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USB Ports

By a7673 @a7673
    2024-01-18 21:44:50.647Zassigned to
    • @cghague

    What are the USB ports for? What is the one in the black and the blue?

    Is it 2.0(Black) and 3.0(blue) ?

    How can I use it for other than load virtual OS?

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    1. C

      Hi a7673, thanks for your question about the USB ports on a TinyPilot Voyager 2a.

      The USB ports on the same face of the TinyPilot Voyager 2a as the network port are all host ports. The black USB ports are USB2, and the blue USB ports are USB3. The USB3 ports are faster than the USB2 ports.

      You can use these USB ports to add storage to your TinyPilot device or as a power supply for small devices (e.g., a VGA adapter). We're always exploring new ways to use TinyPilot devices, so I recommend keeping up-to-date with our blog for the latest news and ideas.