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No Signal on voyager 2

By Srinivas Bakki @srinivas
    2022-03-14 17:23:45.937Z

    Hi, i bought a voyager2. i see that there's NO SIGNAL error on all the machines i connected. I could see that mouse and keyboard are working fine - i confirmed this by connecting the dispay output to another monitor and i could control it's mouse and keyboard with pilot.
    I connect the HDMI port of pilot with a VGA to HDMI converter.
    Now, there are other solutions i tried - update EDIDs, update the firmware, change operating voltage. Nothing seems to work for me. Here are the logs of my machine:
    Can you please check and help.


    Solved in post #7, click to view
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    1. Diego @diego
        2022-03-14 17:48:51.843Z

        Hello Srinivas! Thank you very much for opening a new thread to resolve this issue. It gets way easier like this.

        In the other thread where you made a comment, you mentioned:

        After some more testing the ustream errors disappeared but still there is NO SIGNAL. There's this only error:

        Mar 14 08:52:02 tinypilot ustreamer[598]: -- ERROR [18.146 stream] -- Persistent device timeout (unplugged)

        full logs:
        Does this mean it's unable to capture the video ? I use a VGA to HDMI adapter from livetech. And it works perfectly well in other places.
        Please help

        I can see that error in the logs, and I also believe that is the main cause of the issue you are experiencing. It looks like the device keeps getting disconnected.

        • I know you mentioned the VGA to HDMI adapter works perfectly well in other places, but I still think that the adapter itself may be the defective. Would it be possible for you to test using a different VGA to HDMI adapter?

        • If not able to test with a different adapter, would you instead be able to test without it? Perhaps in another computer or laptop you own, that has HDMI port.

        1. SSrinivas Bakki @srinivas
            2022-03-14 18:01:54.004Z

            I changed the adapter, the behavior is same. I have a laptop with HDMI port but i'm unable to extend or duplicate the screen to tinypilot, dont know why. And this laptop is also the machine where i log into tinypilot. That should be fine right ?

            1. In reply todiego:
              Diego @diego
                2022-03-14 18:06:05.478Z

                Srinivas, I can see you tested on two other different machines in another comment you made on that other thread:

                PS: I have tested with two other machines. No signal everywhere.

                • Were all of your tests using the VGA to HDMI adapter? I just want to make sure the TinyPilot works as expected if connected via straight HDMI cable. Would you be able to test that?
                1. SSrinivas Bakki @srinivas
                    2022-03-14 18:22:12.691Z

                    I tested with two machines.
                    one machine with VGA to HDMI (two different kinds)
                    one machine(laptop) with HDMI cable. didn't work

                    I tried another laptop just now, i see that it worked, i could see the video and also control it. But once i rebooted tinypilot it's gone again. Here are logs:
                    I saw the video only once, unable to replicate that.

                    1. SSrinivas Bakki @srinivas
                        2022-03-15 17:12:38.793Z

                        Hi, any update on this ?

                        1. Sorry you're running into these issues, Srinivas! I know we had some trouble with shipping on your order, so I was hoping you'd have a smooth experience once you received your device, so I'm sorry we're throwing more hurdles your way.

                          Here are the possibilities I see:

                          • Your VGA to HDMI adaptor is incompatible with TinyPilot
                          • Your HDMI cable is incompatible with TinyPilot
                          • TinyPilot is incompatible with all of your machines
                            • There are occasional machines that can't output to TinyPilot, but it'd be rare for this to happen with multiple models.
                          • Your TinyPilot Voyager 2 is defective
                            • This does happen, but it's extremely rare (<0.5%), as we test each device by hand before shipping it.

                          Do you have a different HDMI cable you could try? It could be something as simple as a weak connection over HDMI.

                          It's possible that the Livetech VGA to HDMI adaptor is incompatible with TinyPilot. Does your Livetech VGA to HDMI adaptor have a power input? From looking online, it doesn't seem like it takes power. Most high-quality VGA to HDMI adaptors require power to convert from VGA to HDMI, so an adaptor that doesn't require power is likely violating the spec in ways that limit compatibility.

                          We use the Foinnex VGA adaptor, which we know is compatible with TinyPilot. Other VGA adaptors should be compatible with TinyPilot as well, but there's a lot of variety in VGA adaptors.

                          You mentioned changing several settings. Would it be possible for you to hard reset your device back to the stock image and then try again on the computer that has HDMI output. I'd just like to make sure we're testing the simple case first, and then once we get that working, we can hopefully figure out what's going wrong with the other systems.

                          1. SSrinivas Bakki @srinivas
                              2022-03-16 05:14:55.906Z

                              Thank you michael. I bought a new HDMI cable and tested. I can confirm it works!!! all my adapters(two VGA to HDMI) and HDMI cable were not working. Thanks again!

                              1. Oh, glad to hear it!