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Cron job for TinyPilot awake/sleep

By a7673 @a7673
    2024-01-16 14:34:58.066Zassigned to
    • @cghague

    Can you please share some info on setting a Cron job for TinyPilot awake/sleep
    Mon to Friday 7AM to 10 PM?

    I want the device to rest when not in use for its longer life.

    Also please help me with how to awake the device from sleep on demand apart, from the above cron job.

    Thanks a ton.

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    1. C

      Hi a7673, thanks for your question about putting a TinyPilot device to sleep on a schedule.

      TinyPilot devices are usually left powered on indefinitely and don't support sleep mode. You can shut down a TinyPilot device from the web interface if needed, but as previously discussed, it isn't possible to remotely start the TinyPilot device up again.

      I appreciate this isn't the answer you wanted. However, you mentioned that you wish to do this to prolong the life of the TinyPilot device. It may be reassuring to know that power-cycling electronic devices can often reduce their useful life, as it causes the components to cool down and then heat back up, which wears them out quicker.