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porting tiny pilot for iMX8M Mini.

By Sujay Bane @sujay
    2022-04-01 06:55:31.957Z


    I am trying to port a tiny pilot on the iMX8M Mini board using Yocto.
    I have referred your GitHub Repository
    wanted to know it is possible to port Tiny pilot for iMX8M Mini.
    if yes, can you suggest to me what changes need to do if I am using the GitHub source code to build for iMX8M Mini?
    also, using GitHub source code I have built for my native machine and am able to access the tiny pilot browser page using the localhost:8000 port.
    trying the same for iMX Board. if you have any way to port please let me know.


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    1. Hi Sujay, this seems to be a duplicate of your post from 10 days ago:

      1. SSujay Bane @sujay
          2022-04-01 11:59:42.765Z

          Hi Michael, as you suggested I post this query on the GitHub page. I have raised it over there but still have not gotten a response there that's why I asked the same question here.

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        • @michael closed this topic 2022-04-01 11:52:31.191Z.