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Tinypilot on cloudflare

By Srinivas Bakki @srinivas
    2022-03-30 14:42:43.323Z

    Hi, am trying to access tinypilot on cloudflare tunneled network. My goal is to access using private IP address of the tinypilot on the other end of cloudflare tunnel.
    So, the tunneling is working, i confirmed playing a video file on a server connecting to my tunnel on cloudflare. All good and fine. However when i connect to tinypilot it fails with certificate errors:

    According to cloudflare these are caused because of untrusted certificates or insecure ciphers. I have added tinypilot certificate to my system's trusted certificates.
    Is there something for me to do on tinypilot ?

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    1. Diego @diego
        2022-03-30 19:09:04.928Z

        Hey @srinivas - Thank you for posting your question in the Forum.

        You mentioned you added TinyPilot certificate to your system's trusted certificates. Did you follow the procedure in our FAQ to do so? If not, how did you install the certificate?

        I did a quick google search and found you can try to downgrade to Full SSL (non-strict) mode in Cloudflare and the 526 error should disappear. Unfortunately, that goes beyond our technical support realm, and I can't provide you with steps to do so. But you should be able to find that option easily within Cloudflare.