoming video signal. I, therefore, suspect the grey screen may be what the replacement switch is actually outputting.

                            Are you able to try connecting the replacement switch to an external monitor temporarily? If so, does the same issue occur when not using the TinyPilot device?

                            1. M
                                2024-01-17 02:00:39.334Zreplies tocghague:

                                Charles, sorry for the slow response. It's taken me a little bit to get to playing with this some more.
                                I connected the switch output to an old monitor and I was not able to reproduce the issue. When connecting back to the TinyPilot, I was only able to reproduce the issue only on one input, which is converted from a DVI-D signal. The other inputs are straight HDMI. I wouldn't think this would cause an issue but this is the only difference bewtween the outputs at at the moment. The below is what I see after switching away from this input and switching back. Once again, a power cycle of the hdmi switch fixes this until I switch to another input. Are you aware of any previous issues with using a converted DVI-D signal. If it was VGA I would be less surprised but, given it's a digital to digital and the fact that I can get a signal, I'm a bit stumped. At this point, I am hoping that it is an issued with the DVI-D display conversion as I plan to upgrade that server in the near future. Any thoughts?


                                1. C
                                  Charles Hague @cghague2024-01-17 03:30:15.461Zreplies tomikane:

                                  Thanks for getting back to me! The fact that the issue doesn't occur when connected to a monitor could suggest a problem with the initial connection between the TinyPilot device and the switch. I appreciate it's a hassle, but could you please send me a copy of your logs, starting with everything powered off? I ask because I'm hoping for the logs to include details of all stages of the problem, including the DVI-D input working, another input while switched away from the DVI-D one, and then the DVI-D input no longer working after switching back.