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Possible to add a Mouse Jiggler?

By @ppxntwq
    2021-02-23 20:26:59.523Z

    Would like to be able to keep remote device awake that doesn't have typical "sleep" settings.

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    1. It's unlikely that I'll add this to the web app anytime soon, but you can do this easily with a shell script.

      If you SSH in to your TinyPilot and run these commands, it will jiggle the mouse every three seconds.

      chmod +x tinypilot-jiggle.bash

      The script is pretty straightforward, so you can modify it to tweak the timing:

      1. T
        In reply toppxntwq:
        Brandon Friesen @TCW
          2022-06-24 15:28:01.132Z

          I would like to see this added to the WebUI. I have a hardware based jiggler that moves the mouse cursor 1pixel at a time but it would be nice not to have to plug another device into the target machine.

          1. Thanks for the feedback!

            Have you tried using the software-based jiggle script above?