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TinyPilot Voyager includes hdmi cable?

By Raul Plaza @rplaza
    2022-03-29 20:25:05.433Z

    Hi, I purchased a TinyPilot voyager with the VGA option and the Poe for a remote site.
    So it was shipped directly to the remote location, and im going to have a none technical user plug it in to a new computer.
    I was wondering if the TinyPilot packaging includes an hdmi cable?
    Otherwise i will have to order one directly from Amazon.

    Solved in post #2, click to view
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      Diego @diego2022-03-29 20:44:18.162Z2022-03-29 20:54:14.162Z

      Hello @rplaza - Welcome to the Forum. Thank you for your purchase!

      The answer to your question is no. The packaging does not include an HDMI cable.

      The package includes:

      • TinyPilot Voyager 2 device
      • TinyPilot Pro software with a year of free updates
      • 3 Amp AC to USB adaptor
      • 3' USB-A USB-C cable
      • Detailed documentation and quick start instructions