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New TinyPilot Pro - NO SIGNAL error

By @utocen2021-08-31 11:01:44.346Z

I have just received the TinyPilot Pro and connected it to my SuperMicro server. However, video doesn't seem to work - it always shows NO SIGNAL.

Connecting the TinyPilot Pro to my computer works. Connecting a monitor to the SuperMicro works.

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  1. Michael Lynch @michael2021-08-31 18:54:45.302Z

    It might be an incompatible EDID. TinyPilot works with most devices, but certain devices fail to negotiate video settings using TinyPilot's standard EDID. Can you try this alternate EDID?

    Are you able to reboot the SuperMicro server? It shouldn't be necessary, but occasionally users will find that servers don't send video to the TinyPilot until after a reboot.