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Tinypilot have installed on Ubuntu having issues starting the video?

By Sairina Miranda @siri
    2022-04-07 12:40:52.881Z

    Hello I have installed the tinypilot repo on my Ubuntu 20. I am able to access the web browser and see the hostname etc. I am not sure how to check the video and audio data or access the keyboard. Can anyone guide me through how to access the video?

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    1. Diego @diego
        2022-04-07 23:00:38.341Z

        Hello @siri! Nice to meet you!

        Welcome to the forum and thank you for posting your question here. Unfortunately, I didn't quite understand what you meant to ask, I'm sorry about that.

        • If you are trying to build your own Raspberry Pi based KVM-over-IP device, then this is the reading you are likely looking for.

        • If you just purchased a TinyPilot Voyager 2 and don't know how to proceed with installation, then please follow these wiring instructions.

        • If you wired everything correctly, but you are getting a NO SIGNAL screen, then please upload logs for me to review. This is how you would upload logs: TinyPilot web interface > System > Logs > Get Shareable URL.

        I apologize again upfront if the above points don't answer your question. Do please let me know if that's the case.

        1. S
          In reply tosiri:
          Sairina Miranda @siri
            2022-04-08 07:29:59.075Z

            Hi sorry I wasn't clear the first time. I have installed the tinypilot code from it's repository on Ubuntu 20. I am able to access the web interface with onscreen keyboard and different menus. I am confused how I can access the video or keyboard inputs. And what can I refer to understand the working behind the keyboard and mouse capturing. Please if you could share some useful links or documents would be helpful. Thanks

            1. In reply tosiri:
              Diego @diego
                2022-04-08 20:08:02.653Z2022-04-08 20:08:56.761Z

                Hi @siri. I see what you meant now, thanks for clarifying. Unfortunately, TinyPilot is only supported in Raspberry Pi 4 + Raspberry Pi OS, but you can discuss alternate hardware / OS options in this thread.

                1. S
                  In reply tosiri:
                  Sairina Miranda @siri
                    2022-04-20 04:59:04.343Z

                    Hi can you share some links or data flow diagram of the working of tinypilot so I can get better understanding of it. Thanks.

                    1. This blog post explains how the components fit together:

                      And you can find TinyPilot's architecture diagram on our Github repo.

                      We're a small team, so our focus on this forum is delivering an excellent experience with TinyPilot Voyager or the Raspberry Pi 4B and Raspberry Pi OS. We don't offer support for porting TinyPilot to other systems. For questions about other architectures or OS options, see this discussion on Github.