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Wifi setup

By @bu2d2021-04-18 15:50:38.748Z

How do I setup the hobbyist kit to use wifi instead of ethernet? Ran out of room on my switch.

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  1. Michael Lynch @michael2021-04-19 21:06:02.092Z

    First ssh in to your device and follow these steps:

    1. run sudo raspi-config
    2. Choose "1 System Options"
    3. Choose "S1 Wireless LAN"
    4. Enter your wireless SSID when prompted.
    5. Enter your wireless password when prompted.
    6. Select "5 Localisation Options"
    7. Select "L4 WLAN Country"
    8. Select your country from the list
    9. Select "Finish" to save the settings.
    10. When prompted to reboot, select "Yes"

    When you reboot, if you type ifconfig, you should see the wireless connection listed under wlan0.