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Mouse Jiggler ,Automatic Computer Mouse Mover

By Belal Salas @Belal
    2022-03-20 07:29:36.988Z

    This feature is important to keep the computer awake if it goes into sleep after sometime of inactivity.
    This feature can be enabled / disabled at anytime.

    Solved in post #3, click to view
    • 2 replies
    1. Diego @diego
        2022-03-21 17:08:47.932Z

        Hello Belal! Thank you for this idea, it looks interesting. While we don't promise it will ever be implemented, we will surely keep it in mind for future releases.

        1. Diego @diego
            2022-03-23 18:56:41.114Z

            Hey Belal! I was advised a mouse jiggler has already been written for TinyPilot, although not yet implemented in the web app. You can check the following post for details.