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Image loses sync after mode changes

By Dylan @dsjstc
    2022-03-11 02:30:18.900Z

    I'm using a TinyPilot pro via the VGA-Adapter on a Precision R7910 that I have to admin remotely. Unfortunately, the server does several graphic mode changes while transitioning through BIOS, before landing on a text console. The mode changes appear to confuse TinyPilot, with results shown in this screen capture. Any advice?

    Solved in post #11, click to view
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    1. Diego @diego
        2022-03-11 18:27:06.414Z

        Hello @dsjstc ! Welcome to the forum and thank you for reporting this issue. There are two things I would like you to do, if it is not too much asking.

        • Please upload logs so that I can review them. This is how you would upload them: TinyPilot web interface > System > Logs > Get Shareable URL.

        • Once the R7910 reaches the text console stage you described, try to SSH into the TinyPilot and restart the streaming service (uStreamer), using the command below. Does that improve anything?

        sudo service ustreamer restart
        1. DDylan @dsjstc
            2022-03-11 22:13:27.895Z

            Thanks Diego. Restarting ustreamer had no effect.

            Logs here:

          • In reply todsjstc:
            Diego @diego
              2022-03-14 15:55:08.566Z

              Hi Dylan! Thank you for the logs. I reviewed them, but I don't see anything suspicious. It doesn't look like software problem, it looks more like a hardware issue. I'm thinking the VGA to HDMI adapter might be defective.

              • Would it be possible for you to test the Voyager with another system, using the same VGA to HDMI adapter? If you get the same results, then we could ship you a free replacement for the adapter.
              1. DDylan @dsjstc
                  2022-03-22 19:03:44.204Z

                  Thanks Diego. The VGA->HDMI adapter works fine on another machine, but consistently sends garbage on this one, even through reboots of the Tinypilot. We're going to get an entirely different adapter and see what happens. Will try to remember to update you!

                  1. Diego @diego
                      2022-03-22 19:19:00.432Z

                      Thank Dylan for the update!

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                  3. D
                    Dylan @dsjstc
                      2022-03-28 18:13:42.780Z

                      We have tried the tinypilot on a different machine and with a different VGA->HDMI adapter. The problem persists on the Dell R7910 with both adapters, but is not observed on the other machines with either.

                      My suspicion is that there is something a bit weird about the text mode that the R7910 boots into (it's a modern Debian distro with no GUI). When I can afford a reboot, I'll try to reboot it into one of the console framebuffer modes.

                      1. Diego @diego
                          2022-03-29 18:16:58.514Zreplies todsjstc:

                          Hy Dylan, thank you again for the update. Please let me know how that goes!

                          1. D
                            Dylan @dsjstc
                              2022-04-01 23:39:02.743Zreplies todiego:

                              For posterity, when I went to investigate, it turned out that it was in framebuffer mode, at resolution 1920x1200. I believe that the HDMI adapter was reporting this as a valid resolution, and so the kernel was choosing it... but something along the chain couldn't sustain it. I actually struggled to make it work even at 1024x768-72.

                              In the end, I only need very limited visibility -- this is only for correcting broken network connections. So I am just fine with

                              1. Diego @diego
                                  2022-04-04 18:39:23.531Zreplies todsjstc:

                                  Thank you Dylan for posting your solution, very much appreciated!