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Adding keyboard shortcuts to menu

By Santosh Krishnan @Zantosh
    2023-01-30 21:05:54.083Z

    I see a menu option on the Voyager 2 for Keyboard shortcuts and all it has is CTRL-ALT-DEL. I want to add ALT-TAB to it, as well as others that I use. How can I do this?

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    1. David @david2023-01-31 14:07:08.204Z

      Hi @Zantosh, thanks for your question!

      Unfortunately, we don't yet have the functionality to add your own custom keyboard shortcuts to the menu. However, we have an open GitHub issue to support saving keyboard macros / shortcuts. I've added a comment in the issue pointing to this thread and your feature request so that the teams knows it has been requested. It's not part of our short-term roadmap yet, but we're always working to improve TinyPilot's software and hardware. We prioritize features based on user demand, so we’ll consider your feedback in our planning.

      Having said all of that, there are a couple of alternative ways to input keyboard shortcuts outlined in our browser hotkey FAQ. In short, you can use TinyPilot's on-screen keyboard to input key combinations (like 'ALT+TAB'). And if you need browser-specific keyboard shortcuts (like 'CTRL+T'), you can run your browser in Chrome's 'App mode'. If those sound useful, the FAQ has the full details.

      Hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions.

      1. TCarl Cobon @TSMAN
          2024-02-15 16:48:15.265Z

          Didn't want to start a new thread for this question. I need to send CTRL CTRL + a number, is there a way to do that with TinyPilot, or have custom keyboard shortcuts made it to the roadmap yet?

          1. David @david2024-02-16 12:33:10.155Z

            Hi @TSMAN, thanks for your question!

            One option I can think of is to try hitting ctrl on TinyPilot's on-screen keyboard twice for each ctrl input you need. TinyPilot's on-screen keyboard engages the ctrl key so you can hit another key in conjunction with it (C for example). But if you click ctrl a second time to disengage it, you should be able to send another ctrl input to your target machine on the next click. If you have TinyPilot's key history toggled on, you should see each ctrl input on the bottom right-hand side of TinyPilot's web interface.

            Could you try using TinyPilot's on-screen keyboard to enter your key combination and see if that works for you?

            I've added a note in the GitHub issue to log that entering keyboard macros like ctrl ctrl and a number is a feature you're interested in. Customizable keyboard macros aren't part of our short-term roadmap yet, but we’re always working to improve TinyPilot’s software and hardware. We prioritize features based on user demand, so we’ll definitely consider your feedback in our planning.

            I hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any questions.

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          In reply toZantosh:
          Santosh Krishnan @Zantosh
            2023-01-31 14:12:10.888Z

            I tried to run it in "app mode" but on my windows laptop, the key combo didn't get passed on to the remote system. Unsure what I'm doing wrong.

            1. David @david2023-01-31 15:19:38.123Z

              Chrome's app mode only allows you to use browser key shortcuts like 'CTRL+T' or 'CTRL-W'. If you're trying to use system-wide keyboard shortcuts in Chrome's app mode (like 'ALT+TAB') they won't be passed to the remote system. This is the expected behavior.

              For system-wide shortcuts (like 'ALT+TAB'), you have to use TinyPilot's on-screen keyboard.